4 Street Style Trends I’m Currently Diggin’

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With the dawn of a new year, often comes a feeling of re-invention and if ever there was a time to pause for reflection on our style, our wardrobes and our daily clothing choices it’s now. I always feel a surge of inspiration in January and along with my arch nemesis Pinterest fully embrace the idea of wardrobe cleansing and style evaluating as the new year begins.Β As I mentioned in myΒ 2014 review post, I’m aiming to make this the year I actually wear some of the beautiful pieces I’ve invested in in the pastΒ and not let them hide in boxes or hang limply inside suit bags for fear of not having an appropriate occasion or worry over them losing their beauty. It’s all too easy to reach for the same outfit formula day to day and stay safely in the confines of comfort zones and expectations. This year I want to take more risks, find my inner fashion rule breaker once again and have fun with my clothes!

These are four of the trends I’m currently loving right now, and hoping to adapt into my own style in some way soon;

Bumpkin Betty, Top UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs
1. Posh skirts with chunky Knits

I have so many statement skirts (I spoke about my love for them in my recent three ways to wear a party skirt feature) and I adore the idea of making them day appropriate with the help of an oversized knit or bobbly cardigan. Full midis, puffy tulle skirts and organza layers teamed with chunky woolens over the top – perfection.

Bumpkin Betty, Top UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs
2. Plum Coats

This shade of plum is just so divine for Winter, its warm yet cool at the same time and makes the most perfect overcoat colour. I’ve never been tempted too much byΒ fur coats but in this burgundy tone I could definitely be persuaded.

Bumpkin Betty, Top UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs
3. All that glitters

It’s no secret that I’m a lover of this trend, anything metallic or glittery gets top marks in my mind and the sequin pencil skirt and casual tee look has been doing the rounds on Pinterest much to my liking. I’m not someone who confines sparkle just to the festive period so I’m planning to make use of all my sparkly pieces throughout the year. And those Saint Laurent pink glitter boots have been on my wishlist for tooo long.

Bumpkin Betty, Top UK Fashion and Lifestyle Blogs
4. Rouge Red

I love the colour red but for some reason I’ve never been someone who wears a lot of the shade. All that’s going to change now – I’m so drawn to all the rouge shades around at the moment and I’m already dreaming of a stand out red dress with which to mark my thirtieth birthday.

So any trends you’re coveting right now? You can find more of my fashion inspiration over on Pinterest, have a great weekend!

Jaclyn ·

I love a bit of sparkle, but even more so over the holidays! I think you’d be surprised with the skirts, I bet you’d easily pull it off! x

Paula ·

I love that plum coat in the middle, do you know where it’s from? I also have one just like the furry one!

Definitely want to start doing more of the fancy skirt, jumper thing myself! xx

Linda ·

brunettes especially look amazing in these strong colours, but I bet they flatter any colouring.