Easter Fun!

I do realise that Easter was now over a month ago and you may be wondering why I am choosing to bang on about it now but well I haven’t had internet in my flat for a whole month so I have a bit of catching up to do… and I had lots of pretty pictures taken on my new camera that I wanted to share… so just bear with me as I back track a little and give you a run down of my bank holiday weekend…

Well my lovely parents came down to visit which was great despite…

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Going Goth at 26

On Sunday night I dyed my hair jet black and took the kitchen scissors to my fringe… As I stood peering at myself in the dye splattered mirror in my dimly lit bathroom wondering how the hell you are supposed to avoid getting bits of hair stuck to your eyeballs without closing your eyes and trimming with some sort of imaginary precision, I did feel as if I had been transported back in time about 12yrs to relive my rebel/ goth phase.

So why you may ask was I in such a situation in the first place? What…

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It’s My Birthday! Is it? Really?

Ok it was my birthday… but amidst all the busyness lately I haven’t had time to tell you all about it (can we believe its April already??) and the fact that I was turning 26 almost very nearly passed me by completely!

This time last year I blogged about what it felt like to be turning 25 and entering a new tick box, that seemed like such a big stage in my life and yet here I am in what feels like a second later another year older…

I am of course lucky to have a boyfriend who doesn’t…

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The Times they are a Changing…

So like I said in my last post I’m all a bit behind at the moment but there has been A LOT going on lately…
I don’t know why I do it to myself but it always seems to be the way in my life that when I make one life changing decision, I have to follow it with about 3 more and before I know it everything is happening at precisely the same time and I have more stress in one month that anyone really needs in a year. The month of March 2011 has been a prime…

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Bumpkin BERTIE!

Arhh so I am very late with this post and the reason is that I seem to have crammed about a years worth of stress and change into my life this month… I will fill you in fully in another blog post but let’s just say changes are a’ comin!

Anyway back to the matter in hand and last week my secret blogging double life suddenly got a bit more interesting when I was invited along to a VERY fun blogger event at the

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Going Dot Com

After a lot of painful hours spent trying to figure out the difference between a naked domain and a subdomain, A Name records and C Name records and other such gobble di gook computer nonsense… I am finally a dot com site!

Bumpkinbetty.com is now live! You can still find me by typing in my blogspot address, that was part of my clever naked domain, subdomain rubbish, and you can also find me at http://bumpkinbetty.com/ and http://www.bumpkinbetty.com/ so I think I have everything covered.

I still have a fair way to go to get the blog looking exactly…

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LFW Comedown… Time for Party!

So I don’t know about anyone else but as I didn’t have the luxury of two further weeks off to continue the fashion week madness in Milan and Paris I have been experiencing a major London Fashion week comedown in the week that has followed!

Back to work blues, back to reality bad moods and a serious longing to be back in the glamour of daily fashion shows, wearing fabulous outfits, meeting crazy people and most of all having the freedom to do my own thing every day…. droan!

Apart from doing some seriously indulgent baking over the weekend (separate…

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8am: Back to the early starts again today… Ok well 8am isn’t that early but still! Was emailed a ticket to the Joanne Hynes show yesterday and I want to make that in the morning!

Today I’m wearing: Again it was all a bit of a last minute decision with what to wear today, first I was thinking about a PPQ for Very dress or a vintage velour number after all the velvet and velour I have been seeing! In the end I decided I wasn’t doing any big shows today but did need to dart about a lot and…

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10am: following the shows from the comfort of my bed this morning while desperately trying to catch up on my reviews… Seriously jealous of everyone currently at the David Koma/ Holly Fulton shows this morning… I am currently trying to keep up with it via twitter and dipping in and out of live feeds while I write up!

12pm: really need to get going but still writing my Louise Amstrup review for Ballad Of… Must learn to write faster and not get distracted researching femme fatales of the film noir age! Time to get going as have a show at…

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10am: Finally a long lie… after the craziness of the last two hectic days boy do I need it… so much so I skipped the Jayne Pierson show in favour of it, it is a Sunday after all… day of rest and all. As I force myself up, GB seems confused… turns out he was under the impression fashion week was only Friday and Saturday and thought we would be spending the day together today… oops! To be fair the clue is in the title… fashion ‘week’ bless him, still half asleep I shoo him out of the way so…

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BB hits LFW – DAY 2

7am: Can’t. Get. Up.

8am: Crap I’ve slept in and now only have half an hour to get ready if I’m going to make Louise  Amstrup at 9.30am… And I really want to make Louise Amstrup at 9.30am… Must get up NOW!

8.15am: Still in bed… I am soo tired today after all my trekking about yesterday – all my muscles ache and I could very easily sack it all off in favour of my comfy bed… But… No! Remind myself that I have wanted to do fashion week since I don’t know when and this opportunity doesn’t come along…

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An early start: It’s DAY 1 of London Fashion Week and this is by far my busiest day… first show at 9am, last show at 9pm… it’s currently 6.30am, yes that’s right AM! For someone who usually starts work at 9.30am (sometimes even 9.45) and crawls out of bed at about 9am… this is early! really early! I don’t think I have ever applied red lipstick at this hour before, unless it was topping up while still out partying! I also still have a hazy head from last nights affair (The Adidas & Deisel party which was a complete disorganised…

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