Tips for Flying with a Baby

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We’ve now been on holiday twice with Evie, first up to Scotland and then just last month to Spain, and in the process she’s got rather accustomed to airports and flying. Granted, none of our flights have been long haul and have been short enough to avoid too much drama, but having got through all four separate journeys relatively unscathed, we’re now a lot more confident about overseas travel with a baby in tow.

I was a bit of a nervous nelly in the run up to that first flight to Scotland, but once over that initial hurdle and thankfully…

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October at the Pumpkin Farm

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Happy Halloween!

Pumpkin picking in October seems to have become as big an event as picking up the Christmas tree in December. I can’t help but feel it’s a bit of an Americanism that’s making its way across the pond thanks to the power of social media trends but I’m certainly not complaining as frolicking around in a field of orange before taking home home grown pickings to decorate the house with (and turn into tasty treats) was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Like me, I’m sure your Instagram feeds are awash with images of pumpkins, people picking…

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My Transitional Dress Code

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It’s that time of year when you’ve bought the knitwear, are dying to show off your new winter coat and have the 100 deniers all washed and waiting… and yet it’s just not quite cold enough for any of it.

I came back from our holiday last week ready to fully launch myself into all things autumn. As much as I loved swanning around Spain in floaty dresses and jumping in the warm sea in a skimpy swimsuit, I was equally as excited to get home to my growing knitwear collection. I took great delight in doing the seasonal switch…

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House Updates | Creating a Smart Home

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It’s been a while since I did an interior post, mainly due to the fact that nowadays with an 8 month old taking up all of our time, we’re pretty happy if we manage to run a hoover around the place once a week let alone decorate or keep things looking stylish. But today I wanted to check in and show you a few technology related updates we’ve made to our home recently, through the Amazon Shop the Future store.

I have to admit I’m not much of a gadget girl. Yes I use my laptop daily, have been…

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Postcards from Sitges (Our First Family Holiday)

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We’ve just returned from a little sunshine break in Spain with family, and boy was it just what the doctor ordered. 6 days of sun, sand, sea… and an extra two pairs of hands to help with Evie – it was bliss.

We spent our time in a little seaside town just outside Barcelona called Sitges. Stu’s brother is doing some work there at the moment and so the opportunity of an affordable holiday away from it all was too good to pass up. On the Catalonia side of Spain, Sitges isn’t like the tourist trap resorts of the Spanish…

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Travelling Made Easy with the Baby Jogger City Mini and City Go Travel System

How to travel with a baby, Bumpkin Betty

Last month we tackled our first ‘proper’ trip away as a family of three. I say ‘proper’ because although we’ve travelled around the country many times since Evie was born, this trip involved a flight, a crossover from the south of England to the north of Scotland and a full week away from home and all of our (read Evie’s) amenities and routine.

It might sound silly to anyone without children, but these tiny little creatures get attached to a whole host of paraphernalia within a very short time of being, and it’s almost impossible to bring all of that…

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Monthly Wishlist | Sweater Weather

The best red jumpers on the high street, Bumpkin Betty

I feel as if I’ve announced the arrival of autumn numerous times here, on social media, and to myself as I excitedly gather favourite knitwear from the back of the wardrobe and dig ankle boots out from under the bed. And then out of nowhere the sun will shine again, I’ll be sweating in my ridiculously keen attempt at layering and be back in my slogan tees by the time I’ve reached home.

Now I’m all for an Indian Summer, but I’m also just a tad excited to don cosy jumpers, drink hot chocolates and take a…

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Honest Parenting | Leaving the Newborn Stage Behind

Newborn photoshoot wit Siobhan Watts, Bumpkin Betty

It’s official. We no longer have a ‘newborn’ baby.

Evie just turned 7 months old, she’s sleeping in her own room, in her big girl cot (albeit still in the sleepyhead), she’s moved out of her pram into a variety of buggy’s, she sits at the table with us at mealtimes and happily kicks around in her high chair, she’s started eating solid foods as well as milk, she sits up on her own in the big bath, and she has THE strongest personality.

Her pram, Moses basket, Snuzpod and bouncy chair have all been packed away in the garage, no…

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My Everyday Essentials

Everyday make up essentials, Bumpkin Betty

Since having Evie, my skin has been incredibly difficult to please. I blame hormones (still lingering on from pregnancy and birth) but of course poor diet, stress and lack of sleep are probably also factors and my spotty chin seems to be settling in for the long haul!

I’ll admit that I’ve never had the definition of ‘good’ skin and have battled with some form of dryness, redness and acne ever since I was a teenager. I’ve had brief moments of reprieve where each time I think I’ve cracked it, and then life gets in the way to switch things…

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40 Weeks 5 Days

31 weeks pregnant, Bumpkin Betty

Since Evie turned six months old at the end of August, I’ve found myself reminiscing a lot about my pregnancy. Now that we have our little girl in our lives – with her vibrant personality, wide smiles, constant giggles and love of high pitched singing – it’s very hard to journey our minds back to a time when we hadn’t yet met her.

But of course, although the last six months have been the most monumental of our lives, in reality it isn’t all that long ago that we were waiting and wondering – who our baby would be, who they’d…

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Homegrown | Pear and Bramble Crumble

What to do with homegrown pears, Bumpkin Betty

I have a feeling if ever there was a definition of ‘becoming an adult’ it would more than likely read something along the lines of ‘grows their own XYZ’. And while moving into a house with a pear tree in the back garden and a sprawling bramble bush overgrown from next door creeping into our front garden isn’t exactly classed as ‘growing’, I’m very much enjoying making the most of the fruits of our someone else’s labour.

After an abundance of sun followed by rain, both of our fruity hand me downs were doing incredibly well and heavy with fruit. The…

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Daily Strolls with the Baby Jogger City Mini

Baby Jogger city Mini Review, Bumpkin Betty

Now that I have Evie, not a day goes by that we don’t venture out for a walk. Those lazy weekends where I used to spend an entire day in my PJ’s slobbing on the sofa watching back to back box sets are, for the most part, a thing of the past. Babies (or at least ours) tend to get pretty grouchy when indoors all day with the same toys/environment/boring old Mum to entertain them and sometimes just a change of scenery is all that’s needed to break the cycle of crying, non napping and general grumpiness. As I don’t drive,…

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