Baking Club

If you are a homebody like myself, then you know just how much fun baking can be as a hobby. It is a relaxing way to spend your time in the kitchen, and can be a lot of fun following directions to perfection to create the perfect baked goods, with the ultimate prize being your finished product that you and your family and friends get to enjoy in the end. But while baking alone can be fun, I would argue that baking with your friends is an even better way to go, which is why I advocate for people to start their own baking clubs to share in the fun with all of their friends.

Now a baking club is a very simple concept, as it is very much like a book club or similar clubs. In essence, it involves you and your friends gathering at one home each week to engage in baking activities as an entire group. This is obviously something that people who are enthusiastic about baking can definitely get behind, and there are actually quite a few ways that you can go about doing such a baking club.

If you want to keep things simple at first, what you can start by doing is just having all of the members bring their own baked goods to the meeting, and use that time together to share each other’s creations both verbally in terms of how you made it, as well as physically sharing them with one another so that everyone gets to try out each other’s baked goods. This sharing of baked goods is obviously fun for those who have a sweet tooth, but also because it helps to facilitate discussion about each other’s delicacies. For example, if you like a particular baked good of a member, you can specifically ask how they made it, and they can share their recipe and let you know how they made the dish all their own.

After a while, you can even start trying to bake all together at a place of your choosing. This can either be someone’s home (with the location rotating every week), or if you truly want to get the full experience, at a designated baking class to learn from a true professional. What I would suggest for people looking to have clubs that bake things in person is to rotate baking locations at each member’s home, all while also going to a designated baking class every so often, whether it be once every few months, or even just once every year. The main thing is that you and your ladies communicate what is in the best interest of the club, because without them, there would just be you baking for yourself again, which as I mentioned earlier is certainly not as fun as baking with a group of like-minded bakers.

Baking clubs are a fun way to change up how you engage in the art of baking. Rather than taking on the hobby on your own, you are able to bake with a bunch of close friends who only make the experience all the more enjoyable. So if you are looking for precisely that, then go out and try and start your own baking club today!