Five Things of the Week | Sundays, Sales and the end of September

Sunny Sundays, Bumpkin BettyOctober is here! Can you believe it? September must have been the quickest month of my life, seriously! How was it for you? Fast too? But I’m excited that it’s October too, as this weekend is one of my best friends weddings and I get to be bridesmaid, and knowing my friend it will be the most beautiful wedding of all time (she’ll be setting the bar high for sure)!

This week has been a busy one, here’s a little of what I’ve been up to…

1. Sunny lazy Sundays

There’s nothing I love more than a Sunday spent pottering around our local area in the sunshine with GB – a spot of breakfast/brunch/lunch, a bit of a walk, a look in the furniture shops – it’s bliss. Last Sunday was just like this and it was such a beautiful day – I really hope that this weekend coming has just as great weather for my friend. October sunshine really is the best!

New Look changing rooms, Bumpkin Betty
2. Sale shopping

I’m trying to pick up as much summer stuff as I can for my honeymoon while the final sales are still on, as I know come December there will be nothing even remotely summery to be found. Winter holidays are tough to shop for – thank goodness for the internet hey? I might even write a post about where to look for swimwear etc at the wrong time of the year. Anyway I managed to pick up a few tees and shorts in New Look this week as they still had a huge sale going on – get yourself down there if you too have a holiday on the horizon. P.S aren’t their changing rooms cute? This had me singing Oasis songs all the way home.

Bills restaurant Epsom, Bumpkin Betty
3. Dress appointments and treats at Bill’s

I got to see my wedding dress again this week – the appointments with my designer are always so exciting as it moves on a little bit each time. It’s really really hard not being able to share it with anyone other than my mum, and so hard not to race home and blurt everything out to GB but I know it will be worth it in the end for everyone to wait and see the finished product. This week I treated myself to a little bit of chocolate heaven at Bill’s post appointment (there is one opposite the designers studio) – I’ve been really good lately but after all the excitement and nerves and relief I felt I kind of deserved it. Will run it off at some point… probably.

Dark brunette ombre hair, Bumpkin Betty
4. New Hurr

Found myself back in the chair at Sassoon this week for a little colour refresh – I went a shade darker this time ready for Winter and to try and tone down the ombre a little – I want to keep some element of the blonde but it was starting to look a little too brassy again so I’m really pleased with this new darker shade. What do you think?

October is here, Bumpkin Betty
5. 1st October

I didn’t actually click it was the 1st October yesterday until later that evening – I somehow missed all the usual 1st of the month Instagram pics in the morning and found myself panicking a little when about 6pm on my own in the flat I realised that Sep was indeed over and we were into another new month. The last new month before it becomes my wedding month!!!! Cray-zee.

Reading this post back I’ve realised that all of the above makes it seem as if I am the ultimate lady of leisure, spending my week shopping and dining out and getting my hair done. This was all of course fit in around a week of work, trying to complete wedding DIY’s and quite a bit of stress so I figure it’s best to talk about the best parts!

How has your week been?


Charlie ·

I always think that my blog and Instagram make it seem like I do nothing but eat and potter around London – if only that was the case! It’s lovely that you’ve got lots going on in between working and wedding planning to keep you sane though.