Summer Wish Lyst

Summer Wish List, Bumpkin BettyIt’s no secret whatsoever that I love a good list. And this year especially they’ve been the only thing keeping me sane and making sure life moves along without too much drama. Right now I’ve got lists coming out of my ears, from wedding lists to food lists to work lists to blog lists, an endless batch of to-do’s written everywhere and anywhere, from the fridge to my phone to the back of receipts in my handbag.

Of course there’s one type of list that’s always been a pleasure to write, one that’s always relaxed me and excited me in equal measure and one that’s currently off the chart long – the humble shopping list. That collection of ‘love.want.need’ items that you spend your lunch breaks and evenings putting together and that seems to grow everyday with new fashion delights that you’re simply not sure you can live without.

Of course collating all of those covetable pieces in one place is usually the hard part. I have an Amazon wishlist as well as an ASOS one, I save items to my own blog wishlist and I jot down names of products and designers whenever I see something in a magazine or on a blog. I’d always thought having one central place to keep all of my loves, wants and needs would be a mighty fine prospect. So when the folks at Lyst – a place where list loving, fashion curating and regular shopping is very much encouraged – asked me to partner with them and create my very own Summer Wish Lyst for you, I didn’t need much persuasion.

Lyst review, Bumpkin BettyThe idea behind Lyst is simple. They’ve basically partnered with a treasure trove of amazing brands (from high street to designer) and brought them together under one roof to make shopping super easy. On the Lyst website you can create your own wishlists of products and file them into handy categories, such as ‘Summer holiday’ or ‘Honeymoon outfits’ (yup, that’s begin already even though I’m not leaving for another six months), save items you like or find along the way to those lysts and then come back to shop when you’re ready by clicking through to the original stores.

It eliminates the need for seperate shopping lists on each website you shop at and is quite frankly an amazing procrastination tool. Of course, if you’re anything like me the fact that SO many amazing designers are on there, will mean that soon your wishlists are shaping up to be very expensive indeed. Case in point my latest ‘Summer in the City’ lyst (which you can see at the top of this post) – created purely because this Summer I’m firmly staying put in the UK, working my butt off and preparing for a wedding so any Summer clothes that will be bought need to be London city living appropriate – which before I knew it had everything from Valentino shoes (but c’mon they’re pink!) to Stella McCartney jeans and Saint Laurent breton stripes. I’m pretty sure I can find more affordable alternatives to the latter two, but the shoes… they’re most certainly being majorly coveted right now.

Review of Lyst, Bumpkin BettyBut the great thing about Lyst is that it’s as much for dreaming as it is for actual shopping, I like to think of it as an amalgamation of Pinterest with online shopping. You can have dreamy – might never buy but still want to feel inspired by – lysts, as well as practical – need these for work – lysts. The site itself is easy to use with everything searchable through product categories or designer/brand categories and you can save certain brands/stores that you’re a fan of to your profile so that Lyst can keep you updated with new products (dangerous, yet extremely handy). There’s also the Longlyst; Lysts own on site blog which is full of inspo and tips. I especially love their ‘What I wore when’ features which interview everyone from Mary Katrantzou to bloggers such as We the People Style about what they wore when they made it big/got their first job/ met each other/ got married – great for nosy so and so’s like me!

So I’m off to procrastinate away my Tuesday evening with more wish-lysting, won’t you join me?


Jaclyn ·

So satisfying right?? and yes mine are usually just lists too – especially right now when we are on major wedding saving mode! eek xx