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Festival Hen Do, Bumpkin BettyI’m so sad at the state outside my window today – it’s SO gloomy and the rain hasn’t stopped lashing down since about 10am this morning. I’ve got another working weekend ahead so I guess you could say that this Friday is my weekend. I had imagined taking some time out to go for a nice walk, maybe treat myself to lunch out somewhere or even spend the afternoon relaxing in the park, but alas, instead I’ve been holed up in the flat all afternoon after getting soaked to the skin this morning. My wet jeans have been removed in favour of pyjama bottoms, I’ve got a hoodie and I’m drinking lots of cups of tea. It doesn’t feel like July at all!

Anyway here’s a look back at the last seven days, most of which were a lot sunnier than today!

1. A Henival to remember

As I signed off at the end of last week’s five things post, I was all set to head off on my friends Henival adventure, and now this week the adventure has been and gone and it’s a little sad. We had the BEST weekend full of laughter, glitter, sunburn and shenanigans. It was the hottest weekend I’ve felt in a long time, we hit up the Larmer Tree Festival and took their silver theme to the max with fairy wings, glitter, and temporary tattoos, and we stayed in the most beautiful converted barn (Hilltop Barn – check it out if you plan on going to Larmer Tree next year) for the duration. It was a blast! Now I guess I have my own Hen do to look forward too – eek!

Vintage pink roses, Bumpkin Betty
2. Vintage Roses

Feeling a little blue following the weekend, called for a little pampering and these days for me that means buying myself some pretty flowers and decorating the flat with them to cheer myself up. Seeing as I’m still on my confetti mission, these pink tinged roses seemed like just the ticket. Although since seeing the sheer amount of rose petals my fellow Lovette Caroline is drying I’m starting to feel a little dubious that my – 1 bunch a week – is going to get me anywhere at all.

Task PR Christmas in July, Bumpkin Betty
3. Festivities (in July?)

Yes I realise this update may make some of you feel a little nauseous (when my Mum saw this pic on Facebook she simply cried ‘No. Please no!’) but in the PR world, July is the time we start speaking about Christmas to press and this week I helped my old agency organise a little Christmas in July event. It does feel a little odd decorating gingerbread men and drinking mulled cocktails when the heat is wafting in from the humidity outside, but who doesn’t love Christmas? A little candy cane here and a deer shaped tree decoration there never caused any harm and so I embraced the hot drinks and the gingerbread and put bells on with the best of them (if only the event had been today it would have been perfect!).

Catch ups with friends, Bumpkin Betty
4. Long overdue catch ups

One of the best things about organising little events such as the above is that I get to catch up with some favourite people and call it work at the same time. Being able to hug, natter and trade wedding secrets with old friends who I haven’t seen in an age is the best remedy after a stressful day. These girls are too lovely for words (check out their magazine here) and have always supported me through every single one of my freelance ventures so I was over the moon to see them at this event (we worked out it had been over a year and a half since we last saw each other – crazy). Clearly we were totally in sync ahead of time, as we all turned up in matching stripy t-shirts and red lipstick and resembled some sort of girl band when we stood together. Major LOL’s.

Louboutin wedges, Bumpkin Betty
5. Friday treats

Friday has always been a bit of a treat day for me. Ever since I was little and my Dad used to come home from work with a chocolate bar for us all and call Friday evening ‘Party night’, the tradition has lived on and I allow myself to indulge a little come the end of the week. Maybe then, that’s how I was able to justify splurging on these Christian Louboutin bad boys when I spotted them in a second hand designer shop on my way home this morning. They glared at me right through the window and I simply couldn’t resist stepping in to find out if they were in my size. I almost abandoned them entirely when I saw they were one size smaller than my usual, but after trying on a few other pairs in the store, I thought I’d at least attempt to squeeze my feet into them just for fun. Suffice to say I fell in love. They are a teeny tiny bit too small on one foot, but as they’re fabric I’m hoping they’ll stretch. Imagining them with a bikini and a sarong on my honeymoon was enough to seal the deal (and as it happened enough for the shop owner to give me a discount) and so they were mine. My first pair of Louboutins!

What’s been making you happy this week? I’d love to hear! I hope you all have a great weekend ahead despite the rain.

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's ·

It’s never too early for Christmas! I haven’t experienced the festivities yet, but I wouldn’t mind at all! I hope you managed to enjoy your weekend despite the rain and the work 🙂 This past week has been a blur of marathoning through Downton Abbey, and somewhere in the middle of all that I had a little catch-up with friends as well! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Jaclyn ·

Haha glad you love the festive stuff – it definitely feels too early for Christmas in my books but then I know it will be here before I know it! Marathons of Downton Abbey sounds like the BEST weekend! x


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