‘Tis the Season | Three Simple Party Hairstyles

Fast party hairstyles, Bumpkin BettyThis is the last post in my ‘Tis the Season’ festive week, I hope you’ve enjoyed my updates in the run up to Christmas! I was originally planning to round everything off tomorrow with a DIY present wrapping post, calling it ‘It’s a Wrap’ because wouldn’t that be an amazing post title for the final one in the series? But, then I realised I didn’t actually have any presents to wrap seeing as we’re away this year so I gave up on the idea ha. So in the last week we’ve talked party dresses, party food, and party etiquette, now it’s time to talk party hair! I’m fairly unadventurous when it comes to my hair on a day-to-day basis – it’s either up or down, wavy or straight – so if you’re anything like me you’ll be keen on party hairstyles which are fuss free, easy to do and super quick. Something you could easily create while getting ready in the office ahead of the Christmas party for example.

Ghd challenged me to create a party hairstyle for the holiday season using their new Arctic Gold Styler (which by the by is super dooper pretty – I mean look at it, perfect gift material right there) and I went one better and created three! Although they’re all basically a variation on the same style and require little to no effort so let’s not give me any props just yet.

I’d say I probably use my ghd’s to curl more than I do to straighten, which is perhaps a ridiculous admission to own up to but hey, it’s true. The simple loose wavy look that ghd’s create, is my go-to for a night out and I’ve got the routine down to a tee now, able to do my whole head in ten minutes flat. It’s arguably the quickest and easiest party look you can create if you’re in a hurry and the perfect option to go from your desk to the Christmas party without having to go home and shower first. So naturally this is the basis for my three party looks.

Easy wavy hairstyles, Bumpkin bettyHow to use GHD to curl hair, Bumpkin bettyUsing GHD to curl hair, Bumpkin Bettysimple hairstyles for party season, Bumpkin Bettysimple wavy hairstyles, Bumpkin BettyHow to curl your hair using GHDs, Bumpkin BettyHair styles for the festive season, BUmpkin BettyPresuming you’re starting with dry un-straightened hair (we’re going on the assumption you’re at work here) simply split your hair into sections and clamp and twist each piece to leave a soft wave behind (you can use the heat protect spray in the morning after washing). In no time at all you’ll have soft tumbling waves! What I like about using the ghd’s for curling your hair is that you can control the level of curl you get – pull the curl out straight for more of a loose wave or twist it tight for more of a ringlet curl.

How to curl hair with GHD, Bumpkin Bettyparty hair tutorial, Bumpkin BettyYou could of course just leave your hair curly and be done with it, but I happen to think a few little updates can make your look more party worthy and these three are my favourites…

Party hair you can do in minutes, Bumpkin Bettysimple ideas for party hair, Bumpkin Bettyside ponytail tutorial, Bumpkin BettyHow to do a wavy side pony, Bumpkin BettyHow to do a wavy side pony, Bumpkin Bettywavy hair hacks for the party season, Bumpkin Betty
The Side Sweep

Β 1. Pull your curls over to one side

2. Take a strand of hair from the back of your neck and wrap around the rest of the curls to create a ponytail

3. Secure with a kirby and pull tight. Pull out your hair slightly at the top for a bit of volume

The party quiff hairstyle, Bumpkin BettyThe easiest party hairstyles, Bumpkin BettyHow to do the party quiff, Bumpkin BettyTop Uk beauty bloggers, Bumpkin BettyHow to create a party hairstyle in minutes, Bumpkin Betty
The Party Quiff

Β 1. Seperate the top half of your hair

2. Use a brush to backcomb the section slightly for volume

3. Pin in place with kirbies and then brush out the remaining curls to keep them sleek

soft wavy hair tutorial, Bumpkin BettyHollywood waves hairstyle, Bumpkin BettyHollywood waves hairstyle, Bumpkin BettyHow to create hollywood waves, Bumpkin Betty
The Hollywood Waves

Β 1. Use a wide paddle brush to brush through your curls until soft waves

2. Pull on side behind your ear and leave the front of the other side loose for a Hollywood style wave

So what are your go-to party hairstyles?

P.S I’m probably heading to the airport as you read this post as today we’re off on our honeymoon!! Hurrah! I’m so excited to share some snaps along the way during our travels but I will be switching off from the blog slightly while I’m away – It’s usually a bit quieter on here over the Christmas period anyway so hopefully it won’t be all that different. I’m hoping to do a few travel diaries as we go, but my schedule will be entirely dependent on our wifi connection and my laziness so don’t expect too much regularity.

Anyhoo I’ll end by wishing you a VERY Merry Christmas and as always you can follow me on Instagram to keep up with our adventures.