Friday, 25 February 2011

BB hits LFW - DAY 5

8am: Back to the early starts again today... Ok well 8am isn't that early but still! Was emailed a ticket to the Joanne Hynes show yesterday and I want to make that in the morning!

Today I'm wearing: Again it was all a bit of a last minute decision with what to wear today, first I was thinking about a PPQ for Very dress or a vintage velour number after all the velvet and velour I have been seeing! In the end I decided I wasn't doing any big shows today but did need to dart about a lot and do a significant amount of writing so needed comfort... Have gone for my black velvet high waisted trousers, these were a New Look steal- baggy but with peg leg bottoms and rather fetching gold zip down the back- they are very chic! Teamed these with a pale pink lace crop top, my fav silver kitten heel jazz shoe/ brogues, lots of silver jewellery, vintage black and white houndstooth chanel esque jacket, red striped scarf and red bag! I really need to start putting this much effort into my outfits every day...

11am: Arrive at Somerset House with the vague hope that today will be the day I finally make the breakfast in the press lounge! It is served at 11am every day and not once so far have I made it... Or lunch for that matter- I always turn up as the last dregs of the soup are being demolished... Here's hoping!

11.10am: Wishful thinking indeed! not a dime left, not even a teeny tiny miniscule crumb of a pastry... I thought fashion people didn't eat? what's going on? at least there is tea, silver lining and all...

11.15am: I am heading to the Christian Blanken presentation at the Portico Rooms this morning! I'm excited about this one as the PR agency I interned at once upon a time used to look after the brand and so I am familiar with his work from spending days ogling it while tidying the showroom, and it was always beautiful.

Things haven't changed, Christian showcased a chic officewear meets sportswear collection... all very mysterious and unfussy with a understated presentation in front of a white background. The metallic mini skirts and textured coats were favourites!

11.45am: I'm back at The Fashion Scout venue for my first show of the day - Irish designer Joanne Hynes has collaborated with artist Helen Steele. I'm originally given my seat on the second row, which for me is really rather good, however the front row seats in front of me are still unoccupied as the show is about to begin. I was thinking about it but wasn't daring enough until the PR guy came along and asked if we would like to scoot forward to fill the space? eh... no persuasion needed for me, I swing my silver shoes over the seat so fast I can practically feel the girl next to me giving me the evil eye. I've learned you have to be fast in this game... and what do you know my first experience of the front row at an actual proper show is beginning...

12.00pm: What a show to be front row at! The clothes were fabulous but even more fabulous were the shoes! the shoes the shoes the shoes! OMG to die for... read my post on Ballad Of to get the low down on how much I loved them but for now let's just say after days of trying with no avail to see the models footwear, I definitely picked the right show to be able to ogle them! Wowsa...

1pm: Next it's on to another presentation... and boy was I not expecting this! Maria Fransceca Pepe officially became my favourite presentation of the week. Eery dark atmosphere, red glaring lights, live model mannequins and totally fierce jewellery... I LOVED it!

2pm: I don't have another show until 5.15pm so it's back to the media lounge for a bit of much needed R & R and some food. Have now discovered that there is sushi in The Fashion Scout press lounge... can't believe I have wasted all this time trying aimlessly to get lunch at Somerset House when I could have been fuelling up on sushi over here! doh! 

5pm: After a few hours of desperately trying to catch up on reviews and uploading a million photos without getting distracted by chatting to people and getting the goss from other shows, I am heading back for my last show of the day and my last show of women's LFW... I feel a moment coming on and I'm praying this is a good show to end on.

5.45pm: Better late than never Alice Palmer begins... I'm a bit of a fan of Mark Fast's knitwear designs so it would take a lot for a new knitwear designer to impress me... but Alice Palmer definitely impressed me.

She was mentioned in LOOK magazine the week before Fashion week as the up and coming designer all the celebs want to wear. I can see why...her monochromatic designs were simple yet effective with hidden pockets of colour and added protruding statements. There was a touch of red and a touch of gold and the dresses were super tight and super slinky... there wasn't much not to like. Forget the celebs... she is the up and coming designer BB wants to wear!

6.30pm: The end of women's fashion week and I'm celebrating in style, I'm off to meet some fellow fashion friends for a drink and onto the Henrietta Ludgate after party... which was all a fizzy, cocktail induced memory... it all ends tomorrow... noooo!

Lessons learned from Day 5 of the LFW adventure:
1. Presentations can be just as fun as shows if creative enough
2. You really do get a much better view on the front row!
3. Good shoes can make all the difference to a collection... seeing them helps too!
4. The Fashion Scout venue serves food too!
5. Mark Who?

My review on Joanne Hynes/ Helen Steele and those fabulous shoes is on Ballad Of here



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