Wednesday, 13 April 2011

It’s My Birthday! Is it? Really?

Ok it was my birthday... but amidst all the busyness lately I haven't had time to tell you all about it (can we believe its April already??) and the fact that I was turning 26 almost very nearly passed me by completely!

This time last year I blogged about what it felt like to be turning 25 and entering a new tick box, that seemed like such a big stage in my life and yet here I am in what feels like a second later another year older…

I am of course lucky to have a boyfriend who doesn’t let me forget that I am turning a year older and despite the fact that I had a million and one things going on decided the birthday would not go passed un celebrated. I am however lucky (the last statement was sarcastic) that he took all the organisation out of my hands and made it a big surprise, well lucky in the respect that I didn’t have to do anything, not lucky in the respect that it drove me mad not knowing what to expect.

I have a love hate relationship with surprises… of course it’s lovely to get a surprise if you are not expecting it… but the problem I have with them (well actually I have a few) but the main one is that if you know a surprise is coming, it is maddening not knowing what it is and inevitably you start thinking about what it could be… which is never healthy as then you start panicking that if it turns out not to be as good as what you had imagined its very hard to hide your disappointment.

I am also a very organised individual and if truth be told a little bit of a control freak so the fact that everything was out of my hands kind of annoyed me a tad.

GB managed to throw me quite a few red herrings along the way. (should I be worried that he is so good at lying to me?) But the first alarm bell rang when I found out he had booked the day off for me on the Friday before my birthday weekend… em excuse me? You can’t just go booking days off for me, I might have things to do, people to see, I’m a very busy working girl!! So then second alarm bell… I ask my boss if this day off is in fact ok and he tells me he has known about the surprise for about 3months, then it turns out my entire team at work has also known about it for 3 months…

Hmm… you can see where this is going, I am not going to go into details of what was running through my head and lets just say my friends were very good at making me think they were not involved/ coming but I did eventually ascertain that I was going away somewhere for the weekend. The paint balling joke was starting to wear thin and once I made my friend write me a list of what I needed to bring/ wear (my worst fear is turning up somewhere without the correct attire) and she told me to bring a warm jacket and a scarf… I had an inkling we were headed northbound to the motherland. I would have said New York if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew we were only going for one night, just as well I didn’t.

I was thrown a little bit when the first clue came on my birthday morning – my passport (technically you don’t need a passport to go to Scotland so inevitably I started thinking further afield, also because GB had said no it was not in the UK to throw me off) I did feel a little bad when his face dropped at my guesses of Paris, Rome etc… oops.

Once I found out the destination – my favourite city in Scotland, the land of the weegies, I am embarrassed to say that at this point I turned into a bit of an ungrateful girlfriend… I’m sorry but I know a lot of people in Scotland and you can’t take me away for a romantic trip to a place where I have a lot of friends and family who I haven’t seen for a long time. Also I hardly ever make it back home these days so if I go all the way to Scotland and don’t see my parents that’s really kind of shoddy of me! So at this point on the train to Luton I started frantically texting friends, cousins, people I haven’t seen for ages to say ‘hey, super short notice but I’m coming to Glasgow, do you want to meet up?’ Alarm bell number 3 when it seemed every single one of them was busy, one of my good friends who I grew up with told me she had already made plans with uni friends – em ok… you haven’t seen me in over a year but whatever, another told me she was away snowboarding - slightly elaborate and so on…

I was thrown once again when a whole day sightseeing, eating and drinking in Glasgow ensued and there was not a whisper of anyone else around, by the time we got back to the Hotel I was more or less convinced that this weekend was in fact just a romantic trip for the two of us and no one else would be popping up to say hello… so I guess you could say the surprise worked when I turned up to the restaurant so see my parents and GB’s parents sitting waiting for us, already the best of friends (at this point I could have physically killed him if it wasn’t for the fact that I was so happy to see them all) the strangest dinner I have ever had then unfolded and despite my parents best intentions, they were being fairly obvious so I knew it wasn’t over yet… not sure that I could physically take another surprise, I knew as soon as we arrived at the ‘pub’ for a ‘quiet pint’ which was in fact a 4 storey venue with about 10 different bars and restaurants that this was not either my parents or GB’s planning.

So again I perhaps should be slightly worried at how good all my friends and family are at lying to me as there they all were - ‘Surprise!’ - the ones who I had texted that morning and had given me elaborate excuses were there, family I hadn’t seen for ages were there, even flatmates and friends from Uni had made the effort!

Once over the initial shock and a few Jaeger bombs down it was pretty awesome! GB did alright as far as surprises go and I learned that a whole lot of planning had gone into it, although really I think he was just trying to get one up on me after I organised a surprise party for his birthday, which I hasten to add was in a pub and was not nearly as elaborate as this… always has to go one better! I tried to ignore the fact that he had introduced our parents to each other rather prematurely – I was pretty sure this would not happen for at least 5 years and probably only in one situation, which you know I am not going to say out loud let alone write down, and I also tried to ignore the constant references to the former from both sets of parents throughout the night but that aside it was lots of fun! And the reunion of my 4 closest friends made it all worth the while.

And now I can indulge you with all my wonderful presents…

After years... literally years of lusting after digital SLR cameras and always saying I was going to save up for one and never quite getting to the stage where I had saved enough... I was more than a little bit thrilled to finally be able to get my hands on one courtesy of ma and pa Bumpkin and the added help of a little tax rebate... woo eee! So now hopefully my pics on the blog will be a bit more creative!

Then this absolute beauty came as a complete surprise as a Birthday/ leaving present from work... my very own Cambridge Satchel personally initialled and everything!!

Again I have been lusting after them for months and now I just keep seeing EVERYONE with those neon ones... so I am extremely happy to finally own one of my own... and as much as I love the bright pink ones, I think classic brown will be much more versatile and I'll be able to keep it forever... yay!

Here are the pics taken on my fab new camera... do they look better? do they? do they? yes they do... I declare it. I'm not amazing yet and still have a whole lot to learn but I love my new camera!!



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