Five Things of the Week | Sage Tea, Rose Petals and Champagne

Wedding Planning, Bumpkin BettyHappy Friday all. I’ve had another busy, challenging, and exhausting week what with starting a few new freelance projects all at once, having my first fitting with my dress designer, attending various events and starting brand new jobs so all in all I’m glad that tomorrow is Saturday and I can at least try and relax a little. I’ve got two of my friends (and Best Women) coming to stay for overdue catch ups and whether they know it yet or not I’m going to be hitting them with best woman duties from the offset, getting them involved in some wedding DIY’s and unloading my stresses on them! In the meantime here’s five lovely things from the last seven days…

We’re in the 100’s!

I know, I know. I hate to talk about wedding stuff all the goddamn time but it’s really difficult to do a five things of the week post at the moment and not include something on the wedding as it seems to be what’s consuming my thoughts day in and day out whether I want it to or not. Besides this update is rather a big one as we are officially no longer in the 200 and something days until the wedding, we’ve dropped over into the 100 and something which all of a sudden sounds very scary! As far as wedding tasks go, this week we bossed it with a few pretty big things getting ticked off and sorted out, including another part of our honeymoon booked (which let’s face it is just as important as the wedding itself), so we celebrated with a little impromptu mid week champagne. We’re getting married – it’s allowed!

How to make your own confetti, Bumpkin Betty
Confetti success

Carrying on with the wedding updates (let’s just get them all out of the way shall we?) I’ve been attempting to dry my own confetti for a while now and finally had a pretty successful run this week with these soft pink rose petals. I sprayed one batch with hairspray to see if it would keep the colour more but actually both batches worked just as well by covering them with a tea towel and storing them either in the wardrobe or in the cubby hole with the boiler (an airing cupboard will do but we don’t have one). Now I only need about ten times this amount to actually be somewhere close to having enough for our wedding. Better keep going huh?

Etsy Wedding Fair 2015, Bumpkin Betty
Etsy Wedding Fair

I got invited along the the Etsy Wedding fair this week on what turned out to be a very rainy Wednesday evening. I went to quite a few wedding fairs when I first got engaged for inspiration and ideas but this year I’ve tended to opt out as generally all of the big parts of our wedding which a fair might help you with – venues, dresses, invite designers, photographers, florists – are already taken care of. However I love Etsy, and the idea that I might find a few new boutique sellers or handmade decorations appealed to me. So I took my very bedraggled self out from the torrential rain and in to the comfort of the Oui Rooms for their blogger preview evening. There was lots of lovely stuff to look at, from adorable invitation designs to pretty dresses (would you look at that gorgeous bodice above?), bridal accessories and table settings but the sellers that really interested me were some of the jewellery designers, as we’re still on the hunt for wedding rings, and the lovely paper genius that is Comeuppance UK – who it was great to meet in person after oggling her work online for so long. The event officially opens tomorrow for the weekend (find out more and buy tickets here) so if you’re recently engaged it might be worth a look. There will also be live flower crown tutorials, hair styling and a DJ on throughout the weekend so it could definitely be a fun day out.

M&S Autumn Winter 2015, Bumpkin Betty
All Black Errthang

Ok wedding nonsense over, now let’s move onto something distinctly less bridal in the form of gorgeous all black leather ensembles from M&S. I headed to their AW15 press day recently and was totally bowled over by some of their pieces – I know M&S can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but I really hope some of the items I saw at the press day make it into the stores as there was some seriously chic outerwear going on. Seeing as Summer seems to keep changing its mind whether it’s on its way or not, I’m steadily coveting more and more Winter goods.

Finks Salt and Sweet, Bumpkin Betty
Sage Tea and Blogger Catch Ups

And that brings me to today, where my Friday morning was made that bit sweeter with a lovely catch up with blogger friend Sally over a cup of sage tea (ever tried it? No me neither but it’s delicious) and some tasty gluten free toast smothered in homemade jam. We met up at a cafe local to both my house and her work, a place I strangely haven’t tried before but will now be making a regular haunt, Finks Salt and Sweet, which was the perfect abode for long chats on everything and anything and cooing over the huge hairy dog that joined us mid way through. The perfect leisurely start to what has been a busy day.

How’s your week been? Anything exciting planned for the weekend?

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Josie ·

All the wedding plans sound really exciting, making your own confetti is a nice idea too! I’m single but I would have loved to have gone to the wedding fair because I bet everything was just so pretty! x

Josie’s Journal

Jaclyn ·

Thanks Josie! Oh I used to go o wedding fairs even when I was single with my friends – they are lots of fun and just full of good creative things, not necessarily for weddings only! xx