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“A party without cake is just a meeting”



As most of you may know, I’m expecting a baby this month! EEK! And so when I asked the baking club to suggest a theme for February, they came up with miniature bakes in honour of the new mini arrival – how sweet! So if you fancy joining in this month, it’s time to tackle all things small, bite size and mini! Good luck!

Baking in heels, Bumpkin BettyCAKE & COMMUNITY

Love baking? Love eating cake? Love chatting to others who also like baking and eating cake? You’ll LOVE this baking club!

I’ve always loved to bake. I have fond memories baking with my Mum when I was younger and it’s a hobby I’ve kept up ever since. I find the exercise fun and somewhat therapeutic. Even though I’m no professional, and even though my bakes don’t always turn out perfect, it’s a pastime that always makes me happy.

And I know it does for others too. I have a strong belief that cake can bring people together and what could be more fun than baking along with a bunch of like minded cake enthusiasts every month? That’s the loose idea behind the Bumpkin Betty Baking Club, a monthly web bake-a-long which is free to join, lots of fun to be a part of and open to everyone, everywhere.

The #BBbakingclub is a community of people who love putting on a pinny, baking up a storm and chatting all things cake. We all bake according to a set theme each month, then share our results, our recipes and our tips and advice. We support each other, call upon each other whenever we have a cake related question or a baking fail to solve and generally have lots of fun! For now our baking club is virtual but very soon we’ll be hosting real life cake meet ups and live bake-a-longs too, and we hope to be able to offer them in as many communities as possible so stay tuned.

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The baking club is free to join and open to anyone and everyone. We welcome all abilities so even if you’re not a baking pro you can still take part – we’d love to have you! Simply add your email address below and you’ll receive a monthly newsletter with news, themes, inspiration and more.

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Join the community

The easiest way to get involved with the baking club community and start chatting all things cake is to join the Facebook Group, where we share our monthly bakes with each other. But you can also get involved on Twitter and Instagram by using the hashtag #BBbakingclub and tagging me @bumpkinbetty

Also keep an eye out on the blog as every month I share a round up of everyone’s baking efforts.

Join the Bumpkin Betty baking club


Well, it’s essentially like a book club but instead of books it’s cake… or muffins or tarts or breads or any other delectable sweet treats you care to bake. Much more fun right? All it involves is a group of people baking and then sharing those bakes, the easy parts, the hard parts and the tips and tricks along the way. Because baking with a friend is much better than baking on your own, and so therefore baking with a whole community must be awesome!


Oh I’m so glad you asked! It’s very simple really – each month there will be a different theme or topic and if you’d like to get involved you just need to bake something which fits that theme and then share it with the group.

The themes could be very loose some months – such as ‘tarts and pies’ – or they could be more specific – such as ‘traybakes’. Some months they might even be focused around a specific baking book or celebrity baker so that we can review how easy those recipes are and some months they might be focused on a date such as Easter or Christmas.

The new theme is announced at the beginning of each new month (in a blog post and also on this page) and then it’s up to you to bake your creation at any point during that month (meaning you have four weeks to fit it in if things are busy).


Anyone! You don’t need to be a blogger, or even a baker. Don’t worry if you’re no pro in the kitchen, this club is designed to be a fun little hub of creativity where we can all help each other out, share recipes and learn something along the way. There’s no criteria whatsoever to join in so if you’re at all interested in cake (baking or eating) please do sign up! Oh and it doesn’t matter where you are in the world either – our baking club is global!


No problem! There’s no pressure to join in every single month. If you’re too busy or don’t like the sound of the theme then just sit that one out. It’s absolutely fine to just dip in and out whenever you can.


You can find the most recent theme at the top of this post, which is updated regularly.