The Weekend (as told by my camera roll)

Laura and Stu wedding, Bumpkin Betty

It’s been such a long time since I just reeled off a bunch of photos from my weekend to make up a blog post but the weekend just past was such an utterly lovely one that I couldn’t resist sharing the snapshots. On Saturday I got to see one of my oldest and dearest friends tie the knot with her best friend, and boyfriend of eleven years! Yes – eleven!! I also had the priveledge of being a bridesmaid which is always such a lovely way to view the day – being with the bride in the days before and morning of the celebration, calming her nerves (or annoying her more – the jury is still out) and being part of those butterflies. I have to admit that I found this time of being a bridesmaid extra special and extra emotional – not only because I was part of my best friends day, but because I too could empathise with all the hard work and emotion that had gone in to getting to that point, and with my own wedding only weeks away I was right there with her in every single tummy flip, moment of panic and stressed out cry.

When I tell people that I’m getting married in the same year as one of my best friends (and only a month and a half apart) and we are both bridesmaid for each other, people often look a little shocked and ask ‘does she/ do you not mind?’. But I can honestly say that I’ve loved going through such a big occasion alongside a friend – to have someone who totally understands every emotion you’re describing and can be there for you during a meltdown or offer advice during a particularly stressful part. Yes it’s meant we’ve both had a lot on our plates and probably have had a few moments of ‘you’re doing that too – oh no!’ but on the whole it’s been lovely having eachother to lean on (I hope she feels the same way!). Seeing all of her hard work come to fruition this weekend was just amazing, and there really was so much hard work in this wedding – every little thing had been thought of, every detail made perfect – and it paid off by producing such a beautiful and memorable day! I just can’t believe it has now been and gone!

Looking at the weather today as I write this post – grey, rainy, miserable – I can’t help but feel that the sun quite literally put his hat on especially for my friends and their beautiful celebration and has now gone back to have a rest (let’s hope he rests up enough to give us another run in November hey? ;-)).

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So I guess now that my bridesmaid hat has been put away I might need to start thinking about being a bride – is it time to panic yet?

How was your weekend?

Jaclyn ·

Aren’t they just lovely Abel? My friend was really keen to have us in different colours and everyone complimented us on it! The flowers were beautiful, my friend is so creative! xx

Linda ·

Wow! What a beautiful bride! And gorgeous bridesmaids too.
Everyone looks so happy, it must have been a lovely day !

Jen ·

Love this post – what a gorgeous day! Your friend looked stunning ! I too got married about 6 weeks apart from one of my best friends and it never even crossed my mind for it to be a problem and – like you said – it was actually really nice to have someone go through it all with and chat to about mundane wedding things when everyone else was bored to tears! I hope she felt the same and wasn’t secretly seething with anger and just didn’t tell me?!

Jaclyn ·

Hey Jen, oh glad to hear I’m not the only one that has got married at a similar time to a friend. I guess it’s hard not to these days as everyone gets engaged close to eachother and there is always so much going on each year! xx