Five Things of the Week | Berry, Morganite and Metallic

Weekends by Bumpkin BettyHappy Friday all! I’m gearing up for a big weekend as soon I’m going to living out my life long dream and transforming into Beyonce for the day! Before you get too excited, my transformation comes merely through clothes and dance moves as this weekend is my London Hen Do (or #JacDo) and along with a bunch of friends and family we’re going to be learning Bey’s slick moves in a Single Ladies/ Run The World/ Crazy in Love dance class mash up, before having a boozy afternoon tea. I’ve got my sequins at the ready, my metallic trainers are raring to go and My Mum is already down from Scotland and cracking open the Prosecco, so I can’t wait!

Tomorrow two of my Best Women arrive to start the celebrations, and this will be the last time I see everyone before the big day so I’m imagining there will be a lot of squeeling!

Anyway before all that, it’s time for me to share my five things of the week so let’s look back at what’s been going on in the last seven days shall we?


Last weekend was a super lovely one – I’ve already mentioned our date night on Friday which was a great excuse to put on a fancy frock and head out, but the rest of the weekend I have to admit to going straight back into those ‘DIY clothes’. In my defense I was doing DIY so all can be forgiven. As far as weekends have been going lately, we made sure this one was super productive and I spent all of Saturday making the signs for our wedding, as well as writing out cake labels and sorting out vases according to where they’ll go on the day (I do love to be organised). This moment of calm first thing on Saturday was about the only one I got but it was still lovely – there’s nothing better than a cuppa in bed while the morning sun shines in through the window. We only have one more free weekend (this weekend I’ll be too busy mastering my Beyonce moves to do any DIY!) before we travel to Scotland for the wedding (1 more!!) so by the time next Monday rolls around I could be feeling incredibly stressed!

The Bowler London, Bumpkin Betty
Balls at Bowlers

I’m trying really hard to eat as healthily as possible in the final countdown to the wedding but you know those days when you’re rushing around all morning and suddenly it’s 3pm and you realise you haven’t eaten anything all day and you’re STARVING? Yeah, I had one of those this week when I was in town for meetings and appointments and suddenly had the urge that I needed to eat something right that second and it had to be super tasty. Luckily I was in Covent Garden and spotted new lunch joint The Bowler on the corner, which has only recently opened. It’s a bit like Leon in that it’s healthy fast food but all they do are meatballs (or veggie balls) either with rice or in a pitta and a variation of sauces and meats. I think it used to be a street food pop up and this is their first stand alone store. I opted for the beef and chorizo balls with a tomato based sauce and rice and it was just the ticket. Like ah-may-zing. I must have wolfed it down in seconds I was so hungry but I left singing their praises as it was super tasty fast food that’s for sure. I made sure I hit the gym that evening to work it off though.

Metallic manicure, Bumpkin Betty
New nails

I got shellac nails done for the first time at my friends wedding a few weeks ago and still hadn’t gotten around to taking it off. It lasted pretty well and it definitely much more hard wearing than regular polish (especially if you’re like me and can’t resist the urge to pick it all off the minute it’s on) but boy is it annoying once it starts to peel off. I finally found an afternoon to nip into Cheeky Holborn and have it removed this week, after a little shopping day with my Mum to get her outfit for the wedding, and it did feel good to have a change. I went for normal polish this time to give my nails a rest ahead of the wedding but feel for this metallic colour (I actually thought it was a silver shade when I picked it up but kind of like it anyway). It will fit right in with my Beyonce outfit.

Stephen Einhorn Islington, Bumpkin Betty
Rings and tings

I popped along to see the team at Stephen Einhorn this week (the designer that created my bespoke engagement ring) as they were having a little press evening to celebrate their store relaunch and showcase their new collections. The shop in Islington always looked fabulous anyway but the team have been working hard for the last six months refurbishing the whole place and it now looks FAB-U-LOUS! Seriously, when I walked in (via a red carpet no less) I couldn’t believe it was the same place, it has been completely transformed! If you get a chance do pop in and see it as the team are just so lovely and there is so much amazing jewellery to see too. I spotted this pink morganite ring as soon as I came in and loved it and clearly my taste had been noticed by the team after they made my engagement ring as they all kept saying ‘you must go take a look at our new morganite ring – I bet you’ll love it’, which I did of course!

Nars Vera Lipstick, Bumpkin Betty
Berry nice

My Mum and I hit Selfridges during our shopping trip this week to get ourselves kitted out with make up for the wedding. My mum got some fab items from Dior (which I may be stealing tbh – hello Rosy Glow) and I headed to Nars to pick up all my base ingredients. I also tried out a few different lip colours for the day but as per usual couldn’t decide which to go for and my Mum was no help, telling me they all looked great! This one was Vera by Nars which I did love but in the end I’ve gone for something a little different so I’ll keep that a secret until the day!

Right, I’m off to spend the afternoon with my Mum before preparing for our Beyonce adventure so I’ll sign off. Check back here on Sunday though as I’m doing an amazing Burberry make up giveaway which you won’t want to miss! I hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead!