Snapshots from the Sidebar | April

snapshots from the sidebar aprilHELLO hello! Time has been going at an extraordinary rate this last little while, and I’m not sure exactly how it came to be three days since my last post, over a week since we returned from Venice and almost the end of friggin’ April!! But alas here we are once again, with a new month on the horizon and the countdown to summer officially on. One perk of time passing me by is that I am once again at the stage of writing my favourite post of the month, my snapshots from the sidebar where I introduce you to the lovely lot of lifestyle bloggers who have been filling my advertising spots for the last 30 days. This last month has been one of my favourite line ups ever, simply because my sidebar has been filled with blogs I’ve adored reading, blogs I hadn’t come across until recently and bloggers I’d love to call friends.

I know you’re going to want to call them chums after this too, so without further ado let’s get on with the gushing.

Let Us Wanderlust Blog
Let us Wanderlust

What they say: “I’m Carly. I live in a small, peaceful country town in Queensland, Australia, with my wonderful fiancé Tyrone. We recently returned from six months of overseas travel and are now navigating life in our rural slice of countryside paradise. On Let Us Wanderlust, I share the things that make me happy in life and the little moments and joys that make our life together so wonderful. Here, you’ll find stories and photographs from our travels, snippets from our day to day lives, recipes I’m currently loving, outfits I’m currently wearing, projects I’m currently DIYing and the love I have for the simple things in life.”

What I say: I’m so SO pleased I found Carly and her lovely blog, as even though she resides on the other side of that very big pond and I may never know her in real life, I know I’ve found a blogging bud for life. Carly is one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve come across and one click onto Let us Wanderlust will have you falling in love with her and her charming writing style almost instantly. She resides in Oz but I’ve found much affinity with her posts. She’s also in the throws of wedding planning (I swear us brides-to-be gravitate toward one another for support), appreciates the value of a good midi skirt, loves to bake and has a serious case of wanderlust (hence the blog title). Her travel posts are some of my favourites to read, including her recent adventures in Japan and her little ‘5 favourites from the week that was‘ always leave me charmed. Follow Carly on Bloglovin’ here.

Laughter is Catching Blog
Laughter is catching

What they say: “I’m  stuck in a series of contradictions; terrified of planes but love to travel –  obsessed with baking but suffer from diabetes and living in London but dreaming of a sunny beach. I also still haven’t quite figured out the art of being an adult. I blog about lifestyle, food and travel but definitely not about fashion. I live in London town which is a blessing and a curse, and I have tried my hand at a number of jobs, including bar work, lettings and design. Really what I want to do is be able to travel the world and write about it, or alternatively make a mess with paint or cake mix.”

What I say: I just adore the sentiment behind Laura’s blog – ‘finding the humour in everyday’. I feel like that’s such an important thing to do but something most of us forget all too often. Every time you hop over to a post on Laughter is Catching it’s like a gentle reminder of exactly that and brings a big ol’ smile to my face instantly. I discovered Laughter is Catching when we both advertised on Katy’s blog last month and I’ve been an avid reader ever since. I called upon Laura’s Italy posts when we headed to Venice this month, have been reading and re-reading her wedding posts for inspo and am constantly finding myself saying ‘ooh we must try this place’ after reading her food and restaurant reviews in and around London. As soon as you land on her page, from the profile pic, to the design, to the title, you get the sense that Laura’s blog is going to be a punchy one (a word I give as the highest compliment) and her witty writing style confirms it in a delightful way – this girl doesn’t pack any punches and I for one love it. Follow Laura on Bloglovin’ here.

Being Erica blog
Being Erica

What they say: “I moved from Australia to London when I was 25, to travel and see the world. Being Erica was born out of daily requests to get off Facebook and move my tales elsewhere. I’ve always had a way with words and – never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story – my mother suggested I write a book about my travels. I don’t think she considered my complete lack of ambition (at the time), so instead of putting pen to paper, I took to the internet. And… here I will stay.”

