Sunday, 26 February 2012

[BETTY AT LFW] AW12 - Sophie Hulme...

Up until recently I knew only a handful of things about the designer Sophie Hulme...
1. I knew she that she was gaining a lot of interest in the fashion world
2. I knew she stocked in Selfridges ( and assumed her designs were too expensive for me to even fathom)
And 3. I knew she made some rather lovely handbags

But I realised when I attended her presentation at LFW just how much I didn't know about her, the first thing being how absolutely GORGEOUS her collections are!

So let's start from the beginning again, and just as I did forget those things you thought you knew and get ready to have your expectations blown away... Because if you are anything like me after seeing this collection you too will be starting a full blown love affair with Sophie Hulme.

So first of all as I thought I was coming to a presentation of luxury bags I was more than pleasantly surprised when in actual fact I was presented a whole ready to wear collection from chic tailored coats and trousers, to oh so cute jumpers, to die for accessories and major 'love, want, need' jewellery. (first expectation firmly blown away)

And ready to wear it was- I say it a lot over fashion weeks when seeing new collections for the first time but I honestly honestly mean it this time... There was not one single piece within this collection that I would not happily wear. In fact happily wear is an understatement, if I got to put even one of these pieces on my back/ around my neck/ under my arm I would be ecstatically hopping, skipping and dancing my way down the street. Really... That's how gorgeous this collection is! But the best part about it's gorgeousness is that it seems totally effortless. The models came out with minimal natural make up, easy low slung ponytails and looked like normal (albeit stunning) every day girls.

This is perfect. So often watching fashion shows I think wow that's amazing but could I really pull it off? But here is a collection that I (i.e a less than average country bumpkin) could actually buy into, something that would turn heads without being in your face, something that would make me look like the person I want to be- professional, chic and well put together, but yet still great fun and able to laugh at herself. Yes the Sophie Hulme girl is one cool chick!

Here's a breakdown...
Professional - the pieces were very well tailored, especially the coats which were mid length, smart and ever so slightly masculine in that amazing way that makes a coat look even more sexy.
Chic - the colours were beautiful yet subtle, my favourite piece from the collection a grey tailored coat was made all the more delightful with bright pop pink sleeves.
Well put together - this applied to everything but there was a real mix and match feel to the collection that suggested any of those loose silk shirts could be teamed with either pencil skirt, tailored crop trouser or mini skirt- all of which appeared. But it was kept away from the boring side with the addition of colourful printed sweaters and court shoes teamed with little ankle socks on every look (I am a big fan of the ankle sock) what can I say Well. Put. Together.

Still great fun - And the fun part came through with one of Sophie's trademark kitsches (another thing I didn't know about her) every season the collection is centred around a collectable charm! I've checked it out and previous ones include a policeman's whistle, an emergency pound encased in a necklace, a padlock and key and a brass chip fork. This season it was the dinosaur. So along with all of the amazing clothes I have just described were leather belts with dinosaur clasps, long gold necklaces with the dino charm (a must have for summer I believe) a dino woven fabric in some of the skirts, oh and a giant gold T- Rex in the middle of the room!

As you can imagine at the presentation I just couldn't cope with how cute this all was and now reliving it I'm getting all giddy again... I'm not sure I can wait until this collection drops to get my hands on it... I have a birthday coming up and all I can think about is dinosaur necklaces, dinosaur necklaces and dinosaur necklaces!

And can you believe it this far into the post I haven't even mentioned the bags! The bags ... Oh. My. The bags!! Sophie you really know how to make a girl lust after a £500 bag she can't afford!

To die for cream and navy luggage holdalls were the hero pieces and I've since enviously spotted a few fashion eds sporting them, noticing again how they manage to bring a whole fashion ensemble well and truly together.

Other favourites of mine were little satchels and amazing brightly coloured oversized clutches (I have decided the oversized clutch stuffed under my arm with a summer dress and cute shoes is going to be my go to look as soon as the weather turns). And although yes the prices are nothing to sniff at, they are kind of do- able in a 'if I don't eat for a month I might just be able to' kind of way. And considering how beautiful they are that's not a bad toss up.

I'm going to stop talking now before I pass out from the love of it all but all I will say as a final stamp of my approval is that now my main ambition in life is to be as cool as a Sophie Hulme girl!



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