Five Things of the Week – Paint Pots and Love Hearts

Five Things of the Week, Bumpkin BettyHello folks! Hope you’re all well this drizzly Friday? I’m feeling slightly frazzled after a full on week and too many hours hunched over my laptop today so I’ll keep today’s post fairly short (dinner and a glass of something is awaiting me). Here’s a little of what I got up to over the last seven days…

Paint Pot Decor

Last week saw us finally have a free weekend in what felt like forever and apart from a few work tasks on the Monday (bank holidays don’t really count for us freelancers) we dedicated most of it to some much needed chilling, unwinding and my all time favourite pastime – pottering. That pottering did inevitably turn into wedmin pottering but with no real agenda it was just as enjoyable. I dragged GB out for a walk on Saturday, one which cleverly saw us end up at TK Maxx and Homebase for a good browse. Is it sad that I really enjoy a nosey around a DIY store these days? As it turned out there wasn’t actually that much that we wanted to buy (always the way – I was in TK Maxx only a few weeks ago and saw a million and one things I wanted for the wedding but left without them seeing as there was only me to carry the bags all the way home – humph) but I did get over excited when I spotted this paint pot display in Homebase. Obviously they have the luxury of high ceilings and canny visual merchandisers but it had me wanting to recreate something similar as a light display in our future home. All aimless dreaming of course.

TM Lewin Occasion wear, Bumpkin Betty
What’s the occasion?

We got a lovely surprise in the post this week when we received this His and Her’s pamper package from TM. Lewin. They have launched a brand new occasionwear collection this week full of outfits worthy of all sorts of occasions this Summer and beyond, but obvs we’ve got one in particular on the brain right now and just started scouting out shirts and accessories for GB and his groomsmen, so this couldn’t have come at a better time. Plus it contained Love Hearts, what more could you want? While I’m on the subject of weddings I must give a little shout out to lovely blogging friend Lucie, who is getting married in the morning!! I’ve been endlessly thankful for my little group of #bridetobe bloggers this year, who I check in with regularly to share ideas and tips, and rant to when it gets a bit stressful. The lovely Rosie got married a couple of weeks ago (now inspiring our honeymoon with her gorgeous Bali updates) and now Lucie, who’s been a massive help and inspiration to me since last Oct, is set to wed her JMG! Congrats guys, I hope your day is incredible!

General Election 2015, Bumpkin Betty
Big News

Well obviously there’s been one big event in everyone’s lives this week with the general election occurring and I have to say I’ve found it really inspiring to see so many people getting excited and interested in it all – I’ve always enjoyed politics since a young age (yes you can be interested in politics and fashion – it’s allowed) but the last few years I admit to having a certain apathy to it all. The general election kind of reminds us all to be more present and get involved. I can’t pretend that the results this morning were pleasing to me but this blog aint no place for political opinions and debates so regardless of the result and whether you’re happy with it or not, let’s all just take a minute to remind ourselves that being able to vote for change in our country is something we should never take for granted. I actually found the whole experience rather humbling this year – there is something quite amazing about walking out of your local school/ village hall, having completed such a simple act as marking an X on a piece of paper and posting it through a cardboard ballot box, and knowing that you might have made a difference somehow. The overall results kind of overshadow those individual acts a little but every vote really does count. The MP I voted for was victorious in our area so at least I can know that my own vote counted, even if it didn’t swing the end result in a certain way.

Coast AW15 Press day, Bumpkin Betty
Winter prettiness

I jumped straight out of my voting bubble and back int my fashion bubble on Thursday when I hot footed it into town for a few top Autumn Winter press days, including Coast, Marks & Spencer and Boden. I might not get around to sharing all of the photos on the blog (as let’s face it we haven’t even had Summer yet so it could all get a little depressing) but keep an eye on my Instagram for little previews along the way. Highlights included Coast’s range of vintage inspired coats, fur capes and stoles, which had my heart all a flutter as did some seriously girly pink and sequinned skirts and dresses. Marks and Spencer’s gothic yet prim looks of cute miniskirts teamed with fur coats and knee highs had me interested and of course Boden’s signature fun colours and creative prints were all just adorable. At least if Summer never appears we can be thankful that there are enough Wintery fashions to keep us happy.

Boden AW15 press day, Bumpkin Betty

Lastly I couldn’t resist snapping a picture next to this backdrop at the Boden press day. (I later realised I should have sat on the chair for full effect but hey, clearly my brain wasn’t working that way at the time) I’m posing with my new cookbook from Rachel Khoo (nabbed at the Boden Library, what a great idea!) which I’ve since decided is going to be the catalyst for a project I’ve been meaning to start for AGES. The idea of the library was to take one book for yourself and one for your followers so I’m hoping my project idea will be an even bigger and better version of this.

Anyway, I’ll sign out for now but the second of my Venice diaries is coming later this weekend. Have a great (even if rainy) couple of days!

P.S all photos from my Instagram, come join to see more snapshots!

Sarah @ Daydreams of Summertim ·

Such a lovely post! It looks like you have been having lots of fun! Yes to voting, I have felt a little apathetic about it lately but it was still good to have my say even though it made no difference overall. have a great weekend lovely. xx

laura redburn ·

i would love to go to a boden press day one day, i imagine myself going a bit crazy over all the colour though! and those paint pots up top are awesome!

Elise ·

I love that paint can display! And the press days sound awesome, I wish they’d bring some up to Scotland! 🙂