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 The skinny

I have a few well-placed spaces on this blog, reserved for those who might wish to advertise something fantastic to my readers. My sponsorship packages below are predominantly open to fellow bloggers, freelancers, small businesses and those offering a terrific service somewhere and the rates therefore reflect that. All of my ads are run by Passionfruit, which makes life nice and easy for both of us as you can purchase through the shopping cart below, but does mean that the rates show up in dollars. For your convenience I’ve roughly converted the prices into GBP on the ads.

If you’re a larger brand or business and are interested in commercial advertising, it’s best to email me for more info.

The Testimonial

If you want to know what advertising on Bumpkin Betty is like, Gemma from Little Pieces had this to say about her experience:

I’m so happy with the advertising package I took up on Bumpkin Betty! I have advertised my blog on a couple of sites before but none of them gave the results that advertising on Bumpkin Betty did. Jaclyn was a pleasure to work with, she really took the time to get to know my blog and created such thoughtful questions for the Sponsor Spotlight. It created a noticeable increase in traffic, but best of all I have connected with some lovely new bloggers that I wouldn’t have otherwise.”

The boring bit

I only accept sponsors who naturally fit with the overall themes and aesthetic of the blog. If you don’t have a suitable logo I can create one for you at an extra cost but I do reserve the right to decline any sponsorship requests that don’t fit.