BB Baking Club | A Year of Baking & January Theme

Egg free pancake recipe, Bumpkin Betty

Anyone else still struggling to keep up with what day it is? Only just got my head around the fact that it’s Friday today and the first week of January is almost behind us – how’d that happen?

I previously rounded up my favourite moments (and outfits) from the year past, and earlier this week spoke about what I’m looking forward to in the year ahead and my blogging journey overall. But one thing I didn’t include in my yearly round up or future plans was news on my Baking Club, which was actually…

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Happy New Year & Hello 2017

Blogging goals for 2017, Bumpkin Betty

Well a very Happy New Year to you all! All signs of Christmas have now been tidied away in our household, I demolished the last box of chocolates last night and I’m back at my desk today working through emails, chasing invoices and watching the rain fall from the window, so I’d say the holiday season is officially over.

It was great though wasn’t it? I really can’t complain at all – I had a good long break which involved a LOT of sofa time, movie marathons, great food and even greater people. Yesterday we got back from a few…

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As 2016 draws to a close in a couple of days I’ve found myself reflecting on the last year – all that has happened, all that has changed and all that has been achieved (despite often feeling like that last one is a big fat zero). I always enjoy putting together these round up posts at the end of one year and the eve of another, because even with those so-so years, or the periods that seem really tough, looking back over 12 months allows you to see clearly how much things have moved on and how much you’ve progressed. Chances…

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‘Tis the Season | 10 TV Shows to Set a Reminder for this Christmas

Making a house a home, Bumpkin Betty

It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow! It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow!! I’ve now finished up all my work and am enjoying the start of the festivities with a day of baking and singing along to Christmas tunes and wrapping presents and generally getting in the mood.

This will be my last post ahead of taking some time off for the holidays and I really can’t wait to step away from the laptop for at least four days and DO NOTHING other than eat and slob around. It’s going to be great isn’t it? I might try and pop a post up in between…

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‘Tis The Season | Party Wear when Pregnant

Party wear when pregnant, Bumpkin Betty

Who doesn’t love dressing up for the party season? It’s my favourite time of year for occasion wear as there’s usually an abundance of everything I love – sequins, glitter, shine and metallic. Of course being in an office of one these days as a freelancer does mean that I don’t really have the excuse of a big old work Christmas do to warrant spending lots on the perfect party outfit.

Has that ever stopped me over the three years I’ve been self employed? No soiree. Because, quite simply, I love to dress up over the festive season, so whether there’s…

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Making Your Home Multi Functional When Expecting a Baby (Our Spare Room Project)

DFS spare room wishlist, Bumpkin Betty

Clockwise from the top; Pink Betsy armchair – DFS | Misty Nest of Tables – DFS | Marble Industrial Table Lamp – Aldi (in store) | Flamingo Print – Sofia Rolfsdotter | Cushions – DFS | Cheeseplant – Etsy | Arden grey sofa bed – DFS

They talk about the ‘nesting instinct’ which people apparently get when expecting a baby, and seeing as we actually flew our old nest and found an entirely new one within a few months of getting pregnant, I’d…

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The Festive Red Dress

How to wear red and navy, Bumpkin Betty

If there’s one thing every girl needs in the run up to Christmas, it’s a festive red dress – am I right? Red isn’t normally a colour I find frequenting my wardrobe all that much, but come December the need to co-ordinate with Mr Claus becomes so much more appealing.

Coat, Dress, Shoes and Bag – c/o Boden

Scarf – Barbour

Normally my red dress of choice might be a little party number, something feminine, fun and flirty (perhaps like this Zara pretty?)…

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‘Tis the Season | Festive Home Updates (& Our Living Room in Progress)

Christmas doors, Bumpkin Betty

When I was younger, tree day was always the MOST exciting of days in our household. In Scotland you are legally allowed to cut trees from certain parts of the countryside provided you just take the top to allow for re-growth, and so we’d all bundle in the car and drive to the woods, my Dad armed with the chainsaw and my Brother and I eagerly eyeing up the best fir (it had to be a family affair as once my Dad was tasked with picking the tree himself and came home with the saddest of all trees – all…

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‘Tis The Season | Festive Iced Cookie Decorations

Top Uk food bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

Well I don’t know about you but I am full of the festive cheer this week. We picked up our tree on Saturday and spent yesterday making the house feel all Christmassy so now I’m writing this surrounded by twinkling lights and candles and candy canes and I just can’t wait for it to be holiday time already.

For my latest ‘Tis the Season feature I thought I’d share a simple recipe for some festive iced cookie decorations with you, the results of which are now adorning the branches of our spruce (well half are, the other half were…

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The Diary of a Pregnant Woman | Second Trimester

Second trimester pregnancy diary, Bumpkin betty

Despite the fact that I am now free to talk about my pregnancy with anyone who will listen, I found it rather enjoyable to keep a diary of my thoughts and emotions throughout the first trimester, and decided to keep this going for the second and third trimesters too. It’s a bit of a repeat of what you might have already seen and read on the blog so far, but to be honest I’ve tried hard not to overload my blog with pregnancy news as I know that it isn’t entirely enjoyable to everyone (and perhaps insensitive to those trying or struggling…

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Finding My Pregnancy Style

How to wear dungarees, Bumpkin Betty

Ever since I found out I was expecting, I’ve had this vision of being a total pregnancy cliche and living in a pair of denim dungarees, Reebok high tops and a nineties style ponytail. In fact I think that’s been my vision of pregnancy ever since I was a little girl and probably stems from watching films like Father of the Bride when I was younger. Dreaming of being Annie who spends her pregnant days in leggings and boyfriend shirts, plimsolls and scrunchies.

It’s funny how you imagine yourself as an adult when you’re still a kid isn’t it? And how far…

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BB Baking Club | Celebration Cakes

Three layer carrot cake, Bumpkin Betty

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Another month, another round of totally awesome cakes to be in awe of from my lovely baking pals. Did you know I run a baking club? Yup, I know, it’s basically the best type of club to be in – one that involves making new friends over a shared love of cake. If you like a bit of the ol’ sweet stuff, then be sure to pop your…

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