A Trio of Autumn Tarts

A trio of autumn tarts, Bumpkin Betty

When it comes to baking, nothing says autumn to me more than a tasty pie. The flaky crust and piping hot filling served straight from the oven with a dollop of ice cream before cosying up in front of a warm fire after a cold day outdoors – what a treat right?

With things getting decidedly colder in the last couple of weeks, and my autumn rituals stepping up a gear, I knew my first bake in our new house needed to be something hearty, warm and comforting. With the October theme for the BB Baking Club being Autumn,…

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Knitwear Season

Boden Lovely Jumper, Bumpkin betty

Knitwear season is here, and I for one am pretty happy about it.

I love lounging around in cosy cardi’s and oversized slouchy jumpers when the weather gets colder and nights in front of the TV become more regular. Autumn especially, with Bonfire Night and other such outdoor festivals seems like the perfect time to make the transition from Breton tee to cosy knit. Plus allowing yourself to indulge in a little knitwear overhaul is one of the true joys of Autumn, am I right?

While packing up my wardrobe for the house move, I realised how pitiful my knitwear…

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A City Retreat at Wyboston Lakes

City retreat at Wyboston Lakes Hotel, Bumpkin Betty

Sometimes leaving the hum drum of daily life behind for even one night can be all you need to refresh. Even more so when your hum drum is in a busy city like London. I often don’t notice how much the noise, busyness and general frantic pace of London has been getting to me, until I have some time away from it. Releasing ourselves from the exhaustion of the daily commute, abandoning the noise of the traffic outside our flat, and taking in surroundings other than tall buildings can be hugely therapeutic and gives you the boost you need to…

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Palm Vaults

H&M blue slogan bomber jacket, Bumpkin Betty

Remember this post? Where I lamented the fact that we’d had to start considering a move out of London after almost a decade of fun times here.

Well that was the end of a long journey of ‘Should we, shouldn’t we?’ and ‘We really need to get out of this flat pronto’ conversations that had lasted the best part of two years. Somehow we managed to plan and have a wedding in that time and still not get off our butts and move out of the accommodation that we found ourselves moaning about almost every night.

It was also the…

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Reaching the Half Way Point

Pregnancy diary, Bumpkin Betty

I am now officially more than half way through my pregnancy, which in some ways is totally unfathomable but in other ways isn’t quite far enough for me as I’m DYING to meet our baby already! We had our 20 week scan this week, and breathed the biggest sigh of relief when we were told jacpot mini was developing just fine and got to see them kicking their legs around on screen again.

I’m trying not to fill the blog with too much pregnancy news, although I appear to find it hard not to mention it at least once in…

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BB Baking Club | Showstoppers

Oreo cookies and cream Layer cake, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

Join the BB Baking Club

I know, I know. The very word showstoppers is making you think of GBBO and we’re all still gutted about the demise of the show as we know it (and the departure of Mary Bez and – best presenters on TV – Mel and Sue). But, I did hear today that French and Saunders might be taking up the challenge for the Channel 4 version, and although it won’t be the same, there’s at least hope that it might still be…

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Day to Night Dressing with Marks and Spencer

Top Uk fashion bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

Well I don’t know about you, but I’ve definitely felt the temperature drop dramatically over the last few days and there’s a real nip in the air.

Autumn is here.

But I’m not complaining as this current interlude between summer ending and autumn beginning is one of my favourite times of the year. When the skies are blue but the days are crisp, misty and fresh. When you can crunch through the fallen leaves while that warm winter sun shines down on you – it’s kind of magical.

And of course I can’t deny I’m pretty excited to start dressing for…

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Spanish Baked Eggs and Chorizo Recipe (& A Visit to the Happy Egg Farm)

Spanish baked eggs recipe, Bumpkin Betty

There’s nothing I love better on a Sunday than sitting down to a proper breakfast, and pre-preggo days that usually always consisted of eggs. They’re definitely one of my favourite breakfast ingredients and I’m constantly looking for new ways to re-invent them for interesting breakfast (and brunch) fodder. I’m still eating them of course, but not nearly as frequently and without my favourite – the runny yolk – so this recipe’s for all of you, a little something to enjoy on my behalf until I can rejoin you in the land of tasty egg dishes (forget goats cheese, the minute…

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The Shoes Always Fit

Dolcis party shoes, Bumpkin Betty

Since finding out I was pregnant, my style and outfit choices have naturally had to shift to accommodate my ever changing body, and this (if I’m honest) has been one of the aspects of pregnancy I’ve found most difficult to cope with, as superficial as that sounds.

Fashion is such a big part of my life, and clothes are very much a big part of my identity, and so there was part of me, in those first few months especially, that felt a bit like my identity was being stolen from me as I struggled to wear the clothes that made me…

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The Diary of a Pregnant Woman | First Trimester

Diary of first trimester pregnancy, Bumpkin Betty

So the secret is out. GB and I are indeed ‘with child’. It’s all rather exciting but perhaps what is most exciting of all, is finally being able to talk about it with anyone other than each other. I’m now around 17 weeks and I’m in the second trimester already which is crazy. The first trimester of course, you’re kind of going it alone, and for that reason it lasts FOREVER and is hugely worrying and exhausting, for various reasons. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it’s been to finally ‘out’ ourselves and reveal the secret. To share…

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Onto the Next Adventure…

Onto the next adventure, Bumpkin Betty

GB and I have had many amazing adventures in our seven years together. But this next one might just be our biggest (and best) yet…

Big changes are afoot for us and we’re beyond excited to be sharing this exciting news with you all and to be embarking on the next chapter of our lives together.

Watch the video to find out what’s next for us, coming February 2017!!


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BB Baking Club | Inspired By

Oreo Rocky Road, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

It’s September, the rain is back, the Saturday night telly that signals the run down to Christmas has begun and everyone is lamenting the end of Summer. I’m not so sure though, my friend got married in early October last year and it was a beautiful day, so we could still have some scorchers ahead of us yet.

Meanwhile on this rainy Monday, I’ll share a bunch of delicious cake recipes because if there’s one thing that the arrival of Autumn does bring, it’s the notion of cosying up on the sofa in a onesie eating sweet treats. Or maybe that’s…

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