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If you’re a brand, or business in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food or travel industry and are interested in being featured on Bumpkin Betty, well that’s just super and I’d love to hear from you.

Bumpkin Betty has grown into a successful online space that I’m really proud of. Over the last four years I have built up a loyal base of readers, who visit regularly, engage with my posts and value my recommendations. The blogs wide readership is growing daily and my readers are generally a lovely bunch who I’m sure you’d be happy to connect with.

There are a number of ways in which we can work together, so to make things easy, I’ve highlighted the key projects I offer in handy bite-size chunks below so you can easily find what you are looking for.

If you have any questions, want to chat about one of the below or have an idea for something that’s so crazy it’s not even listed, then feel free to get in touch with me at bumpkinbetty at gmail dot com.


It’s probably important for me to mention at this point that Bumpkin Betty is predominantly a personal lifestyle blog, which basically means that I work hard to produce content about me and my mundane little life in a creative and inspiring way. That means I’m most interested in working with you in a way that allows me to offer my own personal perspective.


Since launching, I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with some great brands and services, some of which are listed below…

Innocent Smoothies, Dolcis, Kinder Bueno, Avenue32, Anthropologie, Joules, New Look, ASOS, Florence & Fred, Debenhams, House of Fraser, Joy the Store, Amazon, Next, Barbour, Deichmann, Sassoon Salons, The Happy Egg Company, Monarch Airlines and BT to name just a few.


The skinny: Got a product you think I’ll love? Want to be featured in one of my outfit posts, beauty features or lifestyle updates? Maybe you love my baking posts and think your amazing icing piping, sugar sieving, cook it one device would make my life so much easier. It’s utterly lovely to be offered products from brands and is something I’ll never quite get used to, BUT I do pride myself on having that little thing called integrity and therefore only ever accept items that naturally fit into rhythm of this blog. It’s best to drop me an email first with a bit of info about your idea and I can let you know whether it’s a good fit.

The testimonial: “Wow! This is a stunning post – thank you so much! This is definitely the most beautifully shot feature we’ve ever had, just gorgeous.” The Bathory

The boring bit: Unfortunately sending me a product doesn’t guarantee coverage. In most cases if the product works as you said it would, fits and looks nice then chances are I’ll write about it (I’m nice like that). But I’ll be writing about it in my own time and in my own way. If you want something featured by a set date or with guaranteed links/ key words included, then you may be looking for more of a collaboration, so do read on.


The skinny: Got a Hotel/ Restaurant/ Café / Experience or service that you reckon my readers need to hear about? I regularly write reviews on new eateries or comfortable abodes in return for a complimentary stay/meal/cup of tea and a slice of cake/ trial of the service, and (within reason) am always ready for a challenge and will try anything once. These posts are some of my most popular and favourite to write, and those who I’ve worked with previously have always reported good results (the power of recommendation goes a long way after all).

The testimonial: “LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the support you have been giving us on your blog! Thank you so much for writing such a lovely and in-depth review of your experience. I know the Covent Garden Salon will be delighted to hear such kind words! ” Sassoon Salons

The boring bit: It’s important to bear in mind that these reviews are honest. I never write negatively but I will be constructive as I believe my readers deserve to know what to expect when parting with their cash. So if your beds were lumpy, your staff rude or your Mac and Cheese not cheesy, I won’t start a hate campaign but I probably will mention it in the review in a polite and constructive way, and in most cases the places I review are more than happy for me to do so, so it’s all good.


The skinny: Ah now we get to the exciting part! I absolutely love collaborating with brands for bigger features on the blog. This could include anything from a themed month featuring your products to a one off campaign or a brand focused post all about you. I don’t tend to call them sponsored posts as I find those a little dull (yawn) but I’m happy to work with you to come up with something creative and fun which can benefit us both.

The testimonial: “LOVE this post! You’ve totally nailed the ‘capsule collection’ thing and the pics are super cute! It’s a fab post” Next

The boring bit: In some cases working with me on a larger project will require you to have a bit of budget you can extend my way. You’ll be pleased to hear that my rates are very reasonable and fair. I understand you can be up against a lot to make campaigns a success so I price my projects fairly based on the amount of work I’ll need to dedicate and what you as a brand can expect to receive in return.


And I think that’s it! Wow that was a lot of words wasn’t it? If you made it to the end, why thank you for reading, and if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for – my sincerest apologies, I probably just wasted at least 10 minutes of your life. Drop me an email and I’ll buy you a cuppa to make up for it.