BRB | Baby Break Commencing

Well the most inevitable yet wonderful event has finally happened. You may have already seen our news on social media but Stu and I are so proud to announce that after 9 months and 5 days of wondering, waiting and worrying, mini is here and our little night time wriggler has come to life as a beautiful baby girl!

Evie James Watt arrived into the world on Monday 27th February at 1.17pm (while storm Ewan raged on outside) weighing a healthy 7lb 15oz. I still can’t get my head around the fact we have managed to create something so perfect…

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A Brunch Date at Cafe Miami, London

Best pancakes in London, Bumpkin Betty

It’s no secret that I love a good brunch. And if I can combine that good brunch with my love of pastel coloured crockery and pretty interiors then I’m a happy gal.

There’s no shortage of brunch joints in London of course, with the Australian craze of heading out for Avo on toast mid morning of a weekend truly being adopted to the British lifestyle. But, more and more I’m finding that rather than the large chains or the cafes at the top of a google search, it’s the little hidden gems popping up around the city that offer the best…

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Post Pregnancy WishList

Adidas pink suede stan smith trainers, Bumpkin Betty

Disconnect Jumper – Wood Wood | Pink Trainers – Adidas Stan Smith

I’ve really been missing creating fashion content on the blog the last little while, and it’s been ages since my last outfit post (equally as long since I put a remotely fashionable outfit on) but at this latter stage in the pregnancy, there really is nothing that looks or feels good and I’ve been resorting to leggings or joggers most days. To keep myself in the fashion game I’m enjoying a little too much virtual browsing, and am constantly daydreaming about all the outfits…

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Mini Cherry Bakewell Tarts

Cherry bakewell tarts recipe, Bumpkin betty

I’m finally starting to recover from an almighty flu bug which saw me bedridden for the last week (hence the lack of posts on here – sorry) and am well and truly at boredom stage on the pregnancy front (yup still no baby!) so this last week or so has seen me pretty miserable to be honest. As someone who is used to being super busy all the time, switching off completely just isn’t working for me – in two weeks I’m already three books down and am wondering how many more of my ‘baby break book pile’ I’ll get…

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First Look | Bright and Colourful Nursery Reveal (& Vlog)

Nursery makeover before and after, Bumpkin Betty

There was part of me that always felt a little strange about decorating our nursery ahead of time, essentially ‘designing’ a room for someone who wasn’t yet here. The idea of trying to ‘create’ personality and envision what might suit our baby before we’d actually met them was a – fun, granted, yet – baffling task. We think about them daily – every kick and wriggle and somersault that occurs inside my tummy leads to excitable chat and questions over who they’ll look like, who they’ll be and what personality traits they’ll form, but really, until we actually lay eyes on…

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The Home Straight (a 38 Week Pregnancy Update)

38 weeks pregnant, Bumpkin Betty

38 weeks! I’ve reached 38 weeks in the pregnancy! I’m repeating it more for my benefit than yours to be honest as I still can’t quite believe it. Since I entered the third trimester, people kept telling me ‘you’re on the home straight now’ while in my head I was thinking ‘but it’s still three months!’. But now… well I really do feel like I’m on the home straight and waking up each day knowing that something could start at any time, is a strange feeling.

In many ways (because I’m getting so terribly impatient and am more than ready to…

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HelloFresh Dinner Time Challenge

Hello Fresh dinner time challenge review, Bumpkin Betty

Two pieces of advice I’ve received a lot during this latter stage of my pregnancy are;

‘make you sure spend some quality time with your husband, just the two of you, before baby comes along’ and ‘try and prepare meals and have food in the freezer ready for those first few weeks because you will have NO time to cook’.

I’ve nodded along in agreement to both of these as they’ve repeatedly been thrown my way, while secretly panicking on the inside about how on earth we’re actually supposed to do that? Because, let’s face it, both of those tasks…

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But First… Coffee

Forever 21 coffee please T-shirt, Bumpkin Betty

How do you know when you’ve reached peak levels of adulting? When you get married? Have a baby? Buy a house?… Nope, it’s when you get your first coffee machine.

At the start of this year we found ourselves the proud owners of this rather stylish Nescafe Dolce Gusto Movenza machine*, and honestly, we’ve never felt so grown up. Mornings now start with the familiar sound of coffee frothing and filtering into a cup, that all to tempting smell wafting through the house.

Can I let you into a secret though? Up until about a year and a…

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BB Baking Club | Nutritious Bakes

Fruity flapjacks recipe, Bumpkin Betty baking club

Image by Ginevrella Blog

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Join the BB Baking Club

February is here, and the promise of spring, lighter evenings, warmer weather, oh and a BABY is edging ever closer. Like most, January is never my favourite month of the year but…

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The Importance of a Good Breakfast

Top Uk food bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

*This is an advertorial feature with Quaker Oats*

Ok hands up who regularly skips breakfast in favour of a latte on the run while desperately trying to concoct a valid excuse why you’re late to the office again? That was me a few years back when I worked full time in an agency, and breakfast was a pretty non existent meal in my life. No matter how early I got up, I always seemed to be rushing to choose an outfit, do my hair and make up and still make it in time to catch the tube at 8am….

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15 Things We Learned from Home Decorating

sofie rolfsdotter flamingo print, Bumpkin Betty

Having lived in a flat before we moved to this house, we’d only ever embarked on fairly small painting and decorating jobs up until recently. We’d both helped out family at home when we were younger and done the odd bit of DIY here and there but we’d never tackled a room from start to finish before, and never together.

Considering we only moved into our new house in October, we’ve done quite a bit already to try and get it feeling more homely, and aside from some help from parents initially, most of the work we’ve tackled ourselves. Over the last…

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Our Spare Room Makeover – Before and After

DFS arden sofabed, Bumpkin betty

Well, January’s been a busy old month in the house decoration mission, and we’re currently feeling pretty darn smug with how much we’ve achieved since the start of the year. Before Christmas, the upstairs of our house was in disarray – boxes everywhere, furniture blocking every passage way, a spare room which had been stripped of wallpaper and left as an empty shell, a nursery room which was acting as a dumping ground for everything we didn’t have a place for, and our bedroom feeling like the messy space we didn’t like spending much time in.

And now? Well we have an absolutely…

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