Snapshots from the Sidebar | August

Snapshots from the Sidebar, Bumpkin BettySeptember. September! SEPTEMBER!! Do you think it’s because we’ve not had a great Summer that we’re all feeling so confused to have hurtled all the way through to Autumn already? Or is that just me?

I’m still buying bikinis and summer dresses with any spare savings I have, in anticipation of our honeymoon at the end of the year, so I’m finding it even more confusing to be reading about Winter coats and Autumn essentials. Mind you with this last weekend being rather lovely, perhaps an Indian Summer is on the horizon? Let’s hope!

Anyway seeing as we’re well into September now, it’s about time I introduced you to the lovely blogs which filled my sidebar in August. Some new to me, some old favourites, I can’t wait for you to get to know these guys. So without further ado, let’s say hello shall we?

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Silverspoon London

What they say: “There are two parts to SilverSpoon London. On the one hand I want to tell my readers all about restaurants, nightlife, events and fun things to do in London and on the other, I provide tales of my luxurious travels around the world. Though I cover all things fabulous on the blog, there is always a firm focus on food, and delicious dinners remain at the very heart of SilverSpoon. The blog is first and foremost about total luxury and opulence but I also cover unique and interesting happenings, as well as the latest hotspots and cool places to go. I’m incredibly discerning about the places that I feature and I will always give an honest opinion. You can trust that I would never direct you to somewhere that I don’t approve of.”

What I say: Angie’s been advertising with me for a few months now and is quickly becoming one of must read blogs. Reading her travel posts always gives me total wanderlust – she goes to some of the most amazing places and covers every detail on her blog, from where to stay, what to do and where to eat (a very important  factor for me when travelling). She’s also a total foodie, and reviews some of the best restaurants and eateries in London. Usually they are places I’d never even think of visiting myself, or are places I’d deem too luxury to consider so it’s brilliant to get an insider view. She’s just come back from a trip to Singapore and Bali with her husband and has some delightful posts documenting her adventures. She’s making me want to book a flight pronto, roll on that honeymoon! Follow Silverspoon London on Bloglovin’ here.

Favourite post from the last month: August adventures on Instagram

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Pip’s Attic

What they say: “I’m Jess – a crafter, baker and fully fledged history geek. Pip’s Attic is a lifestyle blog inspired by history  focused on creating interesting and fun projects based on what our ancestors were getting up to all those years ago. All in a cost effective, thrifty way of course!

Having spent my uni years up in Oxford I found it such an inspiring place, it’s no wonder so many great writers, musicians and actors began there. It’s just filled with quirky interesting places, amazing museums and is such a hub of learning. It’s really fuelled my passion for History and being creative, it’s so great my whole family moved! I’m round the corner in Reading now for work but I’m always back as I can’t stay away too long! I’m hoping to keep learning lots of new things with this blog and I’m raring to chuck myself in. I love to discover interesting and weird things and I feel the best way of learning about things is giving it a go yourself.”

What I say: A new blog on my radar, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know Jess and her lovely lifestyle blog this last month. Pip’s Attic is an adorable lifestyle blog with an added difference from so many others, Jess has a real passion for history and loves vintage fashions, retro design and treats us to inspiration, DIY’s and snippets from the past through her posts. She’s recently come back from a holiday in Scotland so I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading about the places she visited and what she thought (it’s always lovely seeing an outside view of my homeland). I’m pleased to see that it looks as if she had mainly good weather and visited some of my favourite places (Blair Atholl is a lovely town). If you love getting inspired by crafty blogs as much as me, you’ll love Jess’s upcycling and DIY posts. She recently upcycled an old chair and the results are fab. Plus she bakes – enough said. Follow Pip’s Attic on Bloglovin’ here.

Favourite post of the last month: The Scottish Castle Dream – Blair

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Being Erica

What they say: “I moved from Australia to London when I was 25, to travel and see the world. Being Erica was born out of daily requests to get off Facebook and move my tales elsewhere. I’ve always had a way with words and – never one to let the truth get in the way of a good story – my mother suggested I write a book about my travels. I don’t think she considered my complete lack of ambition (at the time), so instead of putting pen to paper, I took to the internet. And… here I will stay.

These are a few of my favourite things : fresh flowers, glitter and love hearts, tea-parties (with coffee), thrifting for pre-loved and vintage treasure, polka-dots and bows, (strong) coffee, lots of pink blush, well.. actually pink everything, tattoos (now even on me!), dressing like a toddler (on purpose), Instagram, live music, forever travelling, forever London, Netflix and (lately) early nights.”
What I say: If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll probably already know Erica as she’s advertised on these parts before and is a firm favourite on my blog reading list. Erica’s part of the writing crew and has, as she puts it, a way with words. She really does – I could read her witty ramblings and LOL adventures all day every day if things like work and to-do lists didn’t get in the way. A classic lifestyle blog, Being Erica is about Erica’s life (funny that) and all the things she gets up to. Recent adventures include a trip to Reading Festival, a National Burger Day Meat Up (see what they did there?) and the London Craft Beer Festival. Yes her life does appear to be one great foodie filled set of laughs. As soon as you start reading Erica’s blog you’ll be hooked, and it’s also her birthday this month so go wish her a happy birthday and stay tuned for no doubt even more exciting adventures to come. Follow Being Erica on Bloglovin’ here.

Favourite post of the last month: Beer + sun = fun

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And She Made

What they say: “I’m Aneira. I’m in my late twenties and I’m always trying to figure out life. I’m a freelance journalist with a special focus on craft, but I also dabble in lots of other writing styles.

I like to sew and you’ll often find me on Pinterest, planning my next make. I also love to explore and discover new places, but sometimes I just like to escape to the countryside to relax. Beside the sea is where you’ll find me at my calmest and most creative. I document my adventures in sewing, crafting, vintage fashion and life in general on this blog.”

What I say: Aneira’s blog is such an inspirational one. My own sewing machine has been gathering dust for far too long and I’m always, always saying I’d love to learn how to make my own clothes so looking at all of the crafty business going on at And She Made is really putting me to shame. And She Made is a lifestyle blog which focuses on sewing and dressmaking, documenting all of the gorgeous pieces of clothing Aneira makes for herself, with a few other lifestyle and travel posts thrown in for good measure. If you’re a dressmaker yourself, or just love to get inspired by other people’s crafty projects then hop over and take a look at some of the tutorials on And She Made. I especially love this little sky blue dress, isn’t it the cutest? Follow And She Made on Bloglovin’ here.

Favourite post of the last month: A simple top in Liberty print

Four lovely blogs I think you’ll agree, I do hope you’ll check them out and give them a follow. If you want to be featured in a post like this, then take out an ad on my sponsor page!