Five Things of the Week | Smores, Sun burn and Sights

London Sunshine, Bumpkin BettyI hate to be all British and start this post with chat about the weather but… has this week been a week of weather contradictions or what? It started with me getting slightly sun burnt last weekend when unassumingly lying outside in the park with friends, and then before I’d even had time to apply the aloe vera, I was whacking the heating on during a thunderstorm a few days later. As a result I’ve spent the whole week carrying both an umbrella and sunscreen in my handbag, and for the most part needing neither. With a trip to Scotland to celebrate my Mum’s 60th Birthday imminent and a case that still needs packed ahead of a train time that is getting ever closer, I think I better get on and fill you in on the week that was.

Is Summer coming?

Considering after 4 seasons of Game of Thrones, Winter still hasn’t come, it’s no surprise I’m getting slightly dubious about Summer ever appearing for reals too. But then one day comes along. One glorious day to bask in sunshine and wear short sleeves and sit outside and you feel as if, finally what you’ve been waiting for for 7 months is indeed here after all. Last Saturday was one of those days – wasn’t it beautiful? Well it was in London at least, My Mum tells me up in the North of Scotland things haven’t been faring so well and I should stop blogging about lovely sunny days and making them all jealous. Well sorry Mum, this is indeed one of those posts. Saturday was a beaut of a day and I spent it lounging (literally lounging) on the grass in Crouch End chatting and catching up with two of my Best Women about all things great and small. We finished the evening off with a Thai at the local and a cup of tea under the duvet while watching The Break Up. It was pretty much my perfect Saturday which I think says a lot about how boring I’ve become – ha.

Iconemesis iphone cases, Bumpkin Betty
Feather Cover Up

Do you like my new phone case? Having had my Fifi Lapin cover on for nearly a year, I felt it was about time for a (perhaps slightly more sophisticated) shake up. Iconemesis (one of my faves for phone cases – they have all the Fifi Lapin covers and some great print designers, check them out!) sent me out this rather chic monochrome feather design from designer Cat Sims and I love it. At only £5 a pop right now for the iPhone 5 cases, it’s a no brainer.

Topshop Buckle Loafers, Bumpkin Betty
Oldies but Goodies

With the weather being so temperamental this week, I’ve been having major footwear crisis. I’ve become overly paranoid that my suede Penelope Chilvers slippers are in fact bringing the rain, as without fail everytime I wear them I get caught in a downpour and they get even more ruined, so I’ve been reluctant to throw them on with everything this week as per usual. Instead I’ve been having mad panics ahead of leaving the house each morning on whether to trust the sunshine I see with my own two eyes from the window and wear sandals, or trust the weather app and wear boots. When I can’t make a decision, it usually results in a completely random pair of shoes that fit into neither category being dug out from the back of the wardrobe and thrown on, which was exactly the case in the above daily down. Actually though, I’d kind of forgotten about my little Topshop buckle shoes and they’ve proved to be the perfect in between weather shoe so I’m kind of fangirling them all over again right now, even if they did give me a blister the other day – humph.

Five Things of the Week, Bumpkin Betty
BBQ’s and Smores

Clearly I don’t take any photos during the rain as looking at these five pics you’d think it had been top notch weather all week long, but amid all the rain there was a rather lovely evening on Wednesday and luckily it just happened to be the evening I was meeting Paula in Hyde Park to attend an outdoor beauty event. Thanks to the lovely weather (I’m really not sure what they would have done if it had been raining) it turned out to be one of the best beauty events I’ve been to for a while. Located in a small wooden hideaway in the middle of Hyde Park, the skincare brand Yes To treated us to summer cocktails, deck chairs on the lawn and an awesome BBQ complete with delicious coconut smores, which took me right back to the Summer I spent in America during Uni. The new collection, which is all natural and made from coconuts (cue gorgeous smells everywhere) was laid out beautifully in large fruit filled bathtubs, hanging from palm trees and nestled under coconut shys. Having not seen Paula in forever we spent the evening sitting outside catching up over a glass of vino and eating one too many of those smores until the sun went down, the temperature dropped and it was our cue to head home.

London St Pancras, Bumpkin Betty
London – you so pretty!

I’ll leave you with another sunny snapshot of my favourite city which I took while out and about in Kings Cross yesterday. With all my busyness and stress of late I’ve been starting to grow tired of London life, craving a quieter, less manic existence outside of the hustle and bustle and daily drudgery. But then I snap a pic like this and think, ‘how can I ever leave you, you beautiful, beautiful place!’ I need to stop taking this time I currently have in London for granted as one day I won’t be here anymore and sights like this won’t be on my doorstep ready to snap.

I hope you’ve all got something amazing planned for the bank holiday? I am SO excited and happy to be downing tools for a few days to have the fam back together again, and can’t wait to see Scotland, even if I am about to go and pack my thermals and waterproofs.

Anyway must dash, that suitcase won’t pack itself. It might be a bit quiet on the blog over the next few days as I’m going to be avoiding anything that isn’t eating, drinking and spending time with my family but keep up on Instagram and I’ll catch you next week!


Paula ·

So good to see you again! Need to not leave it so long next time 🙂 Really craving a coconut s’more now! x