Five Things of the Week | Back, Blues and To-Do’s

Mrs customised jumper, Bumpkin Betty It feels a little strange doing a Five Things of the week post today, as as far as weeks go, it’s been an odd one. The first full week we’ve been back in London and back to normality since the wedding. We’ve both got stuck back into work and normal life – evenings in front of the TV, deciding what to cook for dinner, talking about the weekend – has for the most part resumed.

Inside though I feel as if I’m on pause – letting the rest of the world carry on around me while I re-live the 21st November over and over in my head in the hope that I can stick at that date and not move. So this week has gone by in a bit of a blur, we’ve tried to fill the gap of wedding planning stresses with fun outings and married life activities, and lots of honeymoon planning because that’s the next exciting thing on the agenda!

Here’s a look back at the last seven days…

Returning as a Mrs

It’s still strange to think of myself as married. I’ll admit I’ve had a touch of the wedding blues since we’ve returned – it’s an odd feeling to have an event that has consumed you for the last year to be behind you without yet another in front. But this Mrs jumper always cheers me up – I bought it to wear on the Sunday celebrations after the wedding but haven’t been able to stop wearing it since. One because it’s comfy and two because it reminds me of all the happiness of the day. Check back on Sunday for an outfit post featuring it in full!

Ping Pong Stratford, Bumpkin Betty
Birthday celebrations

The weekend we returned to London was also GB’s birthday, and although being so close to the wedding meant that we hadn’t planned anything special, we still made sure to go out and celebrate. It was a typical night out – dinner at Ping Pong and watching The Hunger Games at the cinema, but it was also the type of typical night out we hadn’t had time for for ages so extra fun. Finally having my appetite back made dinner ah-may-zing and I also tried this Hibiscus spritz cocktail for the first time which was delish!

Natural History Museum ice rink, Bumpkin Betty
Ice skating

On Sunday we ventured out in the cold to re-live one of our earliest dates – ice skating at The Natural History Museum. It was part of my wedding gift from GB and we both hadn’t been since that date six years ago so were slightly nervous to put the skates back on. I can remember being reasonably good at ice skating before but this time – not so much. Perhaps it was because I was wary of my still healing ankle or perhaps I’m just more of a nervous nelly in my old age but I was overly cautious to the point of grabbing onto complete strangers at times in a panic I was going to fall. Luckily I didn’t, but we were both pretty glad to retreat back indoors and hit the cafe for a hot cider and mince pie.

To do lists, Bumpkin Betty
Creating a new to-do

You all know how much I love a to-do list and it’s generally what keeps me motivated to continually drive forward. This week felt like a bit of a renewal, a chance to scrap the to-do lists that have consumed us for so long and create new ones. Making new plans for the future, the honeymoon and beyond, and setting goals for work and life from now on. It felt good to get a little order and clarity after a the months of chaos but I’m not sure many of those to-do’s or goals will truly be gotten to until after that 3 week break in the sunshine!

Boden silver ankle boots, Bumpkin Betty
Silver boots and winter days

I still can’t believe it’s Winter, and December. Maybe it’s because we’ve got a summer vacay to come over Christmas but I can’t seem to get myself into the winter vibe this year, and most definitely not the festive vibe (sorry). I’ve hardly bought any new winter clothes and don’t feel at all prepared for the onslaught of Christmas that we’ve returned to. Instead I’ve been faithfully wearing my wedding boots (from Boden and the comfiest boots ever!) and still trying to pretend that a leather jacket is appropriate winter outerwear.

This weekend I’m in work for one of my freelance gigs so don’t have much else planned other than a spot of blogging, tidying and honeymoon daydreaming.

So how about you? It feels like ages since I’ve caught up – fill me in on your week, what your weekend is set to entail and whether you’re in the Christmas spirit yet?