Avoid Negative Energy Wherever You Go

Life is made up of all sorts of relationships with other humans. There are obviously the relationships that you have with your close family and friends, as well as a potentially romantic relationship with a boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse. But there are also lesser relationships such as that of your co-workers, or of you and your landlord, or even just the people you interact with on a daily basis such as the Starbucks barista that you literally always talk when ordering your morning coffee.

But with each and every relationship you have with people, there is an inherent energy associated with it. And such energies are not always what you may expect. For example, while most people expect that your close friends and family are always associated with positive energies (in other words you are always in a good mood when you are around them), it is often the case that a particularly family member rubs you the wrong way and you are actually in bad spirits when you are around them. And this can even happen with friends, despite the fact that they, unlike family, are people that you choose to be in your life.

Now these negative energies, while seemingly harmless, can actually have a huge negative impact on your life as a whole. And for this reason, it is so important that you make a serious effort to identify such negative energies and remove them from your life.

Although definitely easier said than done, I will say that anything worth fighting for isn’t going to be easy, and making wholesale changes to your life based on the kinds of energies that you interact with is no different. In the case of co-workers, you can always do your best to avoid certain co-workers as much as possible, assuming that they aren’t critical to your own everyday tasks. However, if you do feel like such negative energies cannot be avoided (for example if your boss is the one with all the negative energy), keep in mind that continuing to work at a “toxic” place will only slow you down in the long run – if you do recognize these signs of a toxic work environment, you need to make the tough decision of getting out as soon as possible, for your own sake.

In the case of family and friends however, things get stickier, simply because there is an inherent belief that the relationships you have with them are all fine and dandy. Trying to break off such a relationship does not always go over well, making it all the more difficult to do so. The easiest thing to do is to avoid contact with them as much as possible. However, if they are constantly in your life otherwise, as is more often the case with friends than it is family, you may need to tell them how you feel and that hanging out with them does more harm to yourself than good. It will be tough no doubt, but if you truly value your life and living with only positive energies, then breaking things off with them is the only way to go.

Although no single relationship is perfect, each relationship can be boiled down to one that is either positive or negative overall. If you do find yourself in a relationship full of negative energies, it is only fair to yourself if you avoid that negative energy as much as possible, even breaking the relationship off completely if necessary. Trust me when I say that you will be much better off in the long-run.