What a Difference a Year Makes

28 week pregnancy update, Bumpkin BettyUsually as Christmas approaches I can be heard saying something along the lines of ‘it only feels like yesterday that we were counting down the days to last Christmas’ and usually that’s true.

But not this year. As this years Christmas approaches, it really does feel like a whole year since the last one. As November drew to a close in 2015 we’d only just made it through the biggest event we’d ever organised and were in a blissful bubble of newly married happiness. We were gearing up for our biggest trip to date together and I was busy planning outfits for a month in the sun.

What a difference a year makes hey? On the eve of the final day of November 2016 I’ve hit 28 weeks pregnant and somehow find myself in the third trimester with only 12 left to go. We’ve just celebrated our first wedding anniversary – me toasting to a great first year with a glass of lime and soda and a baby kicking away inside me – and my wedding jumper is only just stretching over a growing bump.

Instead of gearing up for a month long honeymoon with Orangutang and beaches and meals by the sea, we’re gearing up for NCT classes and Hypnobirthing sessions and a month of hunkering down with my feet up as my regular brisk walking pace gets closer to a waddle every day. While this time last year I was thinking about which of my new bikinis best showed off my waist, I’m now wondering which pair of maternity jeans is comfiest over a protruding belly.

What a difference a year makes.

Mango leopard print jacket, Bumpkin betty28 week pregnancy update, Bumpkin BettyWhat a difference a year makes, Bumpkin betty

Mrs Jumper (personalised) – Bow and Drape | Maternity boyfriend jeans – Vertbaudet

Boots – Boden (old) | Jacket – Mango

Of course I wouldn’t change it for the world, both this year and last have been full of the best experiences. Different experiences, but just as monumental and wonderful as each other in their own special way. In just three months time we’ll be becoming parents for the first time and finally getting to meet little jacpot mini and finding out who they are after 9 months of speculation. Hitting the third trimester has been hard to fathom, but pretty exciting at the same time. It’s hard to believe I’m two thirds of the way through now, and as sods law would have it I feel as if I’m finally starting to find my way in this pregnancy, and dare I say it – enjoy it, just as it’s coming to an end.

It’s been 8 weeks since my last pregnancy update and my second trimester diary is on the way soon but in the meantime I figured it was about time for a check in, with some news of the bump at 28 weeks!

Third trimester pregnancy update, Bumpkin bettyThird trimester pregnancy update, Bumpkin bettyMaternity boyfriend jeans, Bumpkin Betty

How far along: 28 weeks – HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER!

Days until due date: 84!

The bump: Well it’s most definitely a full bump now – if look down and I can no longer see my feet! There are still some days which it feels bigger than others and some times of the day where it really seems to be sitting all at the front, then other days or times when it almost seems to deflate again. The photos in this post were actually taken at 26 weeks (our anniversary – hence the jumper) although I don’t think I’ve grown much more since then. My last two midwife appointments have seen me measure a bit small on the chart so we’re off for another scan next week just to see mini again and make sure all is ok and they’re getting all the nutrition they need. I’m not too worried at this point though as I feel pretty big and so far in the pregnancy my growth seems to have come in spurts so I’m fully anticipating a big expansion over the next couple of weeks!

How big is baby? 1.1kg and 41 cm long! They weigh about the same as a litre bottle of coke (so imagine carrying that around in your tummy all day and you’ll have an idea how I’m feeling) and are about the size of a head of cauliflower as of this week!

Weight changes: I’m not really keeping track of how much weight I’ve put on – I know I’ve definitely gained as I get regular weight ins at the midwife but I think its best not to worry too much about the numbers. I’ve been fairly lucky so far in that I haven’t had to lose my whole body to the pregnancy and just feel bigger around the middle (obvs) my ass (of course) and thighs. All of which I’m hoping I can get back once the baby is born.

Stretch marks? Again I’ve been fairly lucky so far in that I can only see a couple of very faint ones. I started neglecting my oil and lotion regime a few weeks ago and then noticed a new one and panicked so I’m back on it now. Everyone tells me, if you’re going to get them, you’ll get them, regardless of how much you oil up every night… but it can’t hurt to try right?

Symptoms/feelings: Pretty good right now. I hold my hands up to the fact that I didn’t really enjoy pregnancy at all during those first six months but suddenly around week 25/26 I just started to settle into it a little more and now I’m actually feeling ok, and somewhat enjoying having a little wriggler party on inside me. I think it’s a lot to do with the fact that GB has come back after a month or so of travelling on and off and having him around does make the whole journey a lot more enjoyable (not to mention easier because he can tackle most of the jobs I can’t, or don’t want to). I’ve also slowed down a lot in the last few weeks – both with work and life in general. I’m more or less working from home full time now and am only venturing out for those busy frantic days if I really have to. I’m learning to sit down and take regular breaks each day and not push myself to do more than I’m really capable of right now. It’s been an adjustment as I normally thrive on being busy and taking on too much but what with the influx of hormones, the constant back ache and the struggle to walk more than 50 yards without moaning, I’m somewhat backed into a corner.

Most of the symptoms I was really struggling with before (migraines, exhaustion, stomach pains and muscle movements) do seem to have eased off now, and instead my biggest complaint is just how damn difficult it is to carry a litre of coke around your front all day every day. Walking any distance is now a struggle and walking at a pace above what I like to call ‘meandering tourist’ is out of the question. My back ache is getting worse by the day, and regular bouts of sofa time are definitely needed, and stitch like shooting pains can come on fast if I walk too much or stretch myself a little far. Sleep is becoming a thing of the past, as getting up at least 3 times during the night to pee is a necessity and moving around in bed almost impossible (that bump is heavy) so I’ll wake up with back or hip joint pain and then struggle to get comfy again.

