The Diary of a Pregnant Woman | First Trimester

Diary of first trimester pregnancy, Bumpkin Betty

So the secret is out. GB and I are indeed ‘with child’. It’s all rather exciting but perhaps what is most exciting of all, is finally being able to talk about it with anyone other than each other. I’m now around 17 weeks and I’m in the second trimester already which is crazy. The first trimester of course, you’re kind of going it alone, and for that reason it lasts FOREVER and is hugely worrying and exhausting, for various reasons. I can’t tell you how much of a relief it’s been to finally ‘out’ ourselves and reveal the secret. To share…

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Onto the Next Adventure…

Onto the next adventure, Bumpkin Betty

GB and I have had many amazing adventures in our seven years together. But this next one might just be our biggest (and best) yet…

Big changes are afoot for us and we’re beyond excited to be sharing this exciting news with you all and to be embarking on the next chapter of our lives together.

Watch the video to find out what’s next for us, coming February 2017!!


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BB Baking Club | Inspired By

Oreo Rocky Road, Bumpkin Betty Baking Club

It’s September, the rain is back, the Saturday night telly that signals the run down to Christmas has begun and everyone is lamenting the end of Summer. I’m not so sure though, my friend got married in early October last year and it was a beautiful day, so we could still have some scorchers ahead of us yet.

Meanwhile on this rainy Monday, I’ll share a bunch of delicious cake recipes because if there’s one thing that the arrival of Autumn does bring, it’s the notion of cosying up on the sofa in a onesie eating sweet treats. Or maybe that’s…

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Mini Australian Lamingtons

Bank holiday baking ideas, Bumpkin betty

I’ve got a sweet Friday treat for you today in the form of these delicious Lamington’s! But first, I feel like I can’t possibly start a baking related post this week without mentioning the show we’re all dying to talk about (or at least I am!) – The Great British Bake Off – which returned to our screens this week. Wednesday nights have never looked so good. Seriously, I squeeled with delight at the idea on a night on the sofa with both GBBO and Long Lost Family in one sitting. Anyway, it’s all back – Mel and Sue’s funny quips,…

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Oh I do like to be Beside the Seaside

Boohoo pink off shoulder dress, Bumpkin Betty

I have to admit to still being a little on the fence about the off the shoulder trend. Actually that’s a lie, I love it on other people, I just not totally convinced of it on me.

At least with this style of off the shoulder anyway – the elasticated gypsy style – as I feel that you need to be pretty flat chested and have wonderfully toned shoulders to really pull it off. I can handle more of a structured bardot neckline but the elasticated look might be a step too far for me.


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Two Refreshing Summer Drinks to Help You Keep your Cool

Top Uk food bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

It’s hot in London right now. H.O.T hot. Now I’m not complaining of course. A bit of sunshine is always welcomed and floating around the park in a maxi dress during my regular lunchtime jaunt is much more pleasurable than wearing jumpers and carrying an umbrella.

But being stuck indoors working, or equally commuting on sticky tubes and buses, during a heatwave is challenging, and what I’ve found myself craving more often than not is cool, refreshing, stacked full of ice, fruity drinks. Normally that means a quick trip to my local Costa for one of those fruity ice blends which…

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The Pros and Cons of Instagram Stories (+ My Tips)

Top Uk Lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin Betty

It’s the hot topic of conversation right now, and not one to avoid a bandwagon waiting to be jumped on, I figured I’d step in and give my two cents on the matter.

Instagram Stories.

Yes Instagram announced and launched their brand new feature almost a week ago, and despite MUCH furore and ‘OMG Instagram why you want to ruin our lives!!’ being thrown around on Twitter ahead of the launch, it seems the second it appeared on our app, we all swiftly forgot any disapproval we had, and rightly so set about exploring it.

A week in, and (judging…

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Spending a Weekend in Margate

A weekend in Margate, Bumpkin Betty

Margate is a place that’s been on my list to visit for a while now. Going to the seaside is always a fun day out, but let’s be honest Margate has become majorly blogger friendly over the last couple of years. Since it’s regeneration, the return of the pastel paradise that is Dreamland Amusement Park, not to mention the opening of some hipster friendly eateries, Margate has had an Instagram makeover and is suddenly the place to be.

Of course, I’m never one to let social media intrigue get the better of me for too long, and so I was itching to…

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BB Baking Club | Family Favourites

Chocolate Marble cake, BB Baking Club

Cake and pic by Scarlet Scorchdroppers

Join the BB Baking Club

Hello August! In some ways July seemed to speed past and in other ways it was a really long month. Or was that just me? It was certainly a busy month that’s for sure. But on the baking club front – we celebrated six months of the club starting, and hit our goal of 50 members (now 52 I believe) which was very exciting! Still a small number of course,…

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Tropical Nights

Where to stay in Borneo, Bumpkin Betty

Of all the destinations we visited during our honeymoon, Borneo was absolutely our favourite. It was unlike any place I’d ever been before and a had a truly other wordly feel to it. Every second we were there, felt like we were experiencing something magical that we knew we’d never experience again, and as such I was desperate to soak up every single moment. It’s probably why it’s the place I’ve been most excited to start blogging about, not least because I also couldn’t write any travel diaries while we there (we were in the depths of the jungle for…

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Easy Like Sunday Mornings

How to make egg free pancakes, Bumpkin Betty

It feels like forever since I just blogged a little life catch up on this space. From home office reveals which took months to get just right, to travel videos that take hours of editing and brand collaborations that need a well thought out schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to simply… web log. While I enjoy putting together the former – creating inspiring content is so rewarding – I think I need to make sure I allow more time for the latter too. As for me, my personal lifestyle blog…

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Easy and Indulgent Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate tray bake recipe ideas, Bumpkin Betty

Join the BB Baking Club


This month’s baking club theme is ‘Family favourites’ and it was inspired by one of the members who last month chose to bake her Mum’s pavlova recipe – a recipe that had been taught to her as a child and which she knew inside out.

This struck a chord with me as my love of baking definitely comes from my Mum, and from my Oma before her. I too have my Pavlova recipe down to a tee thanks…

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