Five Things of the Week | Murder Mysteries, Festivals and Friends

Duck and Dry London, Bumpkin BettyHappy Friday one and all! I’m actually having a lovely day today. A rare day where work hasn’t been too hectic has allowed me to sort out those annoying little tasks that feel as if they are clouding your vision, cluttering your living room and generally getting in the way of life moving forward. I’ve tidied, I’ve taken parcels to the post office, I’ve replied to wedding supplier emails and I’ve got my blog schedule organised for the week ahead! As if that isn’t reason enough to be cheery ahead of the weekend, it’s also a glorius day in London, I’ve got a new Summer dress on (kindly gifted to me at a Very UK event last night, more on that further down) and I’m heading off to have a wedding make up trial with my lovely friend (and make up artist) later this afternoon.

All of this is seeing me welcoming the weekend with open arms, even though it is a slightly bittersweet one as we were supposed to be going to the Foo Fighters gig in Wembley tomorrow which has sadly been cancelled due to my main man Dave Grohl breaking his leg :(. We’re praying they won’t let us down and come back for an even better performance later in the year once he’s recovered, and we’re double praying that their chosen re-scheduled date doesn’t end up on a hen/stag/wedding weekend (everything crossed!).

This Five Things of the Week, is actually a little bit of a mish mash of the last two weeks as I felt there was much to fill you in on and much to catch up with. So here we go…

1. Bumpkin Betty’s Day Off

I’ve started a new freelance writing gig recently and as such have been picking up weekend shifts whenever I can in the run up to the wedding, as fashion (and in particular celebrity fashion) never sleeps, certainly not on a Saturday. While at first I felt like working on a Saturday and Sunday when everyone else was out having fun would be the worst thing in the world I’ve realised it’s actually not. The office is quiet and chilled, there’s no hectic-ness, and because I work freelance full time, it means I can take a whole day to myself during the week to switch off from work completely and not feel at all guilty. That’s just what I did last Monday – it was my friends 30th birthday and she just happened to be in London for the long weekend so we decided to take a Ferris Bueller day on the Monday and have some girly time together. This basically involved going to get our hair done all nice at Duck and Dry (full review coming soon), eating a scrummy lunch at The Shop at the Bluebird and finishing the afternoon off after walking in the sunshine with tea and cupcakes at Hummingbird. It was the best Monday I’ve had in a long time!

Debenhams Lingerie, Bumpkin Betty
2. Pretty in Pink (and free fittings)

There’s something so decadent about buying yourself new underwear don’t you think? Like a treat we don’t often indulge in and so much more special than a new lippy. I go through underwear buying phases, which usually happen when I either have an occasion or dress that warrants a specific shape of bra/ pant or when I tire of wearing the same items and feel like I need to give my underwear drawer a good shake up. This buy was part of the latter. Lingerie, and particularly wedding lingerie has been on my mind a lot as I simply can’t seem to find anything that quite suits/ works with the dress shape I’m planning and it’s beginning to annoy me. When Debenhams invited me along to a lingerie event (with free bra fittings) I jumped at the chance of potentially finding something just right. And I did… but it just wasn’t anything to do with the wedding. I fell in love with this pretty pink lace bra from Passionata, mainly due to that unusual cut out detail to the front (and of course because it was pink). Debenhams are currently offering free bra fittings in store for everyone, and in doing so you’ll receive £5 off any underwear you buy, so not only will you get the right size but you’ll get a bargain too – pretty good huh?

How to have a Murder Mystery, Bumpkin Betty
3. Howdy Partner!

This last week has most definitely been focused on friends and it’s been wonderful. With two 30th birthdays falling in the same month for two of our girl gang, we decided on a weekend away. We all headed to Skipton in Yorkshire, where we’d rented the loveliest of cottages with a giant garden and adorable rooms, and proceeded to have a brilliant weekend of food, laughter and catch ups. Oh and to top it off, my friends organised a Vegas themed murder mystery evening for the Saturday night where we were all given different characters to portray. It was my first murder mystery but I really hope it won’t be my last as it was such a hoot. Everyone made so much effort with the costumes and we all got into character a little too much if truth be told, even if the accents did get a little skew wiff as the drinks flowed. I was to be Sherry Strunk – a cowgirl from the deep South who had moved to Vegas and started working at the Casino where the murder took place. Basically I was a party girl who was permanently drunk (you get the name now?) so it wasn’t exactly difficult to play when that Prosecco kept coming!

Topshop Ghillie Flats, Bumpkin Betty
4. Lacy Racy

So after much deliberation I finally joined the lace up crew with these Topshop red lace up flats. They’re definitely my favourite pair I’ve seen amongst a sea of Aquazurra look-a-likes and I’ve got a bit of a thing for red at the moment, so after a bit of a bad week last week I treated myself. Of course I probably don’t need to tell you this as if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’ve been wearing them everywhere! They’re pretty comfy (apart from a slight blister problem to the heels which I’m hoping will work itself out after a few more wears) and go with almost everything, which is always a great shoe trait. Sometimes you just don’t feel like wearing sandals in London and flats like these are a great alternative. Have you succumbed to the lace up trend?

Festival Hair, Very, Bumpkin Betty
5. Festival vibes at Very VIP

Finally last night I hit a lovely little festival event for Very with my partner in crime Danielle and we had such a blast. The Hospital Club had been transformed into a mini festival, with temporary tattoos, hair braiders, ear piercing?, cocktails, photobooths and even mini tipis to chill in. There was also a rather enjoyable currency for the evening – social media. The more you tweeted, the more you were treated basically. If only all currency worked like this, us bloggers would be a happy bunch. Thanks to a tweet, Instagram photo and Facebook post I got to take home three lovely dresses – including a gorgeous printed maxi (from the Fearne Cotton range), a denim pinafore, and a loose kaftan style which will be perfect for honeymoon. I also got my hair curled and braided into the perfect festival doo thanks to the on hand stylists and covered my hands in gold and silver tattoos. Thanks Very (and Danielle) it was a great way to end a Thursday!

And so that was my news from the last couple of weeks, how about you? Fill me in on your exciting happenings in the comments?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's ·

Mondays are always the day I need a day off. For some reason, for me it’s more satisfying having a Monday off than a weekend off. Probably because everyone else is working on Monday 😛 // Social media currency?? Now that’s something I wouldn’t mind in the real world. It’s also a lot more eco-friendly than paper money, am I right? 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

Jaclyn ·

I know right? A monday off was SUCH a treat honestly! And yes social media currency was definitely something I could get behind lol xx