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Silverspoon London Q&AYou’ll remember me introducing my June sponsors to you in my snapshots from the sidebar post last week but today I wanted to help you get to know the lovely Angie from Silverspoon London a little better through a Q&A post. It’s been a real pleasure having Silverspoon London on my sidebar this month as Angie’s blog is one I’ve been reading for a while. And if you don’t already know her blog you might be interested to hear that she recently got named one of Cision’s top ten lifestyle blogs in the UK (congrats Angie!).

Silverspoon London treats us to daily delights of food, travel, events and luxury across London and beyond and it’s certainly a blog worth it’s weight in wanderlust (you may find you go to read one post and suddenly a few hours have gone by). Anyway I reckon it’s time to hear from the girl behind it all don’t you? Angie kindly agreed to give up some of her busy travelling schedule to answer a few questions so read on to learn more about Silverspoon London and don’t forget to find Angie’s social media channels at the bottom of the post and follow along.

Angie Silverspoon London

1. Hi Angie, thanks for being part of Bumpkin Betty this month. Let’s start with finding out a bit more about your blog, Silverspoon London. Can you tell us when you started blogging and what gave you the motivation to do so?

I started a blog as part of a business website that I was building but I enjoyed writing it so much that I decided to separate it off and make it more personal.  I came up with a name for it and bought a template to customize it – I never thought it would be more than a hobby and an opportunity to tell people about my favourite places. I didn’t ever think it would grow so much!

Luxury food in London

2. SilverSpoon London is very much focused on the luxury side of food and travel, was it a conscious decision to hone in on that niche? Or is this simply what you’re most interested in?

I’ve always enjoyed the finer things in life especially luxury travel and gorgeous destinations and hotels. I just decided to blog about what I love and what I’m passionate about, I think that’s the important thing about blogging. Write about what you love and the rest comes easily.

Travel blog Silverspoon London Q&A

3. From the subjects you blog about, do you have a favourite type of post or feature you love to write?

My travel posts are my favourite type of post to write. I love visiting a country and immersing yourself in the culture and discovering things you never knew before. When you write the post, edit the photos and do further research you can relive that whole experience again.

Elephants Silverspoon london

4. A big part of your blog is focused on travel and you’ve been to some incredible places. Do you have a favourite country/city that you’ve visited?

It was my dream to visit South Africa, and I was able to go earlier this year. Cape Town was a gorgeous city with incredible restaurants, scenery and history. Experiencing safari at Kruger Park and Sabi Sands was the chance of a lifetime and by far the best thing that I’ve ever done whilst travelling.

5. Tell us more about the life of a travel blogger – How much time do you spend away from home? And is living out of a suitcase really as glamourous as it looks?

I’m definitely not one of those nomadic blogger types that’s always on the road! I love being away and seeing new places but it’s always nice to come home in the end. This year I’ve been fortunate enough to have a trip every month, which has just been fantastic. As long as I get enough food and sleep I can certainly keep going.

Silverspoon London travel posts

6. Do you find it difficult to keep your blog content consistent while travelling or are you used to ‘blogging on the go’?

I always bring my full blogging kit away with me and I have my laptop on hand to keep on top of things. Whenever we have a little downtime, I’m working on my blog or catching up with others. I always write some posts before I go so that I have back up if I don’t have the time to write on the go!

Silverspoon London at the Dorchester Hotel

7. Can you tell us any travel plans you have on the agenda for this year that you are particularly looking forward to?

I’m off to Cannes in a few weeks with my husband’s whole family – 20 of us in total so that should be an interesting experience! In August I’m going to Bali and Singapore and in October, St Lucia. I’ll be staying Jade Mountain in St Lucia, a hotel that looks totally stunning and somewhere I’ve long dreamed of staying.

Luxury food and travel blog Silverspoon london

8. Getting back to food, your blog is such a great resource for food and restaurant recommendations around London. Can you pick a favourite hotspot you’ve been to recently?

I love Salmontini – a salmon-focussed restaurant in Belgravia. The menu is mostly Japanese and there’s a whole sushi section but it also features more European cuisine and if you don’t like salmon there’s plenty of other stuff on the menu. The best afternoon tea that I went to recently was at the Baglioni hotel, it had an Italian theme to it and included the most gorgeous sandwiches and pastries.

9. And are there any new food spots that you’re keen to visit over the Summer?

Yes, I’d like to try the new branch of one of my favourite restaurants, Yauatcha in the city. I’d like to go back to The Ivy now that it’s been refurbished and I’m still yet to try The Palomar in Soho.

Afternoon Tea Silverspoon london

10. How did your love of food come about? Is it something you’ve always had a passion for?

Ooh interesting question, I honestly don’t know. I’ve just always liked trying new things and checking out new restaurants. I also love cooking and I’ve done several classes including a whole courses in Japanese and Italian cookery.

Blog Q&A with Silverspoon London

11. Travel and lifestyle blogging has really grown in the last few years, do you find the industry to be competitive? And how do you aim to stand out in a sea of other bloggers?

Personally all the bloggers I’ve met have been lovely and supportive, I’ve met so many new people and made some great friends. I think everyone is different and that’s what differentiates each blog. There’s only one you.

12. What one thing do you love most about running your blog?

Again it’s meeting new people and forming a lovely community of bloggers, since starting my blog a year and a half ago I’ve met so many other bloggers from different countries and cultures.

Silverspoon London in Istanbul

13. And what does the future hold for Silverspoon London, do you have any big plans for the next few years or areas you’d like to develop?

No huge changes, just lots more travel and lots of food!

Silverspoon London in Paris

14. Finally can you share your favourite post from the last month?

Last month I participated in the Global Day of Discovery with Renaissance hotels. For this collaboration I wrote about my day in Paris organized by the hotel concierge. It was a fabulous adventure and I’d love your readers to take a look!

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