Paris is Always a Good Idea

Packing for Paris, Bumpkin BettyIt’s been a few years since myself and Paris saw each other, and boy has that been too long.

I certainly know that I’ve missed those rose tinted streets, pretty buildings, views of Tour Eiffel and of course the delicatessen’s. And I’m pretty sure Paris has missed me too – I can practically feel it calling me and my breton tee back to dance through the streets in tulle skirts and eat ALL the macarons.

My first ever trip to the fair city was a last minute adventure with one of my best buds, where Paris stole our hearts and the weekend has gone down in history as one of our best ever together. My second was a surprise anniversary present from GB, our first time to the city together and a trip which saw us visit the Eiffel Tower at moonlight, eat all the delicious food and spend lazy evenings in the sun looking out at the views from the Sacre Cour.

So Paris has become a place of beautiful memories and special occasions.

And that’s why I couldn’t think of anywhere better to be whisked away to on my Hen do (or Jac Do as we’re calling it), with my four favourite girls and Best Women to be. Which… is exactly what is happening tomorrow!!

Right now I’m a frantic mess of excitement, nerves and panic as I’m still to finish packing, my friends are due to arrive at my flat any minute ahead of our Eurostar departure early doors tomorrow, and as much as I feel like I need more time to finish work, get organised, schedule blog posts etc etc, I also just can’t wait for the adventure to begin!

It’s set to be H-O-T in Paris this weekend, hitting 30 degrees of sunshine, which frankly has played havoc with my city chic outfit planning – I fear it may even be too hot for a breton tee (oh the horror). I always find it very difficult to pack for a city break, that is going to feel like a tropical break. You want to take the type of clothes you’d normally wear to the beach, but then you remember you’re going to be walking around a city and bikinis probably aren’t quite right.

There’s also the small matter of me not having a clue what my Best Women have planned for me this weekend so I’m currently trying to pack for ALL eventualities. Shoes I can walk all day in, shoes I can look fabulous in, dressy clothes, sporty clothes… the suitcase is getting bigger by the second. All I do know I’ll definitely need is that bottle of factor 30.

Here’s a little of what I’m taking with me…

Say hello to Parii…

What to wear in Paris in Summer, Bumpkin Betty

Breton tee – Boden | Denim skirt – Zara | Sunglasses – Asos | Watch – Larsson & Jennings


Ok so it might well be too hot for a breton tee but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking one – I mean c’mon! Besides this Boden one was made for my arrival into the city don’t you think? This is what I’m planning to travel in tomorrow – hopefully warm enough for leaving grey London behind and cool enough for waving HELLO to sunny Paris.

The Essentials…


Paris essentials, Bumpkin Betty

Trainers – Adidas Originals | Sunglasses – Asos | Skirt – Boden


Because with 30 degrees some essentials definitely are required. Sunscreen – check. Passport – check. Euros – check. Comfy shoes – check. Cute skirt (because one is always needed) – check.

Polkadots and Tulle…


Tulle skirt and polkadot heels, Bumpkin Betty

Shoes – Boden (old) | Clutch – Marc Jacobs (old) | Tulle skirt – Needle and Thread at Asos


Because it’s Paris and it would be rude not to right?

The dressy one…

Feather skirt and rose gold heels, Bumpkin Betty

Heels – Carvela | Clutch – Boden | Necklace – Astrid & Miyu | Watch – Larsson & Jennings | Skirt – Missguided (old)


Because I figured that the polkadot heels might not be dressy enough for some occasions. These rose gold numbers are my go to as they’re fabulous, yet I can walk in them (important factor when you’re not sure how far anything will be or how long you may be walking). Plus feathers are always chic right? Even in the heat?

Tres Chic…

Uniqlo striped dress, Bumpkin Betty

Hat – Topshop (old) | Dress – Uniqlo | Shoes – Topshop


And this outfit, just in case I find myself on a boat again. Or if not, because a loose silk dress should keep me cool and stripes in Paris always work.

We’re leaving first thing tomorrow and so I’m going to sign off from the blog for a few days and enjoy my Hen do to the fullest but you can keep up with my adventures over on Instagram. I’ll be tagging everything with #JacDo

Have a fabulous weekend and catch you Monday!