The Holiday Comedown

So you may have noticed that I haven’t been as up to date with the old blogging world of late…. well I sincerely apologise for this fact and can in fact inform you that this absence has been due to the fact that BB has been on tour!!! Before you get your hopes up – by tour I really mean holiday but that didn’t sound as effective!

Myself and my other half (I never get why people say my better half? Like I’m going to let him think he is better than me! pfft!) took our first vacation together…

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Autumn/Winter… It’s only July!

Working in PR I am pretty accustomed to thinking about 6 months to a year ahead in fashion – I was viewing SS11 collections last month and I’ve been chatting about AW10 trends to press since February… it’s all very confusing sometimes and I do find I get myself in a bit of a tizzy about what the hell I’m supposed to wearing at any given time and what season I’m supposed to be promoting to who (right now I’m talking AW10 with Elle and GQ, SS10 with LOOK and ST Style and SS11 with WWB and Drapers)

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When Shampoo get’s Messy

Why is it that when it’s that time of the month the slightest little thing can make you cry?… I mean like really cry… one little tiny miniscule minor thing can make you feel as if your whole world is about to collapse…

This really annoys me as I like to think of myself as a sane, sensible and rational being… ok ok thats a little bit of an overstatement. I’m actually not that sane, sensible only on occasion and extremely irrational at times but you know what I mean… I know when I’m being stupid, I’m not into pettiness…

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7 months is practically a year!

In just over a month, ginger boy and I are vacationing on our first ever trip abroad together…

It’s all very exciting… not just because it is our first holiday together, which incedently will also be my first holiday with only a boy for company, but because it is to celebrate our anniversary!

Yes a week before we leave on the 6th of August, we will officially have been dating a whole year!! A YEAR! where the hell did that year go? It only seems like yesterday that I met that scruffy ginger beard on a random Thursday night and…

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Why is nothing ever easy?

I love being Scottish… really I do!

The only one thing I don’t like about being Scottish is my paler than pale white skin… and Scottish pale is different from any other type of pale, it’s not like that English Rose pale that everyone bangs on about being ‘in’ and ‘fashionable’ just so that we don’t get sun damage trying to turn ourselves into Jennifer Aniston and end up looking more like Jordan.
No Scottish pale is that milky white that in some lights almost looks blue, the type that your veins, cellulite, bruises and shave rash…

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And It’s Here!!

You know why I love a feel good movie? Because it does what it says on the tin and makes me feel good… and that is why I do not understand all the bad reviews of the new Sex and the City 2 movie??? It’s not meant to be serious, it’s not meant to be politically correct, it’s not even meant to be about anything of significance… no it is meant to be a fun, feel good, easy and enjoyable watch!

So for any of you avid SATC fans who have listened to the bad reviews, the talk…

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It’s Almost Here!!!

So in a completely cliche way… I CANNOT WAIT for the new Sex and the City movie (I know I work in fashion what a surprise…) but I don’t care… I love it! I have watched every episode a million times and I quite literally could watch the first movie over and over and never get bored… In fact I made ginger boy sit through it last weekend and he was killing himself over the amount of tears I shed throughout… “Are you crying?… “How many times have you seen this movie?”

It doesn’t matter how many times I…

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Catching the Bouquet

Move aside… Scottish chick coming through… armed, dangerous and ready to catch that bouquet….

This weekend me and ginger boy went to our first wedding together… rather a big deal in my opinion as watching two people join in ‘holy matrimony’ as they say (they did actually say that – it was a church wedding) as a couple – does somewhat make you assess your own relationship and can often cause a little of the old ‘wedding fever’…
As it was I didn’t actually spend any of the day at the side of my date due to the…

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What is it about Ginger’s?

I am starting to think that I might have to do a weekly ‘Girl Crush’ blog post for all the time I spend harping on about girls I am having fashion envy/ hair envy/ figure envy over!

And ever since my trip to Hammersmith Apollo last Thursday night, I am very much feeling the love for a certain red haired individual with fabulous style and stature… I wish I could say I was talking about ginger boy but I’m afraid he fits into none of these categories… no I must have a thing for ginger’s as I am…

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Boy Shopping…

I don’t like shopping with other People.

There I’ve said it… I know shopping is meant to be a fun, girly, social experience where you laugh, and cry and have montage moments in the changing room before stopping at midday to drink cocktails and marvel at all your purchases… but to me shopping is serious, I like to get to my destination at quick sharp pace, hunt down my purchases without distractions and preferably not have to talk to anyone in the process, as I am concentrating on visualising my outfits. Of course it can be a fun pastime…

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Mi Chiamo BB

Mi chiamo BB… Pia cheri

Ooh check me! This week I had my first ever Italian lesson… yes that’s right I am learning Italian! I’m telling everyone it’s for work – to improve relations with our European clients – but secretely it is because Italy is one country I have never had the priveledge of travelling to and one country I desperately want to travel to (Milan is the ultimate fashion capital!) So I figure if I learn the language, it’s only a matter of time before I can persuade ginger boy that he needs to take me there on…

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Wedding Dress Dilemma

No don’t worry, it’s not time to run off and buy a hat just yet… me and ginger boy are not getting married or anything ridiculous like that, but we have been invited to our first wedding as a couple! Ooh! I am not even his plus one, my name was on the invite and everything! Anyway so my title was a little misleading… I am not having a dilemma over a wedding dress as such… but a dress for a wedding… but well, that wasn’t quite as catchy!

Actually it’s more like dresses than dress as we are…

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