Five Things of the Week | Hot, Hot, Hot

M&S flowers, Bumpkin BettyIs it so very British of me to start every one of these weekly round up posts with a comment on the weather? Most probably, but this week it’s hard not to as (in London at least) we’ve been sweltering. It’s the age old analogy isn’t it? We complain when it’s not hot enough, then we complain when it’s too hot. I’m not complaining one bit about the sunshine – its lifted my mood, made me more productive and been pretty enjoyable all round – but the heat, oh good god the heat… I swear I haven’t slept properly all week because our flat is like a greenhouse and no air has been circulating us even with all windows and all doors open and covers thrown off the bed. It’s all been a big hot sweaty mess.

Anyway how have you been enjoying the heat? Coping with the onset of sunburn and heat stroke like me? Or basking in its glory?

Hate to say it again but it’s been another crazy busy week and I’ve barely come up for air. I’m working again all weekend and out for a friends birthday tonight so it’s go go go but I am hoping to get an outfit post up tomorrow (late night scheduling anyone?) so check back for that. In the meantime here’s a little of the week that was…

1. Weekly flower drop

It’s becoming a bit of a weekly occurrence for me to share my latest floral bouquet hey? It’s not a bad weekly tradition to have I guess. This beautiful bouquet was sent over by M&S this week (news of my confetti mission is clearly getting around) and I was so chuffed with the colours – the deep pink is going to make a lovely addition to my confetti pile! denim dress, Bumpkin Betty
2. Legs out

Hurrah for bare leg weather! It feels like forever since I could wear a short skirt and not feel a bit of a breeze when the wind hit, but this last week it’s been about garments with as few layers, and as little chance of sweatiness, as possible (classy, I know). This little denim dress was one of those – great decision for the legs, not such a great decision for the upper body – situations, as although it’s short, it’s also long sleeved (doh!). It’s rather cute though and will be featuring in that outfit post tomorrow along with a few other recent favourites so you can see it in full then. Let’s do another hurrah for being able to shoot blog photos in the evenings again shall we?

Finsbury Park London, Bumpkin Betty
3. Where am I?

When I shot this pic during the week and looked back on it later in the evening, I almost double took as I thought it looked so much like a scene from from somewhere abroad. Maybe a Greek resort with those blue skies and coloured buildings? In fact, it was just two minutes down the road from me, opposite my local Tesco (not so glamourous after all) but I’m rather fond of it all the same. Amazing what a little bit of sunshine does hey?

Monster rose gold headphones
4. Rose gold diamonds

This week I attended a really interesting event with the team at Monster products (those clever souls that create the best audio equipment, headphones and speakers for us all to listen to our music in the best possible way). Along with a great mix of lifestyle bloggers, music journos, DJ’s and tech influencers we enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Ham Yard Hotel, met the ‘Head Monster’, founder and creator of the company Noel Lee and heard the amazing story of the brands rise, fall, and rise again. I have to admit that I’m not the most music savvy around but I was fascinated listening to Noel and hearing his story (Google it – you won’t be able to stop reading). He’s such a passionate person and that really comes through in the products he creates too. I of course fell for the one pair of headphones that aren’t available in the UK (typical I know) – but in my defence they were a limited edition rose gold diamond pair (I mean c’mon with my engagement ring it’s pretty much a match made in heaven right?) and I spent the rest of the evening trying to persuade Noel and his team to get them into stores over here. I also took home a ridiculously powerful portable speaker, one which continued to play at an amazing quality even when dunked in a large bowl of water and thrown dramatically around the room like a football (yes I gasped and shrieked during this whole process). Thanks Monster for a fun and insightful evening, I can’t wait to see more from this brand in the coming months.

The Front Room Cafe, Finsbury Park
5. Alfresco breakfast

A super early morning meeting in the sweltering London heat has just one benefit – the chance to dine outdoors and allow yourself treats that you’d otherwise never indulge in mid week. i.e. pancakes with lashings of maple syrup. Technically not something I’m supposed to be eating right now with a possible gluten allergy but when tired, hungry and craving something sweet, something that hit the spot no end. There’s something so lovely about being able to eat outdoors I always think. It feels like being on holiday even when you’re not. Sitting outside, eating nice food and checking emails in between meetings, working doesn’t seem to seem so bad at all.

How has your week been? Any exciting sunshine-y happenings?

Sarah ·

Those flowers are gorgeous 🙂 I’m with you on the heat – I felt like I was slowly being roasted on Wednesday! But it is lovely to see the sunshine and I love eating outdoors, there’s something about it that makes me feel like I’m on holiday 🙂

Jasmin Charlotte ·

We have been enjoying eating outside! Definitely nice for a bit of al fresco dining. I’ve been enjoying the heat mostly! Nice and warm for me. I did have to do a 4 hour drive on Wednesday with the heatwave and no air con which was definitely not enjoyable! x

Jaclyn ·

Glad you’re enjoying it Jasmin, maybe it’s just me and my Scottish skin who are being moany. It’s been much better this week though, a little breezier so I’ve been happy! That car journey sounds horrendous x

Linda ·

Not quite that hot in the far north ! But we have taken our coats off! Can’t wait to seek the denim dress x

Jaclyn ·

Oh glad to hear a recommendation Guilia, I thought the quality was great so super keen to get my hands on a pair now! x

Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust ·

Oh those flowers are just gorgeous! And I’m so intrigued to see this denim dress of yours – it sounds super cute! Alfresco dining is my favourite – on the weekend, we sat on our deck, in the sunshine, drinking cups of coffee and it was bliss! Xx

Jaclyn ·

Thanks Carly! Your alfresco dining does indeed sound bliss! Hope you get to enjoy even more of it x