Valentines Part 1… Ruining my Reputation

It’s the 1st of February today… and it’s this time of year when everything turns to pink and red and flowers and cards and cute cuddly nonsense… valentines of course!
Now don’t get me wrong under normal circumstances I am as anti valentines as they come… the idea of being given a cheesy ‘I love you’ teddy makes me cringe, I give couples the death stare when they won’t let go of each others hands for long enough to let me pass them on a narrow street and it annoys me senseless when my weekend plans are thwarted…

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Aah! First post!


Bumpkin Betty here, welcoming you to my brand spanking new blog! Thanks for dropping by…
So I had a little mini panic about what my first post should be like? should I introduce myself? should I welcome you to Bettyland and tell you everything you need to know about me? or should I just launch straight in with whats occuring right now?
In the end I realised that if I spent a bit of time describing said mini panic, this would probably end up filling out my first post and avoid the need for an actual…

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