My First Time Squirting (It Was Simply Amazing!!!)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve laid in bed after a night playing with myself and thinking that I just had the best orgasm of my life. Sometimes I would be going to town for almost an hour at a time, and I would always feel like I was on top of the world once I’ve reached my final climax of the evening (and I say final because I do sometimes orgasm multiple times in a single session). However, after being able to squirt for the very first time, I can say without a doubt that squirting is the best orgasm that any woman could possibly ever hope to achieve.

I’ve always been curious about how to squirt for years, but never really understood how it could be done. In fact, when I saw videos of it online, I always thought that it was fake and that women were just peeing on camera to fulfill men’s fantasies. However with the amazing sex toy articles from Blissful Cherry, I quickly learned about vibrators and how they are the true secret to squirting. Once I came to that realization, it was all downhill from there.

I quickly bought two vibrators that I knew would get the job done, and as soon as they arrived I got to work. It took some time getting fully aroused, but once I was sufficiently lubricated the vibrators literally did all of the work for me. However, that’s not to say that I was able to squirt instantaneously – in fact far from it. Although I wasn’t timing myself, it must have taken me at least 20 minutes to get to that point. But thankfully, all of that time I was still in a pure state of sexual pleasure. I couldn’t stop pressing the vibrators against myself and inside myself, because I knew that as soon I did that the pleasure would stop immediately. And I definitely did not want that based on how amazing I was feeling in that moment.

It was a slow but sure buildup of pleasure, and when I finally felt myself squirting, I had the strangest feeling – almost as if I was about to pee all over my sheets. But I was well informed that such a feeling would come about, and as I was instructed, I just let that feeling take over. In just a few short seconds, a few soft streams of clear liquid came out of me, a lot less liquid than what I was expecting given all of the videos I’ve seen on the internet. My body quivered for another few moments, and I was done.

Although the physical part of my masturbation session was complete, I was still reeling and in a total state of pleasure for nearly another full minute, just lying there and admiring what I had done for the first time. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before, and something that I was dying to try again (as soon as I recovered physically). And to my surprise, squirting got easier with each time I did it, all while remaining just as satisfying as the last time I squirted.

So if you think your orgasms are good enough as is, then I am here to tell you to think again. Although it can definitely be quite intimidating trying to achieve it for the very first time, squirting is something that can and will change the way you look at orgasms as a woman. In fact, in my humble option, achieving the art of squirting should be a lifelong sex-related goal for anyone who values their sexual health!