The hormones are also in full swing, and I’ve resigned myself to at least one crying sesh every day, usually over very little at all.

And I’m peeing… constantly. Honestly you can’t take me anywhere as the minute I leave the house I’m requesting a stop again. Public toilets are my nemesis – why are there always queues in the ladies??

Cravings: Nothing really. I have to say I haven’t been hit with any strange cravings at all in this pregnancy, apart from occasionally hankering for a good old fashioned chocolate bar to satisfy the sweet tooth (pretty sure that’s nothing to do with baby though!)

Food aversions: Again, not really anything concrete. Still not loving eggs all that much but apart from that it’s business as usual.

Sleep: It was great… literally until last week. Within the space of a day, sleep suddenly became a whole lot more difficult as I found I couldn’t move from my left to my right side as easily in the night without waking up. Heaving a giant bump around will do that! I’ve been trying to sleep on my left side (best for baby apparently – something to do with blood flow to the placenta) but staying in one position all night eventually makes my hip joint ache and my back hurt, by which point I’m awake and can’t get comfy again. Plus jacpot mini usually decides to wake up and start a party the minute I settle down to go to sleep so there’s that too. I’m thinking of investing in a pregnancy pillow so if you have any recommendations throw them this way as I don’t have a clue which type to buy – why are they all so huge?

Exercise: It takes all my effort to pull myself off the sofa these days and climbing to the top of the stairs feels like I’ve run a marathon so I’m counting the smallest of exercises as huge achievements right now. Walking is still my main – getting out of the house and doing something – activity but I’m getting slower by the day and these hills near our house are exhausting, let me tell you.

Best moment this week: This morning – my app told me that GB might be able to hear baby’s heartbeat if he rested his head on my belly and then at the precise moment he did so, mini kicked him square in the jaw with a giant wallop. It was bloody great and we laughed so hard.

Worst moment this week: Waking up with a trapped nerve in my shoulder the other day after another bad nights sleep and spending the whole day unable to turn my head to the right.

Miss anything? My old clothes, especially with party season approaching – I’m dying to put on a cute little dress and feel all fabulous but instead I’ll have to make do with the not so attractive range of maternity occasion wear on offer.

Maternity clothes: Some. I’ve given in to maternity jeans and am pretty much living in those daily, plus I have a couple of maternity jumpers just purely for the long length. I’ve also bought some maternity tights and leggings for comfort. Dresses, shirts and tops I’m still wearing normal just in bigger sizes and shapes but I’ll probably pick up a maternity dress for Christmas.

Movement: YES! Oh boy yes! We’re getting treated to regular kicks and punches and even body rolls now – usually first thing in the morning and as soon as I relax at night. The kicks are getting bigger and more vicious each day, ones in the ribs, ones that make my whole body shake and ones which cause out loud ‘ows’ and ‘oohs’. I felt what I think was hiccuping this week which was odd and there are times when I can almost see something move in my belly as well as feel it. It’s crazy, but it delights us every time.

Gender: It’s a guessing game. For so long I was certain it was a boy, so much so that I could visualise a boy every time I thought of the baby being born. But lately I’ve been having a lot of girl dreams, and the fact that I’m a little smaller is making me think it might just be a little girl in there. Only 12 weeks until we get to find out!

Belly button in/out: it’s OUT!

Mood: Pretty good at the moment. Although I am starting to think more (and get scared about) the actual birth as it edges closer which is a little nervewracking as I just have NO idea what to expect. we’ve now been to see the two hospitals and birth centres we can choose from for the birth, done a Hynobirthing taster session (which was a little odd) and are going to NCT classes in a few weeks so the decisions are coming thick and fast and the point where we have to start considering the arrival of our little one is getting very near!

Looking forward to: Starting on the decoration of the nursery – we’ve begun getting bits and pieces and considering how we want the room to look so we’re planning to start working on it in January. it doesn’t really need to be finished before baby comes along as they won’t be in it immediately but I can also imagine that life will be pretty frantic in those first few months after they make an appearance and painting walls might be the last thing on our mind, so the more we can do now the better! I’ll of course share any progress with you on the blog!

Vertbaudet maternity jeans, Bumpkin BettySo onto the third and final trimester – I know I’m going to get more and more tired and irritable but I’m actually looking forward to the next few months and of course to welcoming our baby in the new year!

Do leave me a comment if you’re also in pregnancy land right now – I’d love to hear how you’re getting on or read your updates too!

Jessica ·

I love this little pregnancy update!

Last year, I was engaged and trying to convince my fiance that we needed a dog.

This year, I am a newlywed, dog-mom to a 10-month old corgi puppy… and 12 weeks pregnant (we’ve been married for 13 weeks.)

I’ve seen a lot of people say that 2016 was a bad year, but honestly… it’s been pretty great for me. Looks like it has been for you as well 🙂 (PS I feel you on not loving the pregnancy feeling. Can’t wait to have a bump!)


Jaclyn ·

He Jess, oh that’s so exciting! Dogs, babies, marriage – check us out adulting haha! So pleased for you and hope you’e starting to feel a bit better now? The bump came out of nowhere for me so you’ll have one in no time! Will look forward to keeping up with you x

Linda ·

You look wonderful! You have certainly packed in the big life events this year – and somehow I imagine next year might be kind of busy too!