Autumn in the Air

Autumn has arrived, Bumpkin BettyIt’s happened. A new season is upon us. I could definitely feel the first signs of Autumn in the air this last week, couldn’t you?

There was just something a little nippier in the breeze, sunny mornings which felt fresh and brisk instead of humid, the feeling that you might want to pull a pair of black opaques around your legs pretty soon and those first few fallen leaves on the ground. All pointing towards a new season, a new chapter, another summer almost all wrapped up. Even though it’s been a beautiful sunny weekend, it no longer felt like summer sunshine but autumn sunshine. Sunshine that goes along with those first conkers hitting the ground, the slight change in the colour of the leaves and that faint peaty smell in the air.

Witnessing the turning of the seasons, whether from winter to spring, or summer to autumn is one of my favourite things about living in the UK. Feeling that shift and watching as our surroundings subtly change and adapt must be one of the most beautiful of nature’s movements. And even though August was horribly rainy and we all love to moan about the demise of summer, I’m secretly not at all sad to see the return of Autumn. It’s such a lovely time of year – cold but not yet freezing, evenings which draw in a little sooner but aren’t yet dark, a sky which changes from blue to pink frequently, warm drinks a plenty and fruit pies encouraged, cosy coats and clumpy boots, and those gorgeous deep autumnal colours all around – it’s hard not to be excited at the prospect!

I guess this year summer hasn’t felt quite the same for me. In fact it’s been rather inconsequential (I say that fully aware that I might now get heckled). There’s been no big summer holiday, no tan or freckles to be sad to say goodbye to. Yes we’ve had some great times, some sunny days, some so-humid-it’s-impossible-to-work days, picnics in the park, beers in the sunshine and Hen-do’s in the baking Paris heat. But all the while it felt like the prelude rather than the main event. So much of our summer was spent burrowing down, working non stop, avoiding too many social occasions in favour of saving those pennies, and organising that ‘party’ we’re planning in November. Every bit of work has been welcomed, every spare moment has been put to use, every freelance wage immediately settling a wedding bill, every day a new to-do list, every day one step closer to the day we’re waiting for. I almost feel like my summer is still to come, and I guess with a winter honeymoon on the horizon at the end of the year and the prospect of our first Christmas and New Year spent in the sunshine, it is! Each month I buy a new bikini or a summer smock to add to my honeymoon collection and get excited imagining the sun on my back and sand between my toes.

Perhaps that’s why I’ve not minded that our summer has gone by in the blink of an eye, with me barely registering it. Perhaps that’s why I haven’t winced at working like a trooper and then coming home and filling my evenings working some more. Perhaps that’s why I’m feeling all nostalgic for Autumn and particularly the 23rd Oct when it will mark a year since that beautiful day when this crazy journey all began.

Because the end of summer means the end of our prelude. Because the arrival of Autumn means the arrival of our main event. Because this year I get the best of both worlds – an autumn/winter I’ll never forget followed by three weeks of blissful summer to see me into 2016.

So let those leaves change and fall, let the air drop in temperature and let autumn come. Personally I couldn’t be happier it’s here.

victoria ·

Love the Jacket and love autumn too its a time of year that seems so full of promise for the coming winter and into the next year.