Date Night

Little Black dresses, Bumpkin BettyI feel there’s a severe lack of evening attire displayed in the outfit posts on this blog. I guess it’s because evening wear is traditionally worn in the evening, and low light and dark shadows aren’t really conducive to good blogging.

I suppose I could photograph more evening wear during the day, but something about that always feels a little strange to me – like I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go. Plus I enjoy the getting ready part of a night out – the glamming yourself up, the curling of the hair and putting on of the make up, all of which come together to make your outfit that bit more special, something that doesn’t come across so well when you throw on the same thing during the day.

Lately of course, I could put it down to the fact that I haven’t actually worn any evening attire in such a long time. The last time I got properly glammed up, was on my Hen Do in Paris… which was in August people, August! Since then it feels as if I crawl into my PJ’s as soon as it hits 7pm on an evening and spend my weekends in what I call my ‘DIY clothes’ – which is basically a fancier way of describing the scruffiest clothes I own. I guess you could say a night out was long overdue. A night to switch off from wedding tasks and to-do lists and to talk to each other rather than have our noses in emails and our discussion on which invoice to pay first. And a night to put on a little black dress and feel glam again.

Zara black dress, Bumpkin BettyThe little black dress, Bumpkin BettyBackless maxi dress, Bumpkin BettyHow to wear a dress with trainers, Bumpkin Betty

Dress – Zara | Jacket – Gestuz | Fur stole – H&M | Bag – Vintage | Trainers – Ash

And so for the anniversary of our engagement on Friday we put away the wedding decorations, stepped away from the DIY clothes, got dressed up (ok I got dressed up, GB put on a shirt) and had a date night. And it was great. Really, really great. Therapeutic even. And just brilliant fun! We didn’t do anything special – we stayed local and went to a Japanese restaurant down the road from our flat that we’d been meaning to go to for ages (delicious by the way – but the menu was so huge I feel a return visit is needed to try all the other dishes we couldn’t decide between) and then hit the pub around the corner. But it didn’t really matter where we were or what we were doing – it was just great to be out of the flat, laughing, chatting and spending time together.

And boy did I enjoy getting my glad rags on again! So much so, that I couldn’t resist taking some photos for an evening outfit post even if it was dark and low lit and generally not conducive to the best blog photos.

Top UK Fashion bloggers, Bumpkin BettyLeather jacket and fur stole, Bumpkin BettyGestuz leather biker jacket, Bumpkin BettyBlack dress and Ash Cult trainers, Bumpkin BettyUk Fashion Bloggers, Bumpkin BettyBackless black dress, Bumpkin BettyThis dress is now affectionately known as my Paris dress, because it was bought for our night out while in the French capital for my Hen Do (yes the last time I got glammed up). Sometimes, it also gets called my ‘Kim K eat your heart out’ dress too – as it’s pretty good at showing off that derriere when it wants to be. I have to admit I’m not usually the little black dress girl. I’m more the girl who’ll go for the little red dress, or the little pink dress, or the little silver metallic dress. But sometimes the merits of sticking to monochrome are obvious, and they certainly were with this Zara number. It’s made from a really lightweight silky clingy ribbed fabric, which looks almost sheer when not on the body but luckily covers up everything when it is on, and is a simple yet effective shape – simply nipping you in at the waist with an elasticated band and tying  with a little button at the neck. It didn’t look much on the hanger but something about it made me try it on and once on there was no going back. It feels glorious on, clings to you in all the right places and is unbelievably comfortable at the same time. I love the slightly shorter length and front split, plus the keyhole back along with high neck and long sleeves is much sexier than a low front in my opinion.

Leather biker jacket and fur stole, Bumpkin BettyDate night, Bumpkin BettyBlack maxi dress, Bumpkin BettySplit front black dress, Bumpkin BettyIt looks great with heels but for this particular night I decided to pair it with my Ash cult trainers. One because you all know I love the juxtaposition of dressy with casual, but two because we were only going to the pub and heels felt a little much. A fur collar, glitzy earrings and a plum lip on the other hand – never too much.

Fashion Bloggers UK, Bumpkin BettySo an evening outfit. Worn (and photographed) in the evening. Radical hey?


Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust ·

This dress is gorgeous! I’m a major fan of high necked anything, and I totally agree – a high neck, with a little back showing, so waaaayyy sexier than cleavage! You look simply stunning! And so glad you guys enjoyed your date night. Sometimes, it’s just what you needed, even if you didn’t know it at the time! x