Christmas Wish List | Pyjama Season

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Hello again! I know, I’m back so soon, it’s really not like me! I’ve set myself a little challenge to blog every day this week, simply because I have so much great festive content to share with you all and I’m really not sure I’ll fit it all in before the big day otherwise and it seems a shame for yet more photos and ideas to land in the ‘forgotten/no longer relevant blog posts’ pile this year, as if I’m honest that pile is already pretty large as it is.

Anyway after sharing our tree adventure with you yesterday, today…

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‘Tis the Season | Tree Day

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Getting the Christmas tree was always one of my favourite family traditions growing up, and always a rather comical family day out. Of course our real reason for going as a family was less about tradition and more about overseeing my Dad’s rather amusing choice in Christmas trees – the few times we did leave him unsupervised to choose one, we ended up with extremely sad looking lopsided trees with no more than three branches, and he could never seem to understand why we found it so funny!

All the same, it was a tradition I was really looking forward…

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Road Testing the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

Baby Jogger City Select Lux review, Jaclyn Ruth lifestyle blog

The countdown to Christmas is officially on! And as it should be, considering there’s only 14 days until the day itself. 14 days!?! That seems like an incredibly short period of time, all things considered. ‘All things’ being the fact that we still don’t have a Christmas tree or a single decoration up and haven’t begun wrapping a single present. In our defence every weekend since the end of November has been taken up with weddings/stag do’s and babies getting ill and time has got away from us.

It seemed about time we fitted in some festivities and introduced Evie…

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The Sold Out Pink Marshmallow Coat (& Why I’m Still Blogging About It)

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Never before have I received so many comments, questions or (slightly erratic) pleads of ‘where can I buy this’ over a coat before (or any item of clothing for that matter… apart from perhaps THAT pink jumpsuit, maybe it’s just what happens when you were stand out pink pieces of clothing). But whether it’s messages on Instagram or people stopping me in the street, wearing this coat does seem to invite a lot of love and attention. So much so that there have been times I’ve almost felt like taking the thing off and…

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An Afternoon with Baby Jogger

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Afternoon tea at the delightfully instagrammable Bourne and Hollingsworth with some of the yummiest cakes and cocktails and great company in the form of fellow internet lovelies, presenter Helen Skelton and the Baby Jogger team. Not too shabby a way to spend a Thursday afternoon right?

As part of my ongoing collaboration with Baby Jogger this year, I was delighted to be invited along to the launch of their latest model – the City select LUX – a stroller with 20 different configurations (yes 20!!) that can easily convert from a single to double (and even…

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Well, we’re another year in to this whole marriage thing. Crazy huh?

The 21st of this month marked our second year anniversary, and saw us begin the journey into our third. When I consider that my parents are headed for their 40th anniversary next June, two years doesn’t seem all that far along the path at all. But still, two whole years since I nervously donned my dress, stepped out into the cold frosty air and walked stumbled down our woodland aisle to my (then) fiance, ready to make him my husband? It’s madness.

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New Homeware Find | Camerich Furniture

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I don’t know about you, but amidst all of the Black Friday/ Cyber Weekend madness this last few days, I’ve almost found myself avoiding online shopping completely – too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of codes and discounts and utterly confused about which (if any) of the items I look at I actually NEED or even want.

Perhaps it’s just the overly commercialised run up to Christmas that has me feeling slightly icky about even considering spending money on fast fashion items, cheap interior finds and unnecessary amounts of plastic toys for E. The sheer level of advertising going on…

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What I Bought from Glossier (and My Thoughts So Far)

Top Uk lifestyle blogs, Jaclyn Ruth

I’m sure I don’t need to tell you about the cult beauty brand that is Glossier.

If you’re anything like me, by now you’ll have read every review going, have lapped up all of the hype on social media and probably be at least £50 poorer and with a slight Cloud Paint obsession.

I mean, this US brands launch into the UK was probably one of the most hyped beauty launches of 2017, and unless you have SOMEHOW managed to avoid all of the pastel pink themed marketing that’s been thrown our way in the last few…

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Tips for Flying with a Baby

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We’ve now been on holiday twice with Evie, first up to Scotland and then just last month to Spain, and in the process she’s got rather accustomed to airports and flying. Granted, none of our flights have been long haul and have been short enough to avoid too much drama, but having got through all four separate journeys relatively unscathed, we’re now a lot more confident about overseas travel with a baby in tow.

I was a bit of a nervous nelly in the run up to that first flight to Scotland, but once over that initial hurdle and thankfully…

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October at the Pumpkin Farm

Top Uk lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin picking in October seems to have become as big an event as picking up the Christmas tree in December. I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of an Americanism that’s making its way across the pond thanks to the power of social media trends but I’m certainly not complaining as frolicking around in a field of orange before taking home home grown pickings to decorate the house with (and turn into tasty treats) was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Like me, I’m sure your Instagram feeds are awash with images of pumpkins, people picking…

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My Transitional Dress Code

Top Uk Lifestyle bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

It’s that time of year when you’ve bought the knitwear, are dying to show off your new winter coat and have the 100 deniers all washed and waiting… and yet it’s just not quite cold enough for any of it.

I came back from our holiday last week ready to fully launch myself into all things autumn. As much as I loved swanning around Spain in floaty dresses and jumping in the warm sea in a skimpy swimsuit, I was equally as excited to get home to my growing knitwear collection. I took great delight in doing the seasonal switch…

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House Updates | Creating a Smart Home

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It’s been a while since I did an interior post, mainly due to the fact that nowadays with an 8 month old taking up all of our time, we’re pretty happy if we manage to run a hoover around the place once a week let alone decorate or keep things looking stylish. But today I wanted to check in and show you a few technology related updates we’ve made to our home recently, through the Amazon Shop the Future store.

I have to admit I’m not much of a gadget girl. Yes I use my laptop daily, have been…

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