Five Things of the Week | Discoveries, Downtime and Dining

Broadway Market in London, Bumpkin BettyHello weekend! Sorry this regular five things post is a day later than usual, but I was working until late last night (on a Friday, I know!) and so I didn’t get that Friday feeling until… um.. Saturday. Now after a bit of a long lie, a few episodes of The Amazing Race (my guilty pleasure right now – anyone watch it?) and a tasty brekkie cooked up by GB, I’m finally ready to kick the weekend off. And what better way that to sign of from the last week with this post!

This weekend actually marks 6 years from myself and GB’s first date which is a little mind boggling to say the least. I guess with an impending wedding this year, it doesn’t feel like quite such a need to celebrate (we’ll do that properly in November) but we have kept today free just for us and have a nice day out in London planned along with a slap up meal, and probably a few cocktails later on so I’ll fill you all in on that very soon (to keep up you can always follow along on Instagram as I’ll no doubt share snaps from the day!).

In the meantime let’s take a look back at the week that was…

1. Broadway Market

Last weekend was a #wedmin weekend and we actually got a fair few tasks completed, one of which was to visit some jewellery designers we’d scouted out so we could start figuring out what on earth we might put on each others fingers come that day in November. This search took us to Broadway Market and would you believe this was one part of London I’d somehow missed out over the last six years of living here. I have no idea how – it was literally a 15 minute bus ride from our flat (!?) – or why – it was exactly my type of place (!!??) – but now I feel a few further trips (perhaps on a Saturday when the market is actually on) are absolutely necessary. Cute shops, great cafe’s and very Instagrammable surroundings (it probably helped that it was a lovely day) made for one delightful afternoon.

Bacon Blues Burger at Eds Easy Diner
2. Blue Cheese Burgers at Ed’s

If there’s one very important factor to consider during a #wedmin weekend it’s food. All that planning and searching and walking and talking, and meeting people and making decisions will tire you out… fast… and fuel is required. Fuel which needs to be big, tasty, and totally, over the top, indulgent. How about a big, meaty, greasy, cheesy burger? Yup, that sounds about right. I’d been invited to try out the new ‘Bacon Blues’ burger at Ed’s Easy Diner, which they’ve created in partnership with Castello cheese. You can probably see where I’m going with this but it’s a burger, topped with bacon and a slice of that famous Castello blue cheese. GB was the man for the challenge and ordered the limited edition burger of the month, while I played it safe with my favourite BBQ chicken number (I’m not great with blue cheese). Both got the thumbs up, especially for the fact that they offer gluten free baps, and I reckon GB might just have been converted to smelly cheeses!

Engagement DIY, Bumpkin Betty
3. Creative Endeavours

Sometimes there is nothing I love more than completing a creative project on a lazy Sunday – it gives me so much enjoyment to know that my day has been well spent and I’ve made something to be proud of. I get so little time to be creative these days, and by that I mean really hands on creative like I used to be at Uni – cutting, sticking, pasting, painting – and so when I make time for it, it’s the most rewarding thing. On Sunday I made the creation you see above. Nothing ground breaking, but a project I’d been meaning to do ever since we got engaged 9 whole months ago (so the completion was even more satisfactory). We’d kept the cork from the bottle of champagne we popped in the middle of the maze in Hampton Court Palace just minutes after I’d said yes, and I wanted to do something with it to allow us to keep it somewhere other than in a jar on top of the microwave. I found this frame in a charity shop and with a little help from Pinterest and my new found calligraphy skills I set to work. After what felt like 10 million practices on throw away paper, actually putting ink to that carefully cut to size piece of card was the most nerve-wracking thing. It’s a little shaky but I’m still pretty proud of it. What do you think?

Making Candles at home, Bumpkin Betty
4. Getting comfortable

This week I got to take a rare afternoon off to catch up with the lovely Angela (just DAYS before her wedding no less) to marvel at how calm she was head to the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green for an afternoon of relaxing, chillaxing and pampering. It was all courtesy of The Apartment (who we all know do the best kind of events) and Canesten, who were out to help a room full of girls #getcomfortable. Basically this involved lounging on giant sofas with event gianter cushions (I know it’s not a word but I’m going with it), eating ALL the food, getting massages (amazing!), listening to talks on how to be more confident and exude Michelle Obama style power body language at all times, learn the art of candle making, eat more food (cakes this time) and generally soak up the awesomeness that is being a woman, and spending time chatting to other awesome women about all things awesome womanhood. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, came home very zen and yet motivated and got all the wedding tips around from Angela in the process (her wedding is today btw – all the congrats!). Plus I now know how to make my own candles.

The Big Easy BBQ Shack, Bumpkin Betty
5. The Meat Mission

Can you tell there was a bit of a focus on food this week? Unintentional of course, but totally amazing all the same (wedding diet? what wedding diet?). A couple of my Glasgow dwelling friends were visiting this fair city this week for a 60th birthday bash and we pulled them away from sightseeing and prosecco drinking one evening to head for an epic meal out. Their restaurant of choice was The Big Easy, and if you haven’t been (I hadn’t) it’s a full on BBQ meat and crab shack adventure. Think pits of pulled pork being brought to your table, whole chickens placed in front of you and giant lobsters with which to dig into. Plus frozen cocktails. Which were the icing on a very meat heavy cake. Go hungry, leave stuffed should be their moto. Don’t take any vegetarians their warning. I felt full for about three days after, which can only mean it’s very good value for money.

How was your week? Any meat challenges, creative projects or new discoveries to share?