Re-Wearing Your Wedding Dress

Although there is are plenty of superstitions surrounding a bride and her wedding dress particularly focused on the wedding day specifically, not much is said about the wedding dress and what to do with it after the big day. For a lot of women today, not much can actually be done given that often times wedding dresses are just rented out primarily as a cost-efficient option. But for those women who actually keep their wedding dress, most do not do much with it, keeping it locked away to almost never be seen again.

But there is in fact something that you can and should do with your wedding dress, at least in my opinion, and that is to go ahead and wear your wedding dress once more. Now if you are like many women out there, you may be thinking that I am totally crazy to even suggest that. But the reality is that there is no widely held superstition regarding wearing your wedding dress years after you’ve worn it on your big day.

Think about this – if your wedding dress is associated with one of the very best days of your life, why wouldn’t you want to re-live that day by taking out the wedding dress that was at the center of it all? So many people just “re-live” their wedding day by looking at pictures, but in the same way that only looking at a picture of a wedding dress doesn’t do it justice, simply looking at your wedding photos of you in that dress are incomparable to you actually putting that dress on once again.

As soon as you slip back into your wedding dress, numerous emotions will be rushing through you as you recollect that day in full detail, as it happens for me every time I decide to slip back into my own wedding dress. You remember everything from when you woke up that morning and first slipped into your wedding dress, all the way to when you are officially walking down the aisle with your now-husband waiting at alter for you. And you might even remember the moment you finally took off that wedding dress after a long day to consummate the marriage and kick of your honeymoon. Those vivid emotions in all of their glory are only truly realized when you physically get back into that wedding dress once again.

One thing that could be holding you back from getting back into your wedding dress is the simple fact that it doesn’t fit anymore. And if that is you, then do not be ashamed or embarrassed because the reality is that most women simply do not fit into their wedding dresses anymore, especially after many years. I was like that the first time I tried to get back into my wedding dress, and that was just five years after the big day. It definitely happens. But instead of sulking about how you don’t fit into your dress anymore, use it as motivation to get back into shape so that you can re-wear your wedding dress once again.

Wedding days are by definition only a single day in the entirety of your life, despite being one of the best days no doubt. However, by simply re-wearing your wedding dress, you can vividly re-live everything from that day in a way that even pictures cannot truly capture. It is definitely something worth trying if you still have your wedding dress on hand with you!