Wearing Pink (And Why It Doesn’t Matter What Anyone Thinks)

I can’t tell you how many girls I know specifically avoid wearing pink because they think it looks too girly. And their issue with that fact has nothing to do with them not liking girly colors in general, but rather all to do with how people (particularly men) will perceive them if they were to wear pink.

This mindset is indicative of all that is wrong with society today and the sexism that is often involved in the real world. Girls are hesitant to wear pinks that they actually like, simply because they will be viewed as too feminine, which can have damaging effects to women who do not want to be placed in a box by men. For example, they do not want to automatically be assumed to be a dainty woman who can’t handle the real world on her own and who thus needs a man by her side to help her get through life. That is the most common stereotype about women in general, and wearing pink only reinforces that stereotype for most people.

However, this stereotype should NOT keep you from wearing pink if you really want to wear it. I used to be like so many women out there, making a concerted effort to avoid wearing pink whenever I went out in public, particularly when I went out alone rather than with a group of my girlfriends. I didn’t want to be viewed a particular way by men, and let that fear dictate my fashion choices.

But ultimately, I realized that making considerable life decisions based on what other people think is not a good way to live your life. You are effectively giving random people the power to control your life rather than letting you control all of your decisions based on what YOU want to do personally. And worst of all is that so many of these “random people” won’t even think in such a way that you are fearing they will, especially considering the great strides made through the feminist movement over the years.

So if you love how pink makes you look and how pink makes you feel, then wear it proudly whenever you feel the desire to do so. If people think that you are being too feminine and that makes you any less of a person, then they can truly go and screw yourself, and you definitely do not need to associate with those people in your life. This also helps you to successfully surround yourself only with people who will like you for who you truly are, rather than those who will only like you depending on what you wear (and this applies to all facets of your life and how you choose to present yourself).

And if you are lucky, wearing pink and showing your true colors so to speak will actually draw people who do truly care about you and are genuinely interested in what you bring to the table. In short, just because wearing pink might be something that causes negative reactions in some people, that shouldn’t stop you from doing what you want to do deep down in your heart – just brush off those potential negative reactions and instead focus on all of the positives that wearing pink can actually bring to your life!