Five Things of the Week | Make Up, Sunshine and DIY

LondonI hate to sound like a broken record but where on earth are these weeks going? Somehow, somewhere, I’ve found myself at the end of June. Another month of the year down, another month closer to that November deadline we’re hurtling towards and another 30 days I can’t seem to account for.

In some ways, the way I’m feeling right now, I’d really really love to go back in time to the 1st January 2015 and have a re-run  – this time making sure I made the most of every day and made them count. Such is life I guess.

Anyway it’s Friday! And we’re off visiting GB’s folks in Surrey this weekend for a spot of car-booting. We’ve got a list as long as our leg of wedding props and DIY ideas and things we’re hoping to find but even if we don’t, I have a feeling I’ll come back armed with goods anyway as I LOVE a good car boot sale and this time we have a van people. A VAN.  Things could get very dangerous.

Here’s a little look back at the week that was…

1. London Sunshine

Finally we got some sun and it gave me a chance to don my new Very maxi dress (must do an outfit post soon as it’s gorge!) a pair of sandals and not feel like I needed a jacket – Hurrah! I had some meetings in town and snapped this little pic near Knightsbridge, a location I rarely venture to. Something about the blue blue skies and the prominence of the flags made me smile – it’s so London!

Make up trial 2
2. A make up trial

I had my first wedding make up trial!! Which was a mix of surreal, exciting and a little nerve wracking. This s**t is getting real folks. REAL! I’m pretty lucky in that my lovely friend Rosie just happens to be a professional make up artist and as soon as we got engaged offered to do my face for me on the day, which I have to admit took a huge weight off my shoulders as I am pretty terrible at doing my own make up. I won’t say too much about the make up itself here as I’m going to be reviewing the salon we visited in a seperate post but don’t worry the above look isn’t my ‘wedding look’. That would be telling wouldn’t it? Just a little something we were playing around with – I’m mostly impressed with how radiant my skin looks, it never looks like that for me!

3. Roses are red

I’m slowly but surely amassing a nice collection of dried rose petals for our confetti and so far definitely haven’t tired of having fresh roses in the flat week in week out. I’m still not sure I’ll actually have enough to warrant bags of confetti for everyone (I’m roping in helpers but no-one seems to be able to get the hang of the process) but I’ll keep going until the bitter end anyway before I call upon help from Amazon. This week I had an amazingly kind delivery from Debenhams in the form  a bouquet of 24 red roses and I literally could have cried with happiness. Clearly my constant confetti spamming on Instagram had them feeling sorry for me, and after a good week of roses all over the flat, the petals are now sitting drying in the living room and looking all perfect and sultry and wintery. Check out the Debenhams range of flowers if you’re in need of a gift for anyone (even yourself). They have a great selection and it’s very reasonably priced. Mine arrived by courier in a big box and were in perfect condition.

wedding update
4. Five months to go

Sorry, I feel as if this Five Things of the Week update is almost entirely wedding related, but really it has been all that’s been consuming us lately and this week has been full of list ticking and list stressing, because at the weekend just passed we hit our official – five months to go – countdown. Somehow five feels so much more scary than six did. We have less than half a year to pull this shindig together – aah! Can we change our minds and just run away?

5. The DIY bride

After our Foo Fighters gig was cancelled at the weekend I did however find myself with some free time which had previously been allocated to pre-gig drinking and post-gig slobbing, and although I really wanted to sit on the sofa all day, veg out and binge on Nashville, I didn’t. Because FIVE MONTHS people!! So, I tackled a few DIY jobs which have been on my to-do for ages, waiting for the right materials, the right weather and the right time. We found a stack of old frames that were being thrown out by our next door neighbours a few months back and asked if we could re home them, which they were more than happy about. When we found them they were a tatty mahogany colour, with chips, rust and cobwebs all over them. I cleaned them up, sanded them down and sprayed them with a rose gold metallic paint. I’m quite pleased with how well they turned out!

So that’s been my week – wedding, wedding, wedding. If this is what it’s like for the next five months it’s going to fly by in a flash of sleepless nights and busy weekends.

How has your week been? Anything fun planned for the weekend?

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Jennie // scarletscorchdroppers ·

It sounds like your wedding planning is coming along really well! I’m excited to see the out come of all the DIY projects.

I’m busy drying rose petals too for my wedding next year. So far I’ve found drying them out in the microwave is the most successful method. I still can’t quite work out how to make the paler shades keep their colour though.

Jennie // Scarletscorchdroppers


Jaclyn ·

Ooh that’s a good tip Jennie, thank you! I’ve had the same problem with the lighter colours, especially white but I find the quicker they dry the better so right now while it’s a bit hotter out they seem to fare better. Good Luck x

Jasmin Charlotte ·

Woo all the wedding! It’s so exciting and you are totally right it will go by so so quickly. I have a few weddings this summer, I really need to get shopping for some good outfits! x

Mimmi ·

Really sounds like the wedding plans are coming together nicely! That frame looks just stunning. And ah, I’m jealous of the sunshine! Up here in Scotland we’ve barely seen the sun at all..

xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

Jaclyn ·

Oh so sad you’ve not had any sun in Scotland, that doesn’t bode well for our wedding eek! I was pretty pleased with the frames so glad they turned out nice! xx

Laura Rose ·

I’ve been wanting some frames for my wedding too… I’ve yet to find any yet though so lets hoping my neighbour gets rid of some too haha! loving the rose gold colouring!

Rose and Weston x

Jaclyn ·

I know it was such a good spot – Stu’s parents were calling us the borrowers haha! Hope you find some x

Maria ·

You have done so much, very impressed by the confetti making! You look lovely in that picture too, glowy skin ahoy!

Maria xxx

Jaclyn ·

Thanks Maria, I think it appears as if we have done a lot but really we haven’t. Still so much left to do x