What I say: I’ve been a long time fan of Erica’s blog. In fact I think her’s was one of the first lifestyle blogs I started reading and I’ve loved her honest and witty words ever since. Recently I started conversing with an Erica through work business and was actually laughing out loud at every email I got from her, so funny she was. When I (after a period of time that was far too long not to be embarrassed by) realised that the two Erica’s I’d been LOLing with all this time were in fact the SAME Erica, I was even more convinced that this girl and I were meant to be friends. She’s been in the blogging game about the same time as me and is one of those bloggers I have a natural affinity with, knowing that we were born in the same blogging era – an era that values the written word, the over sharing of personal life details and the simple pleasure of snapping an ootd in your bedroom (something I truly miss). Her recent post on needing to take a blogging break really struck a chord with me – I think we’ve all been there at some point am I right? – and as much as I appreciated her honesty with her readers and her confidence to take the time out from blogging that she needs, I knew I was going to miss her voice on the internet. But then she came along and updated us on her love life in the most simple, humble and yet genius way, and I knew she was back on track. Follow Erica on Bloglovin’ here.

Jasmin Charlotte Blog
Jasmin Charlotte

What they say: “My blog is my place to ramble about my life adventures! I am a kiwi native, London residing, science + tech enthusiast with a penchant for cooking, crafting and travel.”

What I say: Oh how multi cultural my sidebar is this month, from Australian’s to Kiwi’s to Canadian’s, but Jasmin is one Kiwi native, London residing science and tech enthusiast I’m more than happy to have around. Jasmin describes her blog as ‘adventures, tech and tea’ and isn’t that just the most wonderful combination? It seems almost rude not to make yourself a cup of tea before you sit down and enjoy her lovely words. As someone who knows very little about the technical side of things, I’ve especially enjoyed sitting down with a cuppa and reading up on her informative posts such as ‘30 content rich blog topic ideas‘. Jasmin then ensures things on her blog are kept suitably fun with an equal dose of travel escapades, beauty bites and food glorius food. Much like myself, Jasmin enjoys a spot of baking every so often and her recipes are definitely worth checking out (those anzac biscuits look SO yummy!) and she rocks this high waisted skirt! Once again I can totally imagine getting on like a house on fire with Jasmin in real life (and not just because we have the same initials). Follow Jasmin on Bloglovin’ here.

Hey Jules Blog
Hey Jules

What they say: “My name is Jules, and I am a fun lovin’ girl from Toronto! My blog is about my favourite things and is a place to share some happiness and positivity on the internet. I live in a cute-as-can-be apartment with my handsome bae Pete, we’ve been together for 6 years and he is just perfect! I’ve got an amazing family and the best friends and life is just really good!”

What I say: Another amazing discovery from across the water, Hey Jules is literally like sunshine on a rainy day. Jules has her own Hey Jules mantra which begins with ‘live life to the fullest and do everything with a smile’ which judging by her happy go lucky, grin enducing blog which radiates sparkle, fun and happiness at every opportunity, she’s living by her mantra pretty well. One look at her profile pic, with that gigantic grin and you kind of know that Jules would be a LOT of fun in real life. Reading her blog only confirms it. I adore her outfit posts, this recent sunny Toronto one is a favourite (so much nautical vibes) and her DIY’s are dreamy, especially this gold mason jar tutorial (so sparkly) and these confetti pouches which are so cute. Not to mention her blog design is gorgeous! When you are in need a pick me up or want to have some major positive vibes radiate your way, Jules’ blog is the only one you need to visit, I’m officially hooked! Follow Jules on Bloglovin’ here.

Five love-er-ly blogs to add to your reading list wouldn’t you agree? I’m sure going to be sad to see this line up go, but if you fancy being on my sidebar for May and featuring in a post like this just head over to my sponsor page and take out a package.

Carly @ Let Us Wanderlust ·

Oh Jac! Thank you so much for such a beautiful write up! I’m so happy to have discovered Bumpkin Betty too and I just know if we were to meet, you’d get along famously and be besties! I’m excited to get to know these other lovely ladies too – my favourite part of blogging is discovering new amazing blogs and making new friends! Xo