Five Things of The Week | Rain, Sun and Cliches

What a Saturday not at fashion week looks like, Bumpkin BettyIs it just me or has this week gone really fast? Like REALLY fast? I’m glad we’ve left that miserable weather behind at least for the time being, as it was starting to feel like Winter before we’d even had Autumn for a minute there. I was finding myself huddling indoors of an evening with thick wooly socks and a blanket, drinking copious amounts of tea to warm up while the rain thrashed outside. That was not the sunny, crisp, dancing through fallen leaves autumn picture I had in mind when I said I was looking forward to the change in season.

Anyway with the weekend almost upon us again, here’s a look back at my week in pictures…

1. A Saturday not at Fashion Week

The first thing to report is that I didn’t enter into any Fashion Week activities at all this week! For the first time in about 6 years I didn’t even dip my toe in, go to a single show or even head in for lunch with some fellow bloggers amid the madness. I just didn’t do any of it this season, and the above pic shows exactly what a Saturday not at Fashion Week looks like. Instead of getting up at the crack of dawn and trying to find something, anything, suitable to wear I was lounging in my slipper socks eating cereal. There were a few reasons for my absence this season – mainly that I don’t really feel fashion week content has a place on this blog anymore and this was the first season where I wasn’t working with a fashion brand or writing for a publication that required me to be there, but also I just felt my interests are elsewhere this year, and that’s ok. With only two months until our wedding, it felt more important to spend a rare free weekend ticking of DIY projects than try to awkwardly find my place amongst the sea of fashion bloggers  at the shows. Of course I’ve still kept up with all the collections and been stalking Instagram/blogs/ like a hawk to see what’s a happenin’ because I still love me some fashion, but it didn’t feel necessary for me to actually be there this time, and I was ok with that. Mainly because I love a Saturday morning of slipper socks and cereal.

Nannas Cafe islington, Bumpkin Betty
2. A new/old GF find

I’ve officially gone fully gluten free now. I’ve been sort of backwards and forwards for a while following stints with a dietician and lengthy exploration about what could be causing my stomach woes (and because I love pasta and I love cake) but I’ve reluctantly concluded that not eating wheat seems to help me and for now, I’ll take it. So I’m official – if you see me eating cake on Instagram that isn’t GF approved from now on you have licence to shout at me – and as such finding more GF haunts to visit around London is pretty much my favourite pastime. This week, amid a crazy downpoar that came out of NOWHERE while I was out and about in Islington, I dived into an old favourite – Nanna’s cafe just off Upper Street – which I’d never realised up until now do gluten free bread and cakes – WIN! Cue a tasty ham and cheese toastie and some shameless battering of their wifi while waiting for the rain to stop. Any other GF finds you know of in London – hit me up!

Autumn sunshine, Bumpkin Betty
3. And then came the sun

This is what I’m talking about. That – right there. Autumn sunshine. When the rain finally stopped, the sun came out to play and a beautiful juxtaposition of blue skies and burnt leaves occurred. It made me very happy indeed, even when I was attempting a run around the park in that excruciating sunshine and sweating like a mofo.

Liberty London flower displays, Bumpkin Betty
4. Something so simple

Passing by Liberty’s in London and not taking a photo of their flower displays has to be the ultimate in Instagram crime these days right? I mean I know everyone has a picture like this on their feed, but hey I’m not one to argue with what we all find pretty and click like over. If it aint broke don’t fix it after all. I had to try very hard not to steal all the wooden crates and tin baths that were strewn carelessly next to this display of course, as they just looked like they needed to be re-homed in our ‘wedding prop’ collection, but I refrained. Mainly because it’s Liberty and I’d never be able to return again.

How to do the half top knot, Bumpkin Betty
5. The half top knot

Speaking of trends everyone’s getting in on, let’s discuss the old half top knot and what we think of the fad? I had a go this week and had to admit I did feel pretty bouncy, but I also had to conclude that my hair probably isn’t thick enough for it to really work. I had a somewhat defeated top knot and a somewhat flat looking rest of hair situation going on. I mean I worked it of course, but next time maybe some sort of dry shampoo/thickening agent might be the ticket? So fans of this hair trend or not – answers on a postcard (or in the comments below because juding by the lack of RSVP’s we’ve had so far we know how difficult it is to get a postcard sent over).

So how was your week? Do tell…

Linda ·

Oh crispy mornings and sunny days, leaves changing colour – big cliche definitely, but you can’t get too much of it can you ? !

Josie ·

I’ve been blogging for like 4 years and I’ve yet to insta Liberty flowers – the shame! 😉 I think the half updo looks great on you, I can’t pull it off – think it looks funny with my fringe! x

Josie’s Journal

Jaclyn ·

Haha oh well maybe it’s not as big a cliche as I thought it was! I bet the half up do would look great on you too! x

Jaclyn ·

Hey Mat, ah sorry to hear about the funeral but sounds like a nice send off anyway! Hope you had a good time with your friends x