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Avenue32 SS15 Wishlist, Bumpkin Betty
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As soon as February hits, it’s like turning a corner. The dreariness of January is behind us and we can all start looking forward with our thoughts consumed by those lighter evenings, balmy nights and outfits which don’t require three trillion layers in order to feel remotely normal. Ironic then, that as we all start to do just that, the snow starts to fall. ย Almost as if the weather gods knew that I had my eye on some mint green shorts and light corduroy dungaree dresses.

As I write this, I’m sitting in my freezing cold flat with around thirty jumpers on (ok slight exaggeration but I have at least three which is still a lot!) and a blanket draped over my knees at my desk (old lady style). It doesn’t help of course that I feel as if I’ve been run over by a bus, sipping Lemsip like it’s going out of fashion and hoping, praying that the flu like feeling that currently consumes me, is not actually the flu and just a mystical 24 hour freak bug that will disappear in the night and see me tackle my spin class tomorrow like a pro.

While the snow entertained me through my Instagram feed at 9am this morning, it now bores me, and I’m in danger of descending into ‘I hate the world’ territory, where kitchen implements get the brunt of my rage and my only solace is a duvet. And so, I’m looking to Spring folks, because if I don’t I’ll be forced to retreat further into my hazy flu filled hermit like vision where, not dissimilar to Fortitude (anyone else watch that? It’s going to be gooood!) snow seems to have taken over and we’re all destined to wear parkas for the rest of our days and probably still not feelย warm.

Avenue32 SS15 wishlist, Bumpkin Betty
Avenue32 SS15 Wishlist

So I’m dreaming, procrastinating, and willing my favourite month to get a move on so that I can start wearing all of the oh-so cheerful clothes I’m wishlisting. One click onto Avenue32 and I’m already feeling much better. If only Lemsip could condense the drug that is shopping into a neat sachet I’d probably enjoy being ill all that much more. Avenue32, in case you hadn’t already noticed (I put together an AW wishlist from the siteย last year) is my number one stop for procrastination of the fashion variety. It houses all of my favourite designers under one roof and always has the coolest of the new arrivals to peruse. I adore the away the website is laid out, profiling each designer, each trend and simply the newest of the new that absolutely requires drooling over.

As you can see from my wishlist above, I’m dreaming of pastels and ginghams (those Alice McCall scalloped edge shorts are to-die-for), while the vintage 70s vibes that brands like Shrimps are offering, makes transitional dressing all the more appealing. There are a few collections that have my vote at the moment, namely J.W Anderson’s SS range for the sheer fact that pineapple’s appear on sweatshirts like it’s the most normal thing in the world, and Richard Nicholl’s back to school feel with ‘Home and Away’ style gingham pinafores and pink woolen cardi’s.

If you’re a fan of Miss Chung (who isn’t) you’ll probably let out a little whimper when you see her range for AG, including pieces like the button down denim mini and cord dungaree dress above – it has her tomboy edge written all over it.

Other than that, as always I’m looking to the accessories, clutch bags that double up as cartoon camera’s and earrings that sport bunny ears, polkadot heels and pastel backpacks. And if that L’Agent fuschia pink underwear set isn’t the perfect Valentines gift, I don’t know what is.

Have you started dreaming of Spring? And if so, what’s on your wishlist?

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