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[BETTY'S ADVENTURES] 2013 in Review...

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I still can't believe that we are two days into 2014, crazy huh? Although I think the number does have a nice ring to it...

I'm a little late to the party it seems with my review post (I've so enjoyed reading all of yours) but yesterday was a day for rest after all of the Hogamanay celebrations so I really do take my hat off to those of you who emerged from your New Years Day coma to write.

Despite the unlucky connotations of the number, I'm happy to say that 2013 was pretty good to me. I think that every year we have something to be thankful for and it's important to focus on those good things, so even if it came with some trials, tribulations and undoubtedly stressful moments, I'm looking back at all the great things that happened and the achievements I made.

There were some pretty big decisions, such as finally taking the plunge and launching my own freelance career (which despite being a scary and some may say stupid move, so far seems to be working out just great), there were some big moments such as GB turning 30, and there were more than a few memorable adventures.

Seeing as this January also marks four years of me writing on this little space of the internet and you guys reading (gushes) these are just a few of the highlights (blog and life) from the year past...

The Fash - Un...

Top UK Fashion Lifestyle Blogs, 2013 in review

Well lets start with the most important part shall we? This is a fashion blog after all. 2013 was the year I finally joined the posing on the internet crew and started doing outfit posts, it took me a while to build up the courage I suppose but now that I've discovered how fun it can be, there's no stopping me. These are a few of my favourite looks from the last year, from sunny summers in Zara skorts to Ascot adventures and odes to Cher Horowitz. I'm not really one for tough resolutions but this time last year I vowed to shop less but buy more desirable things which, I believe, I've stuck to pretty well. I've majorly cut down on my fast fashion spending and apart from the odd Asos spree which lets face it life wouldn't be as much fun without, I've enjoyed saving for the big things much more than splurging on the small. There was a good couple of months before I went freelance where I didn't shop at all. And I mean nothing, zero, zilch. It was tough but I was so scared that I wouldn't get any work or make any money that I didn't give myself any other option. Luckily the work came and therefore so did the rewards and after a bit of careful saving I was able to indulge my first ever designer shoe purchase with my Alexander Wang Mackenzie boots. Since then I've picked a couple more covetable designer pieces from NYC and savvy shopping techniques and I'm definitely a convert to this new form of shopping, especially when it comes to shoes.

The Travel...

Top UK Fashion Lifestyle Blogs, 2013 in review

From the offset myself and GB knew that 2013 wasn't going to be big on the travel scale for us. With my plans to go freelance and us both vowing to start saving so we can hopefully move into a slightly nicer flat this year, we decided pretty early on that we wouldn't go on a big summer holiday and instead explore the motherland a bit more. We still managed to fit in a few weekend trips and getaways (me to Belgium with the family, him to Slovakia for snowboarding) so there's no need to feel too sorry for us and we really enjoyed summer in London, exploring parts of the city we hadn't been to before and making the most of the British sun. Then I went and threw the towel in this December and planned a surprise five night trip to New York... well it was a special occasion.

The Food...

Top UK Fashion Lifestyle Blogs, 2013 in review

As always much of the focus of this blog has ended up being on eating and drinking, reviewing and baking... and that's just the way I like it. Living in London really does spoil you in terms of restaurant and food options and I'm grateful to have been able to trial some exciting new places this year, from afternoon tea at the Sanderson and three courses of dessert pop ups, to delicious dinners at Bumpkin and The Gate to name just a few. Then there was the homecooked delicacies, from simple breakfasts to elaborate cakes and first time pies. I haven't even begun blogging about how well we ate in NYC but believe me, it was epic.

The Adventures...

Top UK Fashion Lifestyle Blogs, 2013 in review

Having now been part of the blogging world for four years, I'm continually grateful and surprised at where it takes me and the experiences I have because of this little part of my life, and this year more than ever. Making the move to go freelance has meant that I've had more time to concentrate on the blog and as a result more time to discover those opportunities it so often leads to. I've met some great people, learned new things such as cocktail making and cupcake icing, I've visited new towns, shopped in new stores and discovered new brands, it's been a ball!

And the rest of life's little wonders...

Top UK Fashion Lifestyle Blogs, 2013 in review

2013 was the year I... dyed my hair red, GB turned 30, I survived two more seasons of LFW, I celebrated four years with GB and took a trip to NYC, I went FREELANCE, I told myself to enter more competitions and as a result I won more competitions, I met new people and started exciting new projects, I went out of my comfort zone, said yes to a lot more and got ok at running.

There are a million and one memorable moments from the last year that I could bore you with but ultimately all that really matters is that I was surrounded by good people (you know who you are) and I was happy.

As for resolutions or ambitions for the coming year they remain much the same as always, career wise I'm hoping things will continue in much the same fashion and I can keep doing what I love and working for myself, I'm aiming to get fit and stay healthy but still enjoy the small pleasures in life, and I'm hoping to spend as much time as possible with the people I love. And of course... to continue documenting all of the adventures along the way on this blog!

Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014!




  1. Happy new year, your 2013 sounds amazing!

    Maria xxx

  2. Thanks Maria, Happy New Year to you too! x


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