‘Tis the Season | 10 TV Shows to Set a Reminder for this Christmas

Making a house a home, Bumpkin BettyIt’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow!! I’ve now finished up all my work and am enjoying the start of the festivities with a day of baking and singing along to Christmas tunes and wrapping presents and generally getting in the mood.

This will be my last post ahead of taking some time off for the holidays and I really can’t wait to step away from the laptop for at least four days and DO NOTHING other than eat and slob around. It’s going to be great isn’t it? I might try and pop a post up in between Christmas and New Year but please don’t hold me to that as I also might enjoy the relaxation so much that I forget about this space altogether. There’s always Instagram though – so come follow me over there for more regular Christmas updates.

Anyway, before I sign off I thought I’d end with a bit of a mini guide to best TV shows and films over the holidays. The ones to set a reminder for and the ones I’ll be enjoying along with you. Because let’s face it, lying on the sofa with a box of celebrations in hand watching Christmas films and specials has to be one of THE best things about the holidays right?

So without further ado, here’s the ten things you won’t want to miss this Christmas…

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

When: Christmas Eve 7.30pm Channel 4

Why: If Christmas doesn’t begin until you’ve seen at least one heartwarming illustrated cartoon with elebrity voices, then this is for you. This children’s book is getting the Snowman treatment and features the voice of Olivia Coleman.


When: Christmas Day at 3.10pm BBC 1

Why: Chances are if you’ve got kids, you’ll be trying to hide the fact that this film is on TV so that you don’t need to watch it AGAIN. But c’mon none of us can really say we don’t LOVE this movie? I’ve actually only seen it once so I can’t wait to tune in post Christmas Dinner.

The Great Christmas Bake Off

When: Christmas Day 4.45pm BBC1

Why: Normally I wouldn’t say that Bake Off has a place over the Christmas period, BUT, well this could very well be the last one as we know it. The last one with Mary Bez and Mel and Sue and those innuendos we know and love so I’ll be watching… and mourning. Plus it comes straight after Frozen and right before Doctor Who so it means I don’t need to even find the remote.

Doctor Who Christmas Special

When: Christmas Day 5.45pm BBC1

Why: The Doctor is back!! I repeat – the Doctor is back! It’s been a whole year and I don’t know about you but I’ve had major Doctor Who withdrawal symptoms in that time. SO EXCITING!

Home Alone

When: Christmas Day 6pm Channel 4

Why: Because it isn’t Christmas without watching Home Alone at least once. If you don’t have NOW TV or Sky Movies fear not, it’s coming to you on Christmas Day. Although you will have to choose between this and Doctor Who!!!

Mrs Browns Boys Christmas Special

When: Christmas Day 10.30pm BBC 1

Why: Anyone else have a true soft spot for this Irish comedy? I love a Christmas special and I reckon I’ll have just perked up from a nap around about this time – perfect.

Love Actually

When: Christmas Day 11pm ITV

Why: Another Christmas classic, if you’re not yet in a food coma and HAVEN’T already watched it three times by this point then set your reminders for a bit of Hugh Grant and Andrew Lincoln being all soppy. Oh and probably the worst acting of all time from Martine McCutcheon.

Revolting Rhymes

When: Boxing Day 6.30pm BBc1

Why: This Christmas animation of Roald Dahl’s words are brought to life with the voices of Dominic West, Rob Brydon and David Walliams. We get a twist on all the classics such as Snow White and Little Red Riding Hood. One not to be missed for any Roald Dahl fans.

Outnumbered Christmas Special

When: Boxing Day 10pm BBC1

Why: It’s been three whole years since the last Outnumbered, and (spoiler alert) the kids aren’t kids anymore!! I used to love this comedy and I’m intrigued to see whether it’s just as good now they’re all grown up!


When: New Years Day 9pm BBC1

Why: Um… because Sherlock is awesome and Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the BEST double act! Series 4 begins on New Years Day people, no Christmas special here – we are getting thrown straight in!


So, all that’s left is for me to wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I hope you all have a fab holiday and once again thanks for all of your support on the blog this year – here’s to more fun and adventures in 2017!!

Are you looking forward to switching off (and switching on) as much as me this Christmas?