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Snapshots from the Sidebar, Bumpkin BettyHello from a beautifully gloriously sunshine-y final day of June, how are you all? I’m sitting at my desk with all the windows open and the sun streaming in, frantically trying to finish all of my work for the day so that I can get outside and enjoy some of this wonderful weather. As we herald the new month of July, could Summer finally be here?? (I know, don’t speak to soon! I’ll shut up now!)

Anyway ahead of launching into all things Summer on the blog (as soon as the sun came out today I had a sudden urge to compile as many posts on Summer fashion, Summer food, Summer hair etc etc, as I could. I think they might be right about the sun being a good motivator) today’s post is dedicated to sharing a few of the lovely blogs that have been on my sidebar this last month, and I’ve got three firm favourites to introduce you to which I know you’re going to love.

So without further ado, let’s say hello my June advertisers…

Silverspoon London, Bumpkin Betty
Silverspoon London

What they say: “There are two parts to SilverSpoon London. On the one hand I want to tell my readers all about restaurants, nightlife, events and fun things to do in London and on the other, I provide tales of my luxurious travels around the world. Though I cover all things fabulous on the blog, there is always a firm focus on food, and delicious dinners remain at the very heart of SilverSpoon. The blog is first and foremost about total luxury and opulence but I also cover unique and interesting happenings, as well as the latest hotspots and cool places to go. I’m incredibly discerning about the places that I feature and I will always give an honest opinion. You can trust that I would never direct you to somewhere that I don’t approve of.”

What I say: I’ve been so excited to have Angie of Silverspoon London on my sidebar this last month, as her blog is one I’ve adored for a while. We first connected after both advertising on the lovely Rosie’s blog one month and have been firm online friends ever since, regularly chatting on Twitter and Instagram (we’ve yet to meet in person but a coffee and catch up is on the cards as soon as we can find a date that we’re both free, Angie’s travel blogging plus my wedding planning is equaling two crazy schedules!). As Silverspoon London is my top sponsor for June I’ll be featuring a little Q&A with her on the blog very soon so you can hear from Angie herself about how she runs her luxury travel and food blog, but for now I’m happy to tell you all to go and have a gander for yourself as it’s a dreamy read. Angie covers two of my (and I think many people’s) favourite subjects – food and drink, and travel – but she does so from a luxury perspective (no greasy burgers on this blog!) which makes reading her posts feel like a real treat in themselves. She’ll be the first to hit a new London foodie hotspot and give us her two cents, provides honest reviews of some of London’s most luxurious hotels, and makes us all super jealous with regular trips to faraway and exotic lands. For me, reading Silverspoon London is the perfect way to fuel my wanderlust, give me an injection of inspiration and wile away a good few hours drooling my way through the archives. Try it. you’ll be hooked in no time I promise! Follow Angie on Bloglovin here.

Favourite post of the last month: A beautiful day in Paris with Renaissance Hotels (Paris + sunshine = my love!)

Wander to Wonder, Bumpkin Betty sponsors June
Wander to wonder

What they say: “Wander to Wonder was born out of a) my love for the blogs of others, b) my appreciation for London upon returning after 3 years abroad, and c) my passion for documenting the little (and the big!) things in life. I’ve discovered so many places, restaurants, activities, books, and general knowledge through snapshots of other people’s lives, and it inspired me to share my own adventures and musings. It also pushes me to go and discover what is out there! On Wander to Wonder you’ll find; London restaurant reviews, cooking adventures by me (simple) or E (gourmet), places to go and things to do around London, our travel adventures, books reviews, and other lifestyle snapshots. It’s an online scrapbook of a foodie, bookworm, wanderluster and Londoner.”

What I say: I first got introduced to Wander to Wonder when I advertised on her site myself last year and it’s been one of my favourite reads ever since. Miho’s blog has a big focus on food, something I never ever tire of reading about and both her restaurant reviews and at home cooking (whether by her or her chef other half) are both of such high standard you’ll never want to go anywhere else for a food recommendation or recipe! Like Angie, Miho also regularly blogs about her travel adventures and having spent three years travelling before settling back into London life, there are plenty of great wanderlust posts to get your teeth stuck into. As well as the odd personal story (if you’re currently wedding obsessed like me, check out Miho and E’s beautiful wedding here!) the heart of Wander to Wonder is the informative style of writing which Miho has (which is so helpful should you need travel tips or restaurant recommendations) and the beautiful photography which accompanies that (making the read feel all the more immersive). If you adore all things eating, drinking, cooking and exploring, Wander to Wonder is a blog which simply must be added to your blogroll. Follow Miho on Bloglovin here.

Favourite post of the last month: Aix en Provence: The Things I Love (a true travel love story)

The Tea Drinking English Rose, Bumpkin betty sponsors
The Tea Drinking English Rose

What they say: “Hello there, My name is Charlotte Heather Wall and you are most likely to find me drinking a cup of Tea with a vintage plate piled up with biscuits, either sitting in my little craft room or snuggled under a blanket watching a film. I am engaged to a wonderful prince from my childhood, called Sebastian and mother to Lady Bluebell, a dusty lilac hued hamster. We live in a rented town house where we scrap book our dreams and sip homemade milkshakes and cook up simple pasta dishes together. I mainly adventure in the Garden of England, daydreaming of tea dresses, parma violet milkshakes and adventuring in Paris. I like to bury my head in a good book, preferably a children’s story with wonderful illustrations. I also enjoy writing little letters to my lovely Tea drinkers on my penpal list. I am pretty fond of stamps and maps and globes, white mice and sours and parma violets, writing and reading and collecting, tea and milkshakes and rose lemonade, blueberry muffins and scones (only with real clotted cream) and macarons, making and flower pressing and sewing, washi tape and glitter and paper.

What I say: Technically I don’t really need to introduce Charlotte to you all, as I have already done so in previous snapshots from the sidebar posts and the two of us exchanged blog buttons some time ago, but this month I simply can’t help myself as The Tea Drinking English Rose has been home to such lovely happy news this month and it seems a shame for us all not to soak in the happy thoughts and feels that Charlotte, her fiancee, and her little blog are emanating. You see, me and Charlotte have both been part of team blogging #bridetobe for some time, and like all of my fellow bloggers who were going through the saga that is wedding planning at the same time as me, I’ve clung to her updates, posts, DIY notes and tweets as soon as they’ve been posted. This weekend coming Charlotte and Sebastian’s big day will finally be here and she’ll be leaving team #bridetobe and joining team #bride and team #wife. But as if that wasn’t happy news enough, Charlotte’s latest post also announced the pitter patter of another true life celebration, and perhaps the best wedding present around. I’ll let you read the post yourself below, but a big congrats comes from me and I hope you’ll all check out Charlotte’s blog too so we can congratulate her together! Follow Charlotte on Bloglovin here.

Favourite post of the last month: No More Tea (eeeek!)

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