1 Year Ago Today

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1 year ago today, on the 23rd October, I got the surprise of my life when GB asked me to marry him in the middle of the maze at Hampton Court Palace.

1 year ago! Can you believe it? I certainly can’t. It’s been a whirlwind of a year, a rollercoaster of emotions and a whole lot of ups and downs, but the one constant is that I’ve had my favourite person with me through it all and every one of those last 365 days we’ve had something wonderful to look forward to – a wedding. But not just a wedding, a marriage. As after all that’s the important part right? The wedding day will come and go, and while it’s terribly exciting (now that most of the stress is out of the way it is so so exciting), I’m now getting a sense of understanding what all my married friends have said before – that waking up the following day as husband and wife is what is most exciting of all. To know that from then on you’re going through life as an official team. The adventure doesn’t start or end with the wedding, it’s simply a great moment within a continuous adventure. One that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed so far and just can’t wait to keep living.

4 weeks tomorrow we’ll be saying our ‘I Do’s’ which is all kinds of crazy – 4 weeks! 4 tiny little weeks!! It feels as if we jumped from being 20 weeks away to being 4 weeks away in the blink of an eye. From writing the number 400 on our little ‘ X number of days until we say I do’ blackboard sign to writing 40. From saying things like ‘Won’t it be exciting when they are less than 100 days until the wedding?’ to suddenly finding ourselves with only 29 without even noticing. It’s definitely true what they say about being much more aware of time at the beginning of the wedding planning journey – counting weeks and making notes of important markers – and then as the day actually approaches you just seem to lose all track of time and suddenly it’s almost here before you even had a chance to celebrate getting to double figures. My friend who got married recently told me towards the end she was simply counting it in terms of the amount of free weekend days she had left to complete everything and I totally know what she means. It might be 29 days but to me it’s actually only 3 free weekends (that’s 6 days!!) to finish all of the projects we need to finish.

But I’ve given up on stressing now (remind me of that the week before) and am simply beyond excited. The dreams and thoughts that keep me awake at night are no longer anxieties or worries or ‘Oh my Gosh we completely forgot X’, they’re simply giddy butterfly inducing thoughts of wearing my dress, walking down the aisle to my guy and celebrating with all of our family and friends. I had such a vivid dream last night about the morning of the wedding – and it was exactly like Christmas Day used to feel like when you were a kid. I woke up super early and even in the dream I could feel the pure excitement inside me. I ran into every room of the house (or what I can remember of the house we’re going to be staying in) shouting ‘I’m getting married today!!!’ at the top of my lungs, waking up my parents and Best Women to screech at them and then running back out and onto the next room. It was the most real dream I’ve had so far and a wonderful one at that. I really hope that when the day comes in real life I can be that happy and excited and not at all worried or stressed.

So tonight we’re taking a break from paying invoices and finalising menu choices and writing calligraphy and insetad we’re celebrating. Celebrating what a happy day today was last year, and what a happy occasion we’ve got coming up. A date night if you will – something we haven’t had in oh so long (and something I’m very much looking forward to reprising after the wedding). We’ve booked into a local Japanese restaurant we’ve been meaning to try for years and I’m even going to put a posh frock on (again something I haven’t done in oh so long). It’s just a shame that our boiler has decided to pack it in today – as I write this I’m contemplating how many kettle boils I’l need to wash my hair, sigh.

If the weather’s nice tomorrow we may even have a little 1 year on visit to Hampton Court! I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead, Happy Friday!!