Tropical Nights

Where to stay in Borneo, Bumpkin Betty

Of all the destinations we visited during our honeymoon, Borneo was absolutely our favourite. It was unlike any place I’d ever been before and a had a truly other wordly feel to it. Every second we were there, felt like we were experiencing something magical that we knew we’d never experience again, and as such I was desperate to soak up every single moment. It’s probably why it’s the place I’ve been most excited to start blogging about, not least because I also couldn’t write any travel diaries while we there (we were in the depths of the jungle for…

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Easy Like Sunday Mornings

How to make egg free pancakes, Bumpkin Betty

It feels like forever since I just blogged a little life catch up on this space. From home office reveals which took months to get just right, to travel videos that take hours of editing and brand collaborations that need a well thought out schedule, it can sometimes be difficult to find the time to simply… web log. While I enjoy putting together the former – creating inspiring content is so rewarding – I think I need to make sure I allow more time for the latter too. As for me, my personal lifestyle blog…

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Easy and Indulgent Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate tray bake recipe ideas, Bumpkin Betty

Join the BB Baking Club


This month’s baking club theme is ‘Family favourites’ and it was inspired by one of the members who last month chose to bake her Mum’s pavlova recipe – a recipe that had been taught to her as a child and which she knew inside out.

This struck a chord with me as my love of baking definitely comes from my Mum, and from my Oma before her. I too have my Pavlova recipe down to a tee thanks…

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Dresses You’ll Want to Wear All Summer Long

Dresses to wear all sumer long, Bumpkin Betty

So if I had  written this post only last week, you guys would have mostly like been heard saying ‘Summer? What would that be then?’ and I would have been replying ‘I hear ya folks, but let’s stay positive, maybe an Indian Summer is on the cards’ because last week it seemed that in Britain at least summer was becoming nothing more than a distant memory of something that used to occur once a year.

But then this week happened and BAM – sunshine, heat, more heat, sweating, an abundance of squelchy flip flop noises filling the streets, men wearing their shirts…

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Rekorderlig Midsommar Event

Rekorderlig summer ciders, Bumpkin Betty

Last week seemed to go by in a bit of a blur didn’t it? Or was that just me? I looked at my diary recently and realised that every single weekend until mid September is now booked up, with either work, weddings, seeing friends or trips away. I’m not complaining of course, but I just know that I’ll be writing a post saying the words ‘where did the summer go?’ before I know it.

I guess it’s partly because the weather hasn’t really been playing ball and has been jumping between sunshine and torrential rain like a yo yo that…

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Must See in and Around Melbourne

Top UK travel blogs, Bumpkin Betty

It’s back to our honeymoon adventure! And after telling you all about our time in Bali, it’s time to move on to Australia. After arriving in Melbourne in the middle of the night, surprising GB’s close friend in possibly the most ridiculous way, and attempting to figure out to how to deal with the 40+ degree heat, we set about exploring the area our friends call home. Considering the state of Victoria (the second smallest state in Australia) is roughly the size of Britain and we only had five days there, we knew we couldn’t see it all. But luckily we…

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BB Baking Club | Free From Fancies

Flourless chocolate brownie recipe

Join the BB Baking Club

July has arrived, and with it a very small amount of sunshine (which then promptly disappeared again today – sigh). It does mean that it’s time for another catch up on what my baking club has been up to this month, and boy have I got some epic bakes to show you this time around.

But before all that – July actually marks six months since I set the baking club up! Can you believe it? Our first little…

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Why Are we All So Bad at Taking Compliments?

Gold metallic tote bag, Bumpkin Betty

How well do you take a compliment?

If you’re anything like me, probably not that well at all. Us Brits have a bit of a habit of being excruciatingly self deprecating don’t we? In fact, if you’re not that way, we’re kind of all shocked and probably leave the party thinking ‘wow that girl was a bit full of herself wasn’t she?’.

I always remember being in New York a couple of years back and while getting my then boyfriend/now husband to snap an #ootd for me in my new bright pink chunky knit cardigan which I was rather taken…

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Au Naturel

Where to shop for organic skincare, Bumpkin Betty

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I’m not blessed with ‘good’ skin. Ever since I was a teenager I feel as I’ve been battling some form of skin ailment – from dryness, to oilyness, to redness, to spottiness – the list goes on. I’m eternally jealous of those people who can look so beautifully fresh faced and clear skinned without an ounce of make up and Snapchattin’ before I’ve got a full face on just isn’t ever going to be an option for me.

I think once I got out of…

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Postcards from Copenhagen | Day 1 (and a Video)

Top uk fashion bloggers, Bumpkin Betty

Hello there! I’m back online and you’ll notice things are looking a little different around here – thanks for bearing with me over the last few days while I took some time out to work on a mini re-design. My last blog design overhaul was now two years ago so it was high time for a refresh and a few tweaks of the features that were becoming dated.

I won’t go into too much detail about it all now, as I’m planning a seperate post to give you the low down on my lovely new logo (designed by Megan Riera) and…

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Home Office Revamp | Part Two – The Accessories

How to decorate your home office, Bumpkin Betty

If you caught part one of my home office revamp series, you’ll already have seen a little peek at my new desk space. After talking about the essential items last week (the desk and chair) today I thought I’d go into more detail on the accessories and furnishings to show how I added some personality to the space and really made it my own. Because that’s the fun part of any home decoration right?

I certainly had loads of fun picking out cushions, rugs, ornaments, and plants for the space and even more so re-organising all of my things to create an area I…

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An Ideal Saturday

Top UK lifestyle blogs, Bumpkin betty

Did you know it’s National Picnic Week? I think picnics might be one of my favourite summer activities. I think it’s the style of eating that I love – I’m very much a fan of lots of little picky things on a table to dig into – cheeses, cold meats, breads, chutneys. In fact, even when it’s an indoor picnic and I’m having friends over for lunch this is the type of spread I like to put on – it’s easy, requires little to no cooking and pleases everyone. I’ve even been known to create mini picnics just for me sometimes…